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How would each sign react when they find out they are at the Gates of Heaven! Fun article! 

How Each Sign Reacts to Near Death Experiences

How Each Sign Reacts to Near Death Experiences


What Aries sees: Aries sees a bright white wall. His Astral body immediately charges towards it with its horns! The wall moves away and Aries finds himself in a luscious green field, full of noble and beautiful souls in white clothes. How Aries reacts: What is happening here? Who is the boss? I would like to meet God! What, I have to wait for my turn!? No, no, you don’t understand! I am in a hurry! I am dead? Seriously?! I never imagined this could happen to me! Excuse me, excuse me, who is giving the halos here? Back in the body: I knew it! I am number one—I overcame Death!



What Taurus sees: Taurus is flowing through a white corridor-over his head there is a white light. From the end of corridor he can hear a gentle angelic choir and can smell the lavender and myrrh How Taurus reacts: Taurus feels blissful till he realizes that something is not right. He looks around and notices he no longer had a physical body! “oh my God, I have no stomach! Neither teeth! How am I going to eat? How will I drink? Go back, you Grim Reaper!” Taurus comes back to his hospital bed, not having seen nor God nor paradise! Back in the body: Nurse, I think I have recovered enough for a small steak. Can you add some fries too?



What Gemini sees: White, Divine, complete silence. The Gemini feels comfortable enough in this and in the other world and parallel universes, but he is starting to feel tormented by the lack of verbal communication. How Gemini reacts: No one is talking. Telepathy is not as much fun as trying to explain things with words! Silence and only this while light! What happening on facebook, let me check. Where is my phone? No, I can’t make without my phone, I am going back! Back in the body: .”…and then I saw this while Light, so bright, it almost blinded me! I am still a bit dizzy! Do you remember that movie about the paranormal phenomenons,…wait what was its name? Anyway, I something very similar…..wait, don’t go, I haven’t finished yet!”



Cancers usually try and live at least till 118! They are cautious and it is rare to be in near death situations! But still… What Cancer sees: A beautiful white castle, which is floating on soft pink clouds. Cancer starts flying towards the castle and just when he is about to reach it… How Cancer reacts: It is so wonderful, I am flying! But my children are not here… I promised my sister to take out the dog…I can’t stay! I am going back!! Back in the body: I am alive! God, I almost died! I need to be more careful! I better make a life insurance, so my loved ones are not left without anything!



What Leo sees: A huge, gold and crystal ball room. Leo notices hundreds of Angles arranged in a pyramid and singing, at the top of it is God. Leo realizes that he will not be the boss in this kingdom! How Leo reacts: Oh, this is the way everyone should greet me-signing and cheering! There will be a party here! Oh wait, who is this at the top? Oh hi, Dad! Can I come sit next to you? No?! But I am your favorite son?! In that case, send me back till I am deserving to sit next to you! Back in the body: Amazing, I always knew I was special and chosen! I am God’s son! Now I will prove it to the world!



What Virgo sees: Virgo is floating in a perfectly clear and clean white tunnel while noticing what needs to be improved in the surroundings. How Virgo reacts: While floating blissfully, something starts to worry Virgo: “ will they manage to cope without me at home! And this new projects at work, they will mess it up without me! I have to go back-everyone is relying one!” Back in the body: “there is mold on the ceiling. And they call this a top private hospital! I need to call the sanitary. But, he will not do it right it! I better do it my self, as soon as I can get up!”



Libra’s soul goes out of the body, then comes back, then goes out again. It turns back to go in, but at the last moment it decides to stay out. What Libra sees: At the end of the tunnel Libra sees a Light Being! How Libra reacts: “Wow, this must be my one and only Soulmate! Finally! ….wait..this looks like my grandmother! Grandma, so good to see you again! Where is my soulmate?” Grandma: “he is on Earth, my child, but you can help him from Heaven with prayer!” “No, thank you, I would rather meet him in person!” Goes back to body! Back in the body: Right, I better start the search! I will sign up with all dating sites and one day I will find him!!”



Scorpios are like cats-they have 9 lives! Because of this they find it interesting to challenge Death and invent better and newer ways to get to know it! What Scorpio sees: A bright room full of light beings who are singing glorying songs to God! How Scorpio Reacts: Everyone is beautiful., so pure…..but wait, they are neither men nor women-everyone is androgynous! How do you get to make love and feel passion here? I better go back! Back in the body: What is happening? Which world am I in? Oh back here! Next time, I better check out Hell—they will be a raunchy crowd there!” Starts planning his next Near Death Experience!



What Sagittarius sees: The usual white tunnel, Light. How Sagittarius Reacts: Saggie’s soul leaves the body with a triumphant laughter! It is finally able to get rid of this trap of a body! Sag has been trying to reach death all his life in various ways: parachuting, budgie jumping, climbing rocks, telling others what to do, etc. It has no intention of going back! Now it has no moral limitations and it can learn so many new exciting things, visit so many worlds! It has so many questions about life and creation! It can teach the Heaven being so many things about Life of Earth… The Light Beings in Heaven, get so tired of Sagittarius that they trick him into going back to his body! Back in the body: I am alive? Wow, it was so exciting-my best trip, ever! I believe they sent me back to gather more experience and bring them wisdom about life of Earth! I will teach them properly next time!



What Capricorn sees: It might take awhile for Capricorn till he realizes he is dead. There are special offices for newly arrived Capricorns which prep them about life in the Beyond. A mature respectable angle in a suit, brings a folder to Capricorn named: “How to Succeed in the Astral World” How Capricorn reacts: As soon as Capricorn realizes he is not in the physical world, he gets upsets and does not want to accept it or believe it! He files a complaint and requests a return to Earth! Back in the body: Where am I? I was in coma…of course, what I saw was a hallucination because of the lack of oxygen in the brain!



What Aquarius sees: Aquarius finds him self in an perfect crystal city of light. How Aquarius reacts: Finally an ideal, utopic society! Everyone is equal, everyone matters! …What? You say there is no free will here? Everyone does God’s will? How are reforms made? Did you say, Hell is an Anarchy? Maybe I should visit there instead !” He goes to hell and starts a campaign for freedom and rights…the Devil gets fed up with him and sends Aquarius back to Earth. Back in the body: Aquarius opens one eye, notices he is back in his body, and as a sign of protest goes back to sleep!



What Pisces see: Pisces barely notices he is in the Other World-it feels so natural! He has been there so many times in his dreams and imagination! He goes around leisurely basking in the familiar surrounding, visiting his favorite gardens and hotspots of choirs and art. Once he has rested enough and filled his soul with joy, decides it is time to wake up. Back in the body: He carries on as if nothing has happened until he falls back in one of these heavenly states again!

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