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Just came out of a fantastic massage and this gave me the idea for the following article!Check your Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs, or any sign you have a have a few planets in.

Best Massage Treatments for Each Sign

Best Massage Treatments for Each Sign


 Aries accumulates most stress around the head area due constantly having million ideas and thoughts. The most healing and enjoyable massage for Aries is the head massage of any sort-put special focus on the forehead and the temple area. Shirodhara-the slow dripping of oil on the third eye in the middle of the forehead is especially calming for Aries.

Indian Massage


Taurus Invented massages! No one relishes the healing influence of human touch as much as the tactile Taurus! When Taurus is stressed, the tension goes to their neck and facial area. Taurus benefit most from slow and deep neck and face massages. Aromatherpy massages relaxed Taurus



Gemini rules the upper shoulders and arms. Gemini can release a lot of stress by having hand, arm, lower neck and shoulder massages. Gemini tend to have sensitive nervous system, therefore whole body gentle massages with soothing music, can can calm their nerves.



Cancer rules all liquids in the body, so a gentle, long strokes lymph massage which gets their "juices" flowing and removes the build up toxins and stress, can be extremely healing for Cancer, especially around the breast and armpit area. A gentle stomach massage also relieves stomach pains for them which is another sensitive area.

breast massage


Leo builds up most tension around the upper back and backbone area. Countless Leos have back problems and they need to untie those nodes with deep pressure back massages.

Shiatsu back massage


Virgo is the sign with the most sensitive health of all. They have sensitive skin and usually build up toxins easily. Occasional detoxifying body wraps which suck out the poisons, can do miracles for them. Try a Dead Sea Mud wrap which eliminates the built up toxins. In massage therapy, they should focus on the middle back area.



Libras tend to gather most tension around the lower back. Deep tissue massages in that area, coupled with the leading the right posture, can do miracles for them! Libras also benefit a lot from head massages as Aries rules the head and it is the sign opposite Libra--projection of energy and mirroring usually happens in opposing signs.



Scorpio's most sensitive parts are the inner and outer sexual and excretory organs! How do you massage these?! Wink, wink! Tantric, sensual massages can be very healing for Scorpio. Scorpio also rules the kundalini energy at the base of the spine, so stimulating the centres at the "tail" through hot stone or direct touch massages can be extremely soothing and rebalancing for them!



Sagittarius rules the buttocks and thighs, which tend to have a lot of tension and muscle or nerve knots. No one enjoys and benefits as much from a buttock and thigh massage as a true Sag! Deep muscle massage is very soothing for them! Apply more pressure!



Capricorns tend to stiffening of the tendons, bones and muscles with age. They will benefit from a proper bone cracking, muscle stretching Thai Massage! Capricorn is a cooling sign, so massages with warming oils or wraps, do miracles for their well being.

Ananda Thai massage


Aquarians have a very sensitive nervous system, because Aquarius rules the electricity in the body. Hot stones placed at the chakras and energy centres of the body, rebalance the electric currents and relives the tension and occasional spasms in their body. Ankles and calves are a tension gathering area for them, so massaging these is of great benefit.

massage calf


No loves relishes and benefits from a good foot massage as much as a Pisces! Pisces rules the feet where there are energy points for all the organs in the body--just like Pisces is the only sign which includes the qualities of all the other signs. Reflexology massages are highly relaxing and effective for them! Pisces also rules the lymphs, so long stroke lymph massages are miracle doers for them!

Foot Massage

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