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Find out how some people overcome and live through a coming storm. Proactive bahaviors can make the best from any circumstances  

Astrology Prediction and Free Will

Astrology Prediction and Free Will

A year ago I made a reading for a charming and ambitious young lady. She was most interested in finding out about her future business prospects as she was embarking on a cherished career project. She had all the details worked out and there was no doubt in her mind that it was going to work out according to her plan. When I looked at her chart, I was immediately disconcerted as the planets for the next 9 months did not seem to support her big hopes and actually they were going to obstruct and discourage her in every step. Well that prediction was very clear and it was going to ruin the plans of 95 % of normal people, but this lady was special. She had unwavering determination and when the hard influences hit her she exerted a tremendous effort of will. It is true, she encountered many harrowing circumstances but her will power carried her through and diminished the hindering effect of the stars. Most people would loose moral fiber and give up if faced with an official order to close their business, extradition warning, no cash flow, and an ill mother in need of an expensive treatment, all within a month. But for her this was a motivation.

She said: "I`ve always believed that God sends us our biggest storms before the rainbow appears. If you pass the test then you are worthy and will be graced with Divine blessings after the efforts!" This attitude kept her spirits and faith up during the darkest, most demoralizing moments and she never gave up her dream even though she had to go in a different way about it and restructure her plans in accordance with the material demands of the moment. She never started feeling sorry for her self. She did not look for excuses to stop. She knew that all birthing processes were painful, and the harder the storm, the brighter the sunshine after. And she got her dream-when the challenging period finished she had built a strong base, on which her business blossomed.

She received all the necessary support and opportunities thanks to the fact she did not give up.
I warned another client that the coming year she will tend to put on weight, because of a certain planetary influence. She answered that she would overrule its influence through her resolve. When the time came and her waist line started expanding, she got all active and healthy, never skipping a training or indulging on a secret snack. She succeeded. As you can see, when the unbending human will power gets activated, one can rule his stars. The period might still be tough but the outcome will be beneficial. One of the most effective ways to build your will power reserves and motivation is to ask for Divine recharge and inspiration as all energy and visible manifestation come from the higher worlds.

If you are consistent and sincere in your prayers, nothing short of the miraculous will follow. I can testify to this as a survivor from addictions which needed an inhuman amount of will power to conquer especially when young and unstable. Same principle but reversed matters when the professional astrologer predicts a positive period. If the person is under the influence of opiates, alcohol or prescription drugs, his healthy, natural will-power is non-functional. Therefore he will not be able to exert even the minimum amount of effort to take advantage of the beneficial opportunities. If one follows a normal path of living with an average exertion of will, then the stars` energies will dictate the outcomes, but if one is under the influence of a strong will-power and faith or conversely an addiction where his will power is deactivated, then the predicted final results will be different.

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