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Moon with Venus people are some of the sweetest, most romantic and kindest ones! But they seem to encouter relationship problems quite often. Let us see why this is the case and what it means to have this combination in the horoscope.

Moon conjunct Venus in the Birth Chart

Moon conjunct Venus in the Birth Chart

To find our if you have Moon and Venus in the same sign in your horoscope click on the birth chart calculator and see if Mo and Ve are together in the same sector(triangle or square). Modern astrology takes into consideration only conjunctions which are within 10-12 degrees, but actually ancient sources, tell us that our ancestors regarded any planets in the same sign as being in conjunction even if they were 29 degrees apart. The Moon shows one’s most natural behaviors and what one is most comfortable with and used to. When the Moon is with Venus, the planet of balance and ease, (given that there are no difficult planets also there like Saturn, Rahu or Mars or aspecting strongly) then the native is someone who needs and will attract harmonious environments and circumstances in order to feel emotionally fulfilled and happy. You might think that everyone needs such in order to feel safe and comfortable, but people with more harsh planets aspecting the Moon are used, from young, to more challenging, competitive or painful environments and as adults they feel unnatural and uneasy when in slow paced or too gentle situations only, so they subconsciously seek out harder ones.


Not so with the Venus Moon person! These people were often given good motherly love and nurturing, (unless some cruel planets are also involved) they usually grew up in harmonious environments. Venus also rules all objects of beauty, art,and society with its courtesies, etiquettes and niceties, so it is not uncommon that the native was used to more arty, cultural and civilized conditions and they seek out later in life more social such. In adult years, such people will naturally attract and only feel comfortable in similar situations, and when life puts them in more harsh and uncouth conditions, they would instinctively try to harmonize, improve or beautify these, and if they cannot succeed, remove themselves from them, and if this options is also not possible they might get literally physically il,l due to this emotional discomfort! While someone with Moon with Mars for example, would thrive in competitive and more Spartan environments! Moon shows the mother or primary nurturing figure in the horoscope and often such people have good and loving relationships with her.

They can perceive her as a cultured, beautiful and affectionate person and she might even be involved in Venusian careers-design, art, amusement, social studies, consulting, teaching, dance, beauty, nursing, women, leisure, pleasures etc, Often the natives themselves will have a very sweet disposition, the qualities of Venus showing powerfully through them. They will naturally know how to please, appease and comfort people, how to have fun, how to enjoy the sensual pleasures of the Earth. Others will like them a lot and be drawn to them due to their easy manner. They will be very sensually inclined and drawn to physical beauty and peaceful, pretty, luxurious places.


When upset emotionally(Moon), all they need to do, is to find such Venusian activity and give in to it-art, a walk in the park, a good meal, a beautiful sunset or view which to contemplate, intimate time with a loved one, --all Venusian activities of amusements. To give you another example: someone with Saturn Moon conjunction, when in a bad emotional state, will feel way better if they apply positive Saturnian actions: fasting, get introspective, busying themselves in work and productive but repetitive practical tasks etc, restricting and cutting off certain people or activities or just being patient and waiting for time to heal. I hope you are starting to feel how the Moon-the emotional needs of a person, behaves in life—it reflects the influence of the planet it is with or strongly aspected by and demands that the needs of that planet be met or else the person feels emotionally unhappy! So far so good for Venus Moon people!

They are indeed joy to be around, very affectionate and loving, kind and easy going, in most cases! But Venus is also the planets of relationships and the Moon shows what we focus the most on in our daily life and mind(the Moon rules he inner world of the person—his mind), so Moon Venus people will find relationships very important and a predominant occupation emotionally. But here is where the problem of this combination comes up! The Moon is enemy of Venus, in astrology(it is a one sided animosity) and when the Moon is with Venus or oppose it, it starves Venus, which means these people will have problems in relationships! Why is that? The Moon is the Self—our self image and most personal and subjective attitudes which often can be irrational and unconscious. When Moon is with Venus, such people become too subjective in relationships, their decisions often are emotionally based even when they see, it is not the right choice or situation, they go there believing their “inner voice”, because their heart “tells them so”. Suffering follows. The warning bells are not perceived rationally and the person allows too much subjective impressions (Moon) to be involved in their relationship choices and behaviors(Venus). A productive and happy relationship needs objectivity and a bit of detachment(that is why Venus rules Taurus- earth sign(practicality) and Libra-air sign (objectivity,rationality) and not an emotional water sign.


Venus Moon people make relationships(Venus) all about feelings, longings and subjective impressions (Moon) and not about agreements, promises and equal give and take, as healthy parterhsips are supposed to be! They become overly sensitive when in relationships. Emotional ups and downs and tides are the agenda of their partnerships! They can be very needy towards the partner and demand constant attention. The partners might have to walk on eggs around them so they don’t hurt their feelings! In the horoscope of men, this can play out differently sometimes, because Venus indicates the wife herself-so Venus with the Moon can indicate girlfriends/wifes who are very feminine (Moon) but also very emotional, sensitive, needy, with mood swings, inconstant etc.Deep down she will react to the man like this, because he carries the energy of Venus with Moon. The female partner will be just reflect it, even if she is not usually like that with other people!A lot of parental roles can be involved in their relationship- mothering the partner or being mothered by them, which is one of the biggest no no's in relationships if you are to have an equal one! All psychologists will tell you this! It can be very comfortable for awhile, but eventually one of the parters will desire someone they see in less parental or childlike light. Emotionalism and sensitivity become the focus of their in relationships. It is interesting actually watching these people from far--they can be perfectly rational and logical in regards to other areas of life, but when it comes to love, bam! A fog of emotional drama.


As the Moon is self image, natives with Moon Venus also make the relationship a lot about themselves(their feelings, their needs, etc), while a relationship can work well only when it is about both people and about compromise and agreeing to forego personal needs and desired for the common good. Moon Venus people will often involve the Self(the Moon) too much and see everything from their own perspective. Even if they intellectually understand the other's perspective they might find it hard to accommodate it or due to their own intense emotions involved in the relationship, they find it hard to see and feel the partner’s point of view. Venus and Moon together in the horoscope has only positive connotations in modern western astrology, but you will see a lot of such natives with difficult love life, unless other planets friends of Venus(like Mercury) are helping it. But let us not be fully dooming for their love lives! One very expiating feature of these natives in relationships is that they are very affectionate, loving, caring and will will attach alot emotionally to the partner! So they can be amazing in relationships untill the strong emotional projects kick in. You can watch my in-depth video on Moon Venus conjunction here:

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