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MARS Return.  This happens every 2.5 years approximately when Mars comes back to its birth position to your Horoscope-we call this time Mars return. Those 2-3 days of the duration of the transit, a lot of Mars themes get triggered-problems for fixing, vexations which test your ability to stay calm and deal with provocations, situations which require the focused use of your will power, little accidents, surgeries, dealing with competition, enemies or strong opinions, anger issues, crisis situations which demand quick reactions, physical exercise and activity, etc. 

Mars Return. What to Expect and How to Handle It.

Mars Return. What to Expect and How to Handle It.

It is very important to watch out what Mars events happen around you on those 2-3 days, and especially how you react to these.
This wil indicate first the level and nature of Mars stress and activities in the next 2.5 years and second how you will be able to handle these.

For example: this morning I found out someone has hacked my website and deleted the profiles of all my psychics. This is a very Mars attack(enemy, hater). So this puts me on the alert to be more careful with envious people and enemies acting behind the back and undermining me.

But I stayed calmed, and just erected a horary chart, for who it might be. The chart is for the moment of asking the question.

The chart showed an older woman(Moon) as the perpetrator, which is in the sign of Pisces-very likely a medium or one of the psychics I have worked with. The Moon is in the 9th house (counsel, advice) so this is someone who is indeed a counsellor most likely as a medium(Pisces) and is separating from the lord of the 3rd house(websites) so she has done something to the website either by mistake(Neptune is there too) or as a hidden, treacherous activity. I really hope it is the first!! I will trace the IP address of the person who last tinkered with the website settings, and let you know where it is coming from and if the horary chart was correct.

Anyway, lets get back to Mars returns. Things of this nature can and do happen on this day. But you have to watch your specific omens on those 2-3 days and see in what area you will have to use your Mars(willpower, problem solving, self-discipline, fighting, asserting your ground)in the next 2.5 years.

Also make sure that if anything stressful happen, that you do not loose your temper, freak out or panic, because you are setting the tone of all Mars things for 2 years ahead! Instead send such provokers/provocations a blessing, and thank them for the opportunity to grow as a person and to learn to master your reactions. Calmly and purposefully set to fix the issue with as little drama as possible. If you cannot do anything about it now, then hop on the treadmill or go for run-do some positive Mars action-fix something else, work out, breath deep!

This will guarantee you that you will continue to employ more controlled and painless use of Mars energies for the next few years.

You can also plans and set the Mars trends consciously on those 2-3 days. Mars is the planet of the soldier-a healthy Mars will be cool headed, fearless, initiative, tackle all problems face on, calm in crisis, self-disciplined and active.
Anger, frustration and strong reactions are a weakness for the soldier! Such responses to situations indicate an unhealthy use of your Mars.

Therefore make sure that on these 2-3 days, you push and exert your self more in areas which you have not had the strength, energy or courage to tackle.

Use your will power more, exercise self-control(food, drink, etc), do things you are usually afraid of(it might be something small-like going to a stranger in a bar and chatting him up or being more assertive with a bully person), work out to the best your ability (I am climbing uphill on my treadmill as I am writing this article and intend to even run today for the first time in years!)

If you have temper issues, try to do some anger release technique on your Mars Return. If you have assertiveness issue, then try and speak up your mind and opinion to someone, without getting defensive or frustrated.

If something needs fixing, go and do it on your Mars return, do some DIY or solve some problems you have been putting off.

On Mars return many people decide to muster up and start developing more will power and initiative in certain area of life, depending on the sign and house of Mars and the houses it rules.

For example it might be when one decides to be more disciplined and initiative in regards to
1st house or Aries- their physical fitness and strength, appearance, how you approach life.

in Taurus or 2nd house-in regards to food intake or financial matters

in Gemini or 3rd house-more self controlled, disciplined and initiative in regards to communications, teammates, siblings, associates, developing new skills, media, marketing, slas

in Cancer or 4th house-more discipline, initiative in regards to home, property, family, pursuit of emotional happiness

in Leo or 5th house-more disciplined, assertive and initiative in regards to children, creative projects, use of creative intelligence, in romance and hobbies, spiritual practices.

In Virgo or 6th house-in regards to healthier life style, fitness, nutrition, attention to detail, work, enemies

In Libra or 7th house-in regards to relationships, how you communicate with deal with others in personal or business matters, in regards to chasing desires.

in Scorpio or 8th house-in regards to how you handle mutual finances, taxes shared resources, in matters of intimacy, in power struggles, in pursuit of hidden and occult knowledge

In Sagittarius or 9th house-in regards to belief systems, strong opinions, spiritual practices, higher education and knowledge, mentor figures, foreign interactions, adventures and travel. In regards to your world view and how you see and interpret reality.

In Capricorn or 10th house-in regards to achieving your goals, in professional pursuits, fulfilling your responsibilities, in regards to authority figures.

In Aquarius or 11th house-in regards to long term dreams and wishes, social circles, peers, friends, gains.

In Pisces or 12th house-in regards to handling issues beyond one's control, fated events, etc.

If you start your new Mars cycle with such activities you will guarantee yourself a much healthier and productive handling of all Mars issues and energies for 2.5 years ahead. Instead of trouble maker, you can transform this pesky Mars into a noble warrior starting on your Mars Return!

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