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This is hilarious! What happens when you put all the signs together as flatmates! 

How Would the Morning Go, if the 12 Signs were Living Together!

How Would the Morning Go, if the 12 Signs were Living Together!

6:00 am Virgo takes a shows, scrubs the bath, washes his teeth and puts the tooth brush in a special sterilizing container away from all the other tooth brushes.

6:15 am Capricorn wakes up and switches off the boiler. The daytime expensive tariff electricity has started, after all!

6:20 am Aquarius wakes up and goes for a morning run

6:30 am Leo and Libra are in front of the mirror, fighting for the moisturizer and hair gel

6:40 am Taurus is having breakfast - Nutella with a spoon


6:45 am Sagittarius wakes up and switches on the boiler again

7:00 am Cancer is making sandwiches while Virgo is squeezing fresh fruit juice. Gemini is still in bed checking his emails, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

7:05 am Scorpio opens the bathroom door—Libra storms out of there insulted, carrying their toiletry and make up bag.

7:10 am Aries wakes up and starts the chronometer.

7:11 am Aries is all dressed and ready and running down the stairs. He switches off the chronometer.

7:15 am Our Taurus friend is licking the spoon and the jar. There is no more Nutella.

7:18 am Gemini has been awake for an hour but is still in bed checking his emails, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


7:20 am Libra and Leo are in front of the mirror again, checking their appearance for the last time and admiring themselves before they go out!

7:30 am Aquarius is having a cold shower, because the Capricorn has switched off the boiler again!

7:40 am Everyone goes out

7:45 am Gemini comes back because he has forgotten one of his 3 phones.

7:50 am Gemini comes back again, he has forgotten his wallet this time

8:00 am Pisces wakes up and realizes he has been locked in the flat!

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