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Japanese astrology has also 12 signs but they are different than the tropical zodiac we know, through you will see how much their meanings overlap! Find out what your Japanese sign is 

What is Your Japanese Astrology Signs

What is Your Japanese Astrology Signs

Cherry Blossom (15th February till 20th of March) These people are energetic and charged with a lot of positive energy. They do not wait for the “right moment” to initiate, they act impulsively. Sometimes they suffer on account of their doubts towards close people.

Sun (21st March to 29th April) Absolute idealists! These people are guided by two things - wisdom and beauty. Honest and responsible, they uphold justice They hate lies and hypocrisy. Wonderful colleagues and friends.

Bamboo (30 April -04 June) These people are able to adapt to all conditions.They are open to the world and people.Enjoy many friends.

Rice Paddy (June 5 to July 6) People born under this sign eventually achieve great success.They are workaholics and pay attention to every detail.They do not complain, Not grumble. They fight for their dreams. They do not tolerate human weakness.

Lotus (July 7-August 1) They are gentle and sentimental.They often vascilate between feelings and reason.Despite these states of mind though, they love life!

Bridge (August 2 to August 27) Those who are born u nder the sign of the bridge live for others - they love to help and give advice.They are excellent psychologists and are able to listen to others. Artists.

Garden (August 28 to October 10) They are so charming and easily get along with others. They do not like to impose on others, They find friends and family very important.Benevolent beings.

Emperor (October 11 to November 11) Natural warriors – they win the most important battles of their life.They do not tolerate boredom and believe that life is an endless and exciting adventure. They can be a bit selfish and love themselves too much!

Empress (November 19 to December 26) People with a very strong will.They follow their goals to the end and always get what they want very badly.The bad thing about them is that it is difficult to allow others close to themselves.Sometimes they are too proud.

Moon (December 27 to January 18) Calm and secretive creatures.They are ready to give up many things in the name of love. They are fragile and hate separations.

Turtle (January 19 to February 14) You may have a "shell", but you love freedom.Strong, feisty personalities. They achieve their goals, no matter what efforts they have to make!

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