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The Scorpio / Pluto Challenge

The Scorpio / Pluto Challenge

The Scorpio / Pluto Challenge

Deep true healing (physical and psychological) and release of lowly / degenerate behaviors is the area of Scorpio: it happens through Transformation of painful feelings and traumas.
That’s why psychologists, occultists, astrologers, shamans, healers and other professionals who can help others transform and shift painful traumatic present or past life feelings into deep understanding and empowerment, are all ruled by Scorpio and the 8th house.
Those that learn to master the realm of feelings and switch from one psychological state to another by will are called: Initiates, disciples, spiritual students/masters! They become such by special training (occult training which speeds this process up) or by the vicissitudes of life.

The more tragic life one has, full of reversals and unexpected punches, despite of which one picks himself up and carries on, the more they advance into the mastery of feelings and emotional states,
the closer they are to a spiritual initiation (awakening, lifting the veil of reality), because the only way one is allowed into the astral worlds is if they have total control of their emotional body.

Let me give an example of what this ability to change your feelings by will means:

say you are confronted by a lion, and you can switch from panic to alert calmness,

or you are firefighter/nurse/surgeon/crisis manager and know how to act in cases of emergency without loosing your mind

or you get cheated on and you don’t collapse emotionally or become vengeful / paranoid but gather yourself and kindly start working through it with your partner or alone so you can reach peace of mind.

Or a loved one dies and you don’t give up on life, but learn how to ride the waves of pain, and carry on

These are all extreme examples, but Scorpio’s lessons are the most extreme and painful. And we all have 8th house and Scorpio in our horoscopes somewhere! We all carry unprocessed pain and traumas in the astral body from many past life incarnations.

Some people with full 8th houses and planets in Scorpio or Hard Pluto aspects in the Natal chart, experience way more trauma, shocks, encounters with death and reversals in their lives than others, because they are called to learn how to master the feeling / astral body and transform pain/fear/anger/panic/shock into calm and manageable states.

Maybe they are on the threshold of Initiation... vision into the spiritual world...

We are all working towards that goal incarnation after incarnation but those Scorpio/ Pluto/ 8 house souls have chosen this life to lift the veil of the worlds, to get initiated into a higher state of consciousness.... just like people who have been on the edge of death and come back and suddenly they have new found joy, love and appreciation for life: a much higher and lighter state of consciousness!

So if you an 8th houser/ Pluto/ Scorpio person, don’t despair with every punch of fate...when it gets darker just remember you are closest to the Higher state of consciousness and Access to unlimited joy, than anyone else!

I teach all bout Scorpio in depth, from which what I wrote above is just a tiny part, in my “Secrets of the 12 Signs” 60 hour webinar.
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