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Each Zodiac sign is connected to a different age of Human life. Mariana looks at the associations between the signs and different times of the human life. 

Ages of the Zodiac Signs

Ages of the Zodiac Signs

Each sign corresponds to a Human Age. Our celebrity Astrologer Mariana has prepared this fun and enjoyable article for you! To see Mariana's profile and services, CLICK HERE

cute baby with red cap

ARIES is the newborn of the zodiac. It thinks like this “I am not afraid of anything, I am most important and can wrap everyone around my finger! I only need to start crying louder and adults will fulfill my desire!”

toddler toys

TAURUS is the little child of the zodiac. This is how it thinks: “these are My mom and dad and I want them to cuddle me and pay me more attention! If they want me to be happy and get some peace they better buy me more toys! Everything is mine-I don’t give it to anyone!”

speech girls

GEMINI is the toddler who is learning to talk. It thinks like this: words are magical—I talk and everyone loves me doing it! The most interesting things I think of, the more attention I attract! I might be making up stories sometimes, but who knows what is truth and what is not!

Dazzle girl

CANCER is the grown up kid, who wants to be more independent but is still strongly attached to his family. He thinks like this: I want you to pamper me, while I am doing whatever I want! Or else I will get moody! My home is my castle-I am being taken care of here, but outside seems to be so interesting too…!

Teen Girls

LEO is the adolescent. He thinks like this: “I am old enough to do what I want. I am young, handsome and strong, I know everything-others can either agree me or get lost!.”


VIRGO is the young adult who has to start supporting him/herself alone. Way of thinking: “ Life is not only about fun and play! One has to work in order to succeed!”


LIBRA is the 25 to 30 year old human and thinks like this: “ One needs to find a stable partner in life. A partner will bring meaning and joy to my life and help me achieve more.”


SCORPIO’s age comes after 28 years. This the adult, who is inclined to deeper analysis and assessments. Way of thinking: “What will bring more meaning to my life? Maybe it is passion or a truthful career ?”


SAGITTAIRUS is the adult who has gathered the wisdom of his age and time, has passed many life lessons and thinks more philosophically, but still feels youthful! It is the age of the mid life crisis, when the desire for freedom increases and it is harder to make compromises. Way of thinking: “Life goes on and there are always new opportunities on the horizon! One should keep dreaming and having goals which they follow!”

Career Woman

CAPRICORN is the serious adult in prime age, who strives towards a stable social status because he/she feels old age is around the corner. Way of thinking: “A man is his achievements. Ambition and perseverance is needed-no place for regrets!”

Elderly group

AQUARIUS is the adult who has had many insights about life and has abandoned many illusions. Way of thinking: “Love is an illusion, friendship is for ever. I want to be surrounded by people who share my interests and ideals, everything else is vanity.”


PISCES is the man at the end of his earthly life who has realized that not physical but spiritual matters are the important ones. What of thinking: “there is no Saint without a past and sinner without a future. Even if I know all the tricks in the world, only love, truthfulness and compassion will save my soul and bring me joy!”

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