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"The one with the most faith has the most influence!" Is what best descibes Jupiter/Sun people. This is one of the best combinations to have in the birth chart, but mostly when the planets are aspecting each other and less so when conjunct.

Sun Jupiter Aspect. Combust Jupiter in the Birth Chart

Sun Jupiter Aspect. Combust Jupiter in the Birth Chart

Lets us first find out if you have this aspect in your horoscope. Go to my Birth chart Calculator and check the aspect table. If you see the letter Y where Jupiter and Sun intersect, then it means you have these together-conjunct. You have a combust Jupiter. If you have any number from 1 to 60 where Sun intersests Jupiter and where Jupiter intersects the Sun, then you have an aspect. Anything above 40 points is considered a strong aspect. The planets on top are the aspected ones, the ones horizontally, the aspecting. Let us fist talk about the conjunction-it means that when you were born, the Sun and Jupiter were very close together, but any planet or star in the vicinity of the Sun, becomes invisible and burnt due to the bright light of the Sun. The Sun usually represents some powerful authority figure like the father, the government or society, earlier in life, who would have disrespected the intuitions and core believes of the native(Jupiter). Maybe someone imposed on them a belief that there was no God, or that bad people go to hell, or that wealth is evil, that other races are less, etc, but whatever belief system was imposed, it clashed with their own core understanding of how life should be.

Therefore people with combust Jupiter often can feel very agitated when it comes to beliefs-- what is right and wrong, what is moral and what not. They can react either quite radically when someone challenges these ideas of theirs or they can altogether abandon search for such topics due to the agitation these things cause them. But usually, when older they will actively try to rebel against an authority which disrespects their beliefs. Jupiter/sun people are usually highly creative and intelligent because Jupiter is a friend of the Sun, and the conjunction or aspect between Jupiter and Sun makes for ingenious natives! They are bright beyond average! There is natural wisdom radiating from them. Couple this with tolerance and benevolence of Jupiter and you can imagine the type of lofty people Sun/Jupiter combinations give!

Steve Jobs- powerful Jupiter aspect to Sun

Steve Jobs

The sun is also the career and goals of one person, so Jupiter conjunct it or aspecting it will make one have larger, bolder, grander more inspired plans and approach to their goals, career and life, hence often people with this combination can be considered visionaries and can achieve big things in life! If you want someone with a broad sweep, a leader to inspire, someone most optimistic and full of faith who can expand your business then find a Sun Jupiter person! These people are larger than life, unless Saturn also aspect the Sun as strongly, which tempers things. The conjunction Jupiter Sun natives through, might have to sacrifice some of their beliefs and understandings of right and wrong(Jupiter) or the ability to apply and live these without repercussions because of their goals and career or because of some authority pressure on them(Sun) and this can be painful. One example is Nelson Mandela, who suffered because of his believes. But Jupiter Sun people will always have the most faith, positivity and vision of all!

Nelson Mandela-Sun conjunct Jupiter


When you have the aspect between Jupiter and the Sun, then Jupiter also benefits a lot-and Jupiter is the Guru, the teacher, the inspirer, so these natives can really be helped by teachers, paternal figures and benefactors on their path in life, such people instilled hope and belief in the natives from young age and they use it brilliantly later in life, while the conjunction people shirk away from mentor figures and relationships as they tend to get burnt from them. The aspect people were inspired to believe in themselves and find their own truth and belief system from young by Jupiter type people-good teachers, mentors, father, while the conjunction Jupiter/Sun people were disrespected for their beilieves and hence the more agitation in regards to Jupiter things but just as much power at ushering new and inspirational impulses

Osho and Ophra-Jupiter aspect Sun.
Osho Oprah

Both the aspect and conjunction people can have brilliant teaching, coaching, advising, consulting, inspring and creative careers. It makes tolerant and usually very noble and generous individuals, with faith, vision and inspiration in life, unless Saturn blocks this. They can achieve some of the biggest and unique ambitions, visions and plans in life. The Sun describes the Father figure and you will often see that when Jupiter has a high point aspect or conjunction to the Sun, that the father is someone with much faith, confidence, joy and a big heart. He might have even had a Jupiter career-teaching, preaching, consulting, coaching, charity. And last but not least, people with the aspect have a stronger immune system and vitality(sun) better hormonal secretion, Liver and stomach (Jupiter), while those with the conjunction will have just the better immune system and vitality, but weaker hormones, stomach and liver susceptible to inflammations and irritations

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