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Saturn Relationships 

Your Past Life Relationship Karma

Your Past Life Relationship Karma

What's your past life relationship karma this time around? Your Saturn is the answer.

Saturn is restrictions, pain and complexes that lead to us feeling inadequate in certain areas of life, depending on where one has it in his or her chart, but it is also the planet of long-term commitment. According to Astrology and past life regressions, Saturn is the most karmic planet and in this life, we pay for the mistakes we made in a past life. Mistakes due to ignorance, and lack of power or understanding.

In this lifetime, your Saturn will teach you lessons, and repeat until you get it right! I was going through my emails and saw this one, a lady was questioning staying in her marriage.

'' Dear Lada, can you help me? I love my husband but he makes me feel like I cannot express myself emotionally, and when I do, he takes control of the situation. He tells me I am wrong to feel this way, tells me I am overreacting, and I realized the other day I always get upset with him for his lack of showing emotions! This is leading to a communication breakdown, I have a Pisces moon, and he has a Libra moon. Are we that different that we cannot make it work?''
My answer was simple, I told them to look at their Saturn placements. That shows SO MUCH in astrology and relationships! Turns out, they each have the other person's Saturn, sitting on their natal moons! Her Saturn in Libra, his in Pisces.

What a karmic conjunction! One of the most Karmic in Astrology! This is not easy, but in Astrology, gives way to long lasting marriages! Saturn is the glue that keeps you together to work through these issues, and this placement is a sign that you were connected to each other in a past life!

Your Saturn is your ignorance, your fears and weaknesses and when connected to another person's planet, is to teach you about this. It can work both ways. Saturn teaches you about your weaknesses, insecurities and where you need to improve in this lifetime. Wherever there is pain and trauma, people react defensively. So if someone in your life has a Saturn that triggers one of your planets, you will absolutely clash, depending where. Pressing the wrong buttons, bringing faults to the surface, is what Saturn does in relationships. It can be painful, people can feel as if they are restricted, but we learn through this.

It is karmic and magical, but when you meet someone who has a personal planet that connects to your Saturn or vice versa, especially if it is your sun or moon or ascendant, you are stuck together for a while. It can take years, lifetimes to resolve places of ignorance and pain from the past. These relationships turn out to be beautiful, if you can work through the Karma and allow the other person to teach you and if the feeling is reciprocated on the other end. The one who has Saturn, is always the role of the teacher and be critical of the other person, and finds fault, can be controlling, and even fearful of the other person growing up or changing!

The Saturn person becomes insecure in the relationship, because the other planets of the person trigger their Saturn, and can become almost completely overbearing.
This can feel like a parent child relationship quite often, as the Saturn person will always try to be the boss. The Saturn person sees the lack of maturity, lack of qualities, and voids in a person, and tries to help , but it comes out as criticism. The planet that the other person has, can demonstrate itself well, but as soon as the other person Saturn touches it, it tries to dim it down, and darken it. If it's the ascendant coming into contact with someone's Saturn the partner of the ascendant person can make him or her feel like their self expression is stifled, but only because for that Saturn person, self expression of their partner makes him or her feel very insecure, and fearful of them losing that person!

So, Saturn tries to suppress the energies of other planets because they are afraid the other person may outgrow them one day. The person who is controlling is the one who is most afraid. Saturn, is so afraid. Afraid to feel alone and rejected, so this is why they act this way! We felt a lot of pain and trauma, wherever our Saturn is. When you have Saturn connected to someone else's planet, Saturn blocks that other planets energy. I have seen a few couples, where one has Saturn sitting on the other's moon just like the lady above where it goes both ways, and both have felt they could never express their emotions to the other without it turning into an argument or an increase in emotional distance.

The other would roll eyes, or make fun, or not take their emotions seriously. The Saturn restricts and puts down, and the moon expresses. This can lead to a very very happy marriage with emotional health, if the two can work at it. There will have to be respect (Saturn) for the other person's differences, and the karma keeps them connected to figure it out. If you keep attracting people who are Saturnian, this is the Universe's ways of trying to bring you people to teach you how to navigate through life in a healthy way.

My best friend has her Saturn in my 7th house and it opposes my Ascendant, and she is the closest person to me in the world. To this day she still gives me relationship advice, criticises my behaviour in relationships at times, tries to show me my faults and where I am to blame, and can try to restrict me when it comes to expressing myself in public and make me nervous! If you are going to be with someone who triggers your Saturn, or their Saturn with your planets is triggered, make sure you know it now , this is karmic, so you cannot escape it and must deal with it. I notice when my Saturn sits on someone' sun, I am so bossy with them, and a lot of small things they do irritate me, and I am always trying to teach them how to do things, where with other people, they can arrive late, make mistakes, and it does not irritate me as much! If you can stay together to learn the lessons, you will both become better people, and more well rounded, and achieve many things as a couple, but remember, Saturn is the Lord of Time, and can be cruel, and if you know these astrological tips, you can use them to work through them!

This is taken from the Saturn in Synastry video from my "Astrology of Love and Relationship" in depth course on compatibility and assessing the relationship potential of the birth chart. (Over 50 private videos and a 4 part PDF ) where I start at the beginning using BOTH Western and Vedic techniques. There is no previous Astrology knowledge required, I start at the very very beginning!

You can learn all about Saturn in relationships, and which can lead to long lasting marriages along with abusive relationships and how to navigate them, and what it means to have Saturn connecting with all of the other planets in someone else's chart.

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You can find your Saturn by using my birthchart calculater here: and remember, Saturn is not mean and evil, it is knowlege and wisdom, but comes with lessons!

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