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Find out how the day of the week you were born on, influences your character and fate. Discover the connection between the planets and the days of the week.  

Days of the Week

Days of the Week

The wise ancient prophets saw that each day of the week is energetically connected to one of the seven observable planets. They recommended certain activities and behavior that corresponded to the influences of the day. This increased the chances of success and harmonious completion. Depending which day of the week you were born on, you embodied its specific planetary qualities.

According to ancient tradition, the day starts with the sunrise and continues till the next one, it does not change at midnight as we are used to calculating it. So if it says on your birth certificate that you were born on Saturday at 4 am, then you should consider yourself a Friday baby, unless the sun has risen already.

Monday— the Moon (Mother goddess)

moon Goddess, Moon day, Astrology Monday, born on a monday

Monday is a restless and changeable day. Emotions and whims increase, dreaminess and romantic moods manifest more powerfully. Our imagination is stimulated so it can be a good day for some writers. The Moon in astrology symbolizes the female principle, therefore Monday rules and protects all women. It is considered that girls born on Monday become really good wives and mothers, great family nurturers. Sensitivity is a common trait for people born then but even if they are impressionable and emotional, they compensate with very developed imagination and rich inner world. Monday is a bit emotional and nervous day, but it is great for getting all kinds of house work done. Spending time with your close family and trusted ones where you can let your guard down and be as emotional as you want is advised. Traveling by land is considered unwise as the person can meet a lot of minor frustrations but as the Moon rules water, all aquatic journeys will fare well. Tuesday—Mars (god of war)

Mars day, born on a Tuesday, Astrology tuesday

Tuesday is considered an active day with a sharp, explosive character. Warrior, heroes, knights and military people were born on this day. In the past they regarded it as a very tough day. It is observed that this is the time wars and military coups are started. This is a day for initiating action, fighting, drastic changes, and brave endeavors. It is not advised to rest much or stay inactive, you should be starting new projects and getting busy with physical work. Tuesday is not so good for team work or one to one contacts as it creates conflict just like its ruler the planet Mars. Peace and compromise are almost impossible. Wednesday—Mercury (the messenger god)

mercury god, Hermes god, born on a wednesday, wednesday astrology

Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with trade, knowledge and information. The mind gets more active, curious, open to communication and exchange of ideas. People born on Wednesday are usually quite witty and have quick minds suited for business. This day is good for traveling, marketing, trading, networking, business deals, new contacts, administrative and intellectual work. Problems can be solved quietly and without conflicts. Thursday-Jupiter (king of the gods)

Jupiter God, Born on a thursday, Thursday Jupiter

The ancients called Jupiter “the king of the planets”, that is why Thursday became a royal day. People born then attract attention and respect with their optimism and breadth of understanding. They are considered natural leaders, and are found in high positions of society. They used to be chosen for priests and wise men in the old cultures. This day is for affairs of religion, politics and the higher mind. Thursday is dedicated to solving problems of the law, state and society. It is not a good day for business deals, trading or making new contacts. Friday—Venus (the goddess of beauty)

Venus friday, Venus planet, Venus in Astrology, Born on a Friday

Friday is ruled by the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure-Venus. It is believed that people born on this day are bringers of peace, harmony and beauty. They are artists, esthetics, musicians, diplomats and sensual pleasure seeker. It is a day when people are in a mood for relaxing and having fun. They also pay more attention to their appearance and beauty treatments are more successful. This day is auspicious for tying the knot or going on romantic dates. One has to be careful about overindulging on Fridays, as it is easier to succumb to passions of the flesh and lower desires. Dating, love and pleasure related activitities venture best on Fridays

Saturday—Saturn (the god of death and time)

born on a saturday, Saturn in astrology, Saturn God

This is another critical day, dedicated to honoring the dead. This is when scientists, philosophers, loners and ascetics are born. People who usually have a more serious and responsible attitude to life. It is a day for self-introspection, deep meditation and lonely concentration on the more meaningful aspects of existence. People are a bit more susceptible to sadness and worry. It is a good day for finishing off old business but not for starting new projects. It is also inauspicious for weddings and long journeys.

Sunday—the Sun God (god of life and happiness)

sun god, Born Sunday, Sunday, Sun Astrology
Those born on Sunday are graced with positivity, generosity and love of life.This is a day for celebration, creativity, happiness, and success. It is the best time for weddings. Sunday is recommended for initiating new activities and plans and also for health treatments as this is the day of the week when a new cycle of the body’s recuperative powers begins. All creative work should start on Sundays. It is not a good period for isolation or meditation. Any involvement in unmoral and dishonest activities is very negative then.

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