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Each sign has a different outlook on life many of which helpful, but some of which can be damaging for the personal happiness and progress of the person. Let's find out:

Unhealthy Beliefs of the 12 Astrology Signs.

Unhealthy Beliefs of the 12 Astrology Signs.

Aries: "Life is a Competition"
Actually life is way more supportive of you, if you try and cooperate with others than compete with them.

Taurus: "Money =self worth and power"
Actually real power and self worth only come from within.

Gemini: "I am my thoughts"
Actually thoughts are just like ants marching across a picnic blanket. Most thoughts are not even ours.

Cancer: "I need you to love me to be happy"
Wrong- happiness comes from within, not without!

Leo: "The strongest, most gifted and fittest only make it"
Actually the most adaptable make it!

Virgo: "Resources are scarce."
Actually the Universe is abundant. The level of consciousness determined the ability to access this abundance.

Libra: "Everything depends on the choices I make."
Actually, 75% of important events in life are pre-fated. Our free choice if usually in how we react to these and treat others and ourselves.

Scorpio: "The world is a menacing place. Everyone is out to get me"
Actually there is nothing to fear. Everything is right where it should be at the current moment. It sure might be a painful place to be, but it is up to us how we interpret and react to what is happening.

Sagittarius: "Our job is to judge between black and white, right or wrong"
Not exactly- our job is to create the best with what we currently have, good or bad.

Capricorn: "No pain, no gain."
Actually you do not need to struggle. If you surrender to the Universal Flow of Life and release resistance, higher forces will take over and handle the details.

Aquarius: "If you can't see it or prove it scientifically, it can't be true."
More likely- you have not evolved enough to understand it yet

Pisces: "Life happens to me."
Actually life emanates from you. We have 25% free will, indeed the other 75% are more or less predestined, but those 25% we possess can make all the difference, what we do with and make out of the 75% predestined.

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