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If some of your planets are afflicted by difficult aspects from enemies, then this area of life becomes problematic. We all have afflicted planets. Here is how you can help strengthen some weak areas of your life. 

Astrology Remedies for Problems In Your Life.

Astrology Remedies for Problems In Your Life.

If your Sun is afflicted: then you have low vitality, immune system issues, problems with authority figures or being too bossy, low self esteem, career problems.
To sooth and remedy the Sun the best practices are: Homeopathy, greeting the Sun in the morning, wearing gold, eating more yellow/orange fruits and wearing such colors.

If your Moon is Afflicted: you have psychological issues-depressions, bi polar tendencies, ups and downs in emotions, sadness, poor self-image, lack of well-being overall, issues with women, problems with stomach, breasts, water retention, blood impurities. To sooth and Remedy the Moon: eat green leafy salads, moist watery vegetables, drink more water. Psychotherapy, psychology, hypnosis. Wearing pale pink, white or silvery colors. Wearing pearl, silver.

If your Mercury is afflicted: you have problems communicating, expression your opinions, verbal conflicts, problems with friends. Lack of interest/curiosity, dullness of mind, absent mindedness, disorder, problems with managing and planning, problems with the skin and digestion. To balance and strengthen your Mercury: balanced nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine, herbal remedies, cognitive therapy. Wearing agate or emerald stones, green colors(grass).

If your Venus is afflicted: problems in love, problems in compromising or keeping promises in relationships. Poor self-worth and inability to attract things/ppl to you. Money problems. Problems in socialising. Inability to heal/recover fast from emotional or physical issues. Stress. To Remedy for Venus: Reiki, Anything with touch, massages, gardening, pranic healing, art therapy: dance, music, painting. Wearing rose quartz, diamond.

If your Mars is Afflicted: problems with self assertion, attracting aggression or bullies or showing such behaviours one self. Lack of motivation and energy. Poor will power. Problems with nerves, stress, inflammations, attracting accidents. To Remedy an afflicted Mars: color therapy, wearing gems, acupuncture. But the main one is: work out and physical exercise. Red color foods and such containing iron, gems and clothes if assertion and will power is lacking. If too much anger exists, then avoid red!! Wear soothing gems and foods are recommend those of the Moon.

Afflicted Jupiter: problems in procreation, lack of faith and optimism, lack of luck, inability to create wealth. Sense of meaninglessness. Loosing heart easily. Problems with liver and hormones. To remedy and Afflicted Jupiter: yoga, Mantras, spiritual counselling, meditation. Reading spiritual books, praying, doing charity work, helping others in need, being charitable. Eating Foods with purple color: plums, beetroots, etc. Wearing cintrine or amethyst.

Afflicted Saturn: lack of perseverance, breaking down easily during testing times, inability to persist despite difficulties, aversion to hard work. Lack of boundaries and self control. Depressions and resentments. Inability to let go of negative feelings, memories or outdated habits. Lack of realism and practicality. Lack of detachment. To remedy an afflicted Saturn: aroma therapy, fasting, physical exercise, self control practices. Grounding one self in nature-walking bear foot, spending prolonged time in nature. Wearing Blue sapphire.

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