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This conjunction is one of the more complex ones with some highly positive and some more very difficult indications for the life of the person. Let us explore what it means if you have it and how to deal with it if you do! 

Moon with Mercury. Moon conjunct Mercury

Moon with Mercury. Moon conjunct Mercury

Positive effects of Moon Mercury conjunction or opposition Mercury is a friend of the Moon and helps it. The Moon represent the emotional adaptability of a person and how quickly and easily one feels comfortable and natural in any environment. If the Moon is helped by its friend Mercury, this makes often for a very happy and emotionally well adapted person.(unless Saturn or the Sun are also in the same sign as Moon and Mercury, then this will not be so). Such a person will find it much easier to stand on their feet in a new situation and feel at home there(Moon) because they use the skills of Mercury to achieve this. Mercury is the ability to examine different options, experiment, research, investigate what is available and make the most informed decision. So Moon Mercury people will go with the flow and when things do not go their way, they will try different options, will explore and quickly find other solutions and possibilities, which work even better.


Such a person will feel pretty secure emotionally in their own skill and ability to fare well in most circumstances due to using their ingenuity and trying different things out. The Moon is also one’s self image-how you see yourself. Mercury helping the Moon, shows a person who often has a very good self image.(unless Sun or Saturn are also there) He sees himself as a capable and skillful (Mercury) individual. He feels worthy of appreciation and deserving as a human being and often attracts similar treatment from the universe and others. He sees himselves as a crafty and skillful person, who can find they way in any situation and masterfully navigate the waters of change. The charisma of the person is stronger when Mercury is with the Moon. The person can enjoy life and they know how to have fun and be playful. Mercury rules games and fun, so such a person always finds something interesting to do and to busy themselves with. Always something new to try!


The Moon represent the main focus of the mind and consciousness , therefore any planet strongly influencing the Moon will be a powerful personality trait. With Mercury—this person will be often witty, persuasive, very interested in the world, curious, skillful, eager to try and experiment new things and hobbies, and interested in friendships and communications. Mercury is the details and information we pick up from our environmnt, the Moon is our personal impressions of these outer facts and information or as we also call it--out imagination! This combo can make amazing writers/story tellers—they enliven and infuse the details(Mercury) they observe with emotional overtones and imagination (Moon) and can create impactful written images. (J.K. Rowling)


The Moon can also show how we can balance emotionally and make ourselves feel better when down. When with Mercury, it means that Mercurial activities will give us a sense of comfort. Call a friend, chat with someone, listen to the radio, watch a documentary, learn something new, play an instrument, play a game of cards(Mercury rules all games), write a journal, make lists of positive aspects, read a book, talk yourself into a positive state or ask a friend to do this for you, etc Negavtive effects of Moon Mercury conjunction or opposition. But the Moon is an enemy to Mercury, so the correct function of all Mercurial activities will be compromised by this conjunction. For example, Mercury rules friendships, and when with the Moon, these will suffer more or less Why is it so? The Moon is the personal ego, the part of us, which takes things personally and is very touchy. When with Mercury, it means one is very sensitive in regards to their friendships and associates, one is not objective enough in these relationships or makes them a lot about one self.

Often they will take things personally and break a relationship because it was not according to what their needs are or because the other was not supporting their personal ideas. Also the Moon Mercury person can often take their role as a friend too much at heart and try to meddle into the life of their friend and mother the other, which again can often backfire for the health of the friendship. Moon rules personal growth and development. Often these people will feel they have outgrown a certain friendship or association with someone and will move on—this can be great for the person(Moon), but friendships suffer then. A good friendship is not about one or the other, it should be about the friendship itself, but with Moon Mercury people, it becomes very personal and subjective and they tend to have more disappointments, emotionalism and a feeling of starvation in regards to friendships.

Mercury is also one’s ability to communicate well. In order for one to be a good communicator, one has to be objective and rational, see the point of the other without allowing personal impressions to influence the discussion. But the Moon/Mercury person is not impartial in their communications. They look for validation of their point of view while conversing and if the other is not supporting them, they take things personally, even if they do not show this to you! But you can be sure that if you keep objecting to them or trying to disprove their point of view, sooner or later they will start avoiding you or cut you off fully! But when it comes to their point of view(Moon), they can convince(Mercury) others pretty powerfully and twist the evidence in their favor using clever mental tricks(Mercury)! Emotional craftiness is and appealing with words to your emotional side is something they shine at! Mercury is one’s ability to gather information and analyze it impartially, but when with the Moon, this person will do this only to find validation for what they already believe, or their findings will often be overpowered by personal expectations and impressions and not by the raw evidence only, and the conclusion will inevitably be subjective and not too rational.

For example, if I have Mercury Moon and I believed that America is evil, then every time I watched in the news and I heard that a conflict has started somewhere, even with no prove of America being involved, I would use this information as a “proof” of America’s Super Evil plan to rule the world and meddle everywhere! Or I had the impression or hunch (Moon) that my boyfriend was cheating, and I started investigating and looking for more information(Mercury), I would see in every little fact another proof that he is! Maybe he comes back later-conclusion, he has been with another. He does not answer his phone immediately-conclusion-he is with her! He brings me flowers-conclusion—he must be feeling guilty!, etc . While all these things looked at from an objective point of view do not really lead to any proof!


But you see how Moon and Mercury together can create some pretty difficult character traits and actual paranoia and phobia in regards to the house they are in. For example I have a friend who has Mercury and Moon together in the 7th house of relationships. She is extremely skillful in dealing with men and prides her self on that, but she has an irrational fear of marriage for no objective reasons. She has broken 3 engagements for fear of this! Or Mercury with Moon in the 5th house, one can have unreasonable worries in regards to their children’s lives and everywhere they look they will find proof that the imagined danger or problem is real! Mercury is also one’s ability to make objective decisions, but when with the Moon, a person feels it is too big of a deal if they make the wrong decision, so they worry. The native feel a great personal(Moon) resnposnibility to make the right choices, while in reality the big decisions in life are never left to us--The plan of the Higher self, dictates what we have to experience in this life and even if we make the wrong decision, we will be eventually returned to the path we are supposed to walk on.

True free will comes only after spiritual awakening/sainthood. Even the impulses about what path to take are instilled in out hearts from above-if you have to experience the path of crime in this life, you will, thinking you have made these wrong choice, while actually all the circumstances and impulses for this are instilled for you so you get to "choose" it. So Moon Mercury people should learn to ease up and not loose too much sleep over what decision they are making--it is not a life and death situation, like they think! Getting stuck will just prolong the pain. God/The Universe, usually waits for one to make a decison, no matter wrong or right and then quickly corrects one if it is wrong(meaning if it is not part of the plan for you) but it will not allow you to carry on a path which was never meant or planned for you to experience, so in any case--any choice is the right choice.


So this is how this combination can create a ton of positive and a ton of negative life circumstances! Let us recap: it is great for the personal self image and self worth, gives a good ability to adapt and feel happy in most situation and have one’s needs met by finding many different options. But it can create friendship problems, inability to think objectively, too much mental chatter and worry, feeling stuck with decision making.

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