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The One Area of your life where you need to fully surrender to be successful! Pisces in the 12 Houses.

Pisces in the 12 Houses. Where to Fully Surrender in Life

 Pisces in the 12 Houses. Where to Fully Surrender in Life

This knowledge is part of the extensive webinar “The 12 Signs”. To find out about all signs and areas of life, take this foundational course.

Pisces is such a confusing and difficult to gdrowning person, trashing about in the water, using all these might to survive for a second more, it is in the same way that we lead some areas of our life! Desperately trying to keep it all togetherasp sign! It gets definitions like: fears, dread, weaknesses, vices, victimhood, loss and helplessness but also lofty such like: surrender, transcendent, magical, effortless, Divine bliss!

What is it really? Actually Pisces is all of these! We need to get to loss and helplessness in order to decide to surrender and let go of control!

Like the r, before everything bursts out at the seams and looses its form and meaning!

It is the hardest thing for us Humans to do: to surrender and let go of trying to control. To have Faith that some invisible power will take care of us and even do things gazillion times better than us! It is the hardest task for humans, that’s why Pisces is the last sign, it takes everything for one to be willing to let go of everything and see what happens.

Like the drowning person who finally surrenders and stops fighting, then drifts away into the sweetest, most beautiful experience of calm and love: the write light of God that envelops him!

There is not a person who’s had a Near death experience who has not described it as the happiest moment of their life. The moment they were freed from their fear of death.

The things we are most afraid of, turn out to be the most beautiful and mystical experiences!

Every person has Pisces rule one area of their life according to astrology.

To find out what area of your life you will gain a lot more by surrendering control and allowing bigger forces to take over, by having faith rather than a well thought our plan, you need to find out your ascendant sign first(correct time of birth needed). Or you can check your Sun sign and Moon signs too but they are more on the psychological level.

You can calculate these here:



Aries has Pisces in their 12 house! Aries should surrender when it comes to their subconscious! They cannot control their fears. They might have hard time controlling their weaknesses and vices too, symbolized by the 12th house; like trying to moderate drinking or another compulsive weakness, because Pisces is permissive and not controlling, they can’t control these 12 house hidden vices or enemies. It is best for them to surrender hidden accusations, vices and enemies to a Higher power and trust that IT will take them to the other side free.
Aries has a higher capacity to experience mystical side of life and be spiritual because Pisces rules its natural house or access to the invisible worlds

Aries should trust in mystical intervention from their guides/angels/departed ancestors (12th house) and often ask for it rather than try to do things on their own! Invisible help and powerful spiritual  imaginative solutions even dreams are readily available for them when they surrender and enter a restful state, or go to bed with prayer or a meditation: the answer will come to them in a mystical way! This is the reason Aries downloads original ideas from the invisible worlds like no other sign! 


They should surrender when it comes to matters in regards to foreign places, hidden enemies (do not engage with back stabbers, God will take care of them) and addictions. Somehow these can solve themselves magically.

Taurus can feel victimized or helpless in matters regarding friends and social influence, since Pisces rules their 11th house. But it is also the area of life where they can experience the most exalted states, by surrendering control, they can access higher states of consciousness by participating in group activities aimed at spiritual uplifting. The more they surrender matters of friendships to higher power, the more they can attract highly evolved friends who magically help them achieve their goals. They should also have a passive and more faith based approach to income and gains. The more the trust that the Universe will provide the right earnings and rewards for their efforts and goals (11th house) the biggest these rewards will be, coming In almost magical ways!
I highly advice vision boards for Taurus people when it comes to their goals and dreams(11th house) and visualizing and meditating (Pisces) on these dreams because they can activate spiritual download about their dreams easiest of all!

Gemini can feel more victimized when it comes to authorities, institutions or people in power since Pisces rules their 10th house. It is also the house or career, so Gemini can more often experience loss or confusion in regards to their career. They have to surrender trying to control or plan everything when it comes to these areas of their life and trust a Higher power to take them even further. The moment they do that, their worldly success will skyrocket magically and problems with authorities will be solved in mysterious ways!
When it comes to your career and reputation, leave it in the hands of God! It does not mean, never work or apply for a job or perform better! It means do your best and leave it in the hands of God! Or for example if you are in a rut in regards to your career, or disappointed with your career, call on God/ your Angels and pray. Then stay in a receiving, passive state for a bit, till you start receiving answers and clues. Then respond to them! Opportunities will start appearing magically for you!

Cancer has Pisces rule their 9th house. This means that the more they try to control their relationship with their Father/teacher figure(s) the more victimized or disillusioned they can become with these. They should surrender and forgive (Pisces forgives) all demands or expectations from such and then these figures will become a source of blessings. Like finding magically the right mentor, the exact seminar, the correct teacher, the perfect advice to a complex life situation. Cancer has an especially high capacity for spiritual faith awareness rather than Traditional religious believes because Pisces, the most spiritual sign rules their house of believes! The sooner their believes embrace an image of an unlimited, benevolent, loving and forgiving God / Universe the more magical their manifestation and luck! Fear inducing, separation advocating or restriction proclaiming faiths can do a lot of damage to Cancers mentality and their overall luck (9th house) in life.
Cancer should also surrender all outcomes to matters connected to legal issues, foreign travel or relocation and higher education to Higher power to lead them!

Leo Rising, Sun or Moon:

Pisces rules Leo’s 8th house which rules transformation, crisis and deep internal change. The more Leos try to resist, control or manage such profound events like trauma, death, divorce, big Life change of any kind, the more losses, fears and state of helplessness will overcome them! Their best bet in moments of big sudden changes is to surrender, to have mystical even blind faith in Higher forces and then God will take over for them and will take them over the bridge to the other side of the dark tunnel! Leo also has strong capacity for mystical experiences since Pisces rules their 8th house of chakras, and Pisces is the most fluid, changeable sign, allowing Leo’s to active these chakras!

Leos should release control and trying to make things happen their way when it comes to matters of mutual resources, other people’s finances or resources, taxes and inheritances! The more they try to fight or make three happen according to their will, the more difficult or disappointing their outcome. Like Leo rising lady I knew who surrender all her money to her ex husband when their divorced and never fought for it because he husband had hidden all his resources. Everyone thought she was crazy, but she trusted in God and within a few years, she suddenly was gifted by a stranger a clinic (8th House Pisces- can result is mysterious inheritance) and now she is a millionaire! Leos can be quite good at having hidden money and avoiding taxes though (Pisces is a hidden sign) ;)

Virgo Rising, Moon or Sun.

Virgo needs to let go of controlling or trying to make happen with planning or efforts anything in the sphere of relationships. Like the more they try to control their partner or make them accountable the more speaks, ambivalent or irresponsible their partners (personal or business) will be. Or trying to find a partner with a system: Fridays I go online dating, Sundays in this bar for singles, etc etc . Actually when they stop trying to make things happen in their relationship with will power, then things really align and they can meet an ideal partner right after they give up searching for one. Or their partnership will improve on their own once they leave these in God’s hand!
Relax with your partners and they will shift and the string of disappointing or misleading experience will diminish! Once they do, a miracle can happen and God can grace them with the most loving soul mate!
The more expectations and demands they have from partners the more difficult these get.

Libra Rising, Sun or Moon.

Pisces rules your 6th house of provocations,and problems and health. The best approach for Pisces when then come across problems of accusations, criticism is to leave it alone. Become passive, don’t respond to provocations! Disappear, or take a break, forgive! Leave it God to sort this out! If you have to stand up for yourself get someone else to do it for you (Aries rules your 7th house house of others, others can fight better for you). When a problem comes, it does not mean you have to pretend it does not exist, but take a step back, enter a state of relaxation and ask God to help you! A miraculous solution to the slings and arrows of everyday life can come then! The same matters for health problems! If your health is under attack, you need to rest more, take a break, sleep more, pray and visualize better health (pisces). The more your struggle trying to find solutions to health problems by going from doctor to doctor the more lost you can become. Libras are more susceptible to mysterious or hidden or misdiagnosed (Pisces) health issues (6th house) than most, so they need to surrender to a higher power the solution to these, or else they can feel like victims. Soon the flow of faith and surrender will take them to the correct solution or diagnosis and even miracle cure. Libra are more likely than most to have a miracle faith based healing. 6th house also rules employees or work if you are the employee. When you have problems with such matters (say you can’t find a job) give yourself an extensive break and contemplation time and enter a state of gratitude and prayerfulness about this, as If you already have the best outcome. They will shortly be gracefully and blissfully resolved! You lost your job, great, now you can relax a bit and take time to introspect and dream, visualize the perfect job, then the right job will appear miraculously.


Scorpio Rising, Moon or Sun.

Pisces rules your 5th house of romance, creativity and children! No wonder Scorpios are so sensitive and devoted when it comes to their loved ones! Pisces rules their heart! ;)
But these are also the areas where Scorpios are most likely to feel victimized, mislead, betrayed or disillusioned!
Scorpio can hurt hopelessly and with total vulnerability when their heart is broken, for example! Pisces has no protection! But one big mistake they Scorpios can do when it comes to their love life, Especially if they have been hurt and are afraid to be so again, is to start trying to control the love experience and expression, to play games of the mind or try and regulate the matters of the heart and their sweethearts! Then their 5th house experiences will suffer because Pisces can only thrive under total faith! Giving the benefit of the doubt to their loved ones plus forgiving and maybe moving on keeping faith in love, will not make them fools for love but will activate the higher potential of Pisces which is unconditional, magical, soul mate love.
Your path to happiness in love: forgive your lovers past and present, don’t hold grudges for them, don’t try to control or change them! Let them be! Surrender control to God and your love life will improve! Or if you are having problems with your children or can’t have children, again take a break from trying to control the situation, give the outcome up to God, rest more, meditate, do gratitude lists, spiritual work, and the answer will come miraculously! Like my Scorpio friend who tried to get pregnant for 5 years with all kinds of strategies. When she accepted it and gave up the striving to making it happen aspect she got pregnant twice in a fast order!

Sagittarius Rising, Moon or Sun.

Sagittarius has Pisces ruling the 4th sign (house) of home, family, belonging. Maybe that is one of the reason Sagittarius are known to be such wandering Gypsies, Pisces is a universal, all-embracing and very fluid - adaptable sign so Sagittarius are prone to feeling at home all over and to easily settle in exotic lands (Pisces)!
But they can easily get confused as to where they belong, where to live and settle, in such cases they should not plan and try to control anything, but just go with the flow and allow events to unfold on their own and trust that God will take them to the right place to call
If you have problems with family members, trying to control the situation or have demands and expectations towards your family members / mom will only exacerbate it all. You should surrender and trust that Higher powers will help you! Focus on forgiving the family member(s) even if you have to distance yourself from them but internally restore the love for them despite of their weaknesses. Then all your problems in your personal life will start to be solved miraculously: like finding the perfect house for your family, finally be able to settle etc.

Capricorn Rising, Moon or Sun.

Pisces rules your 3rd house of communications. No wonder Capricorns can go silent for some times on their friends before they contact them again! Since Pisces can cause disillusionment, Capricorn people can experience disappointment or betrayal from those in their environment: siblings, mates, work mates, associates, neighbors, relatives. They can feel like it is hard to keep such people and relationships accountable or straight. But the more they try to control these, the worst it gets! They should surrender the solution to such to a Higher power while simultaneously trying to forgive their transgressions. Only then such relationships will improve. 3rd house is also the house if business, communications, information, media, devices, vehicle. If they feel overwhelmed by such matters, they should not push it. Just retreat, take a break, switch off all communications and devices, get unplugged for a day or so! They need to clear off the information pollution which Pisces sucks in, and give a rest to their money mind (3rd house) preferably with creative or meditative substitutions. Many solutions for every day problems or business such will emerge for them from their rest / meditation, quite time. Reading mindless love novels, listening to guided meditations or nature sounds, walking by the beach will give Capricorns such a release from
WORRY and refresh their nervous system! Not everything can be solved with the practical mind. And Capricorn especially can benefit from this belief!

Aquarius Rising, Moon or Sun

Pisces rules the money and resources area for Aquarius people! This means that the more they try to control their money, plan, organize, systemize etc, the more they limit their financial abundance and luck. It is not that they cannot achieve financial results with such methods at all, but the more try to make this happen through their own mind and will, the more they slow their the flow of their true wealth. God / the Universe has way more grand and even impossible to believe material possibilities for them! They just need to allow the Grace of God to flow in! Pisces techniques like: saying thank you to the money (paying and receiving) gratitude lists for everything they have (will have), visualizing what abundance is for them, praying and surrendering the hustle of money to God will unlock their financial freedom mystically! At its highest level Pisces is unlimited liberation , freedom from financial dependence!
They can manifest money with no limits (Pisces) or money our of nothing (Pisces) or money while they sleep (Pisces) and resources magically once they surrender and go into a receptive state: not BY me but THROUGH me.

Pisces Rising, Moon or Sun
You are a Pisces, then whole chunks of your life should follow this strategy! Surrender, go with the flow, let Go and let God! Don’t succumb to the pressure of our “strive and fight for what you want” society! Yes, this can infuriate others and they might label you unaccountable, immature, ill prepared but Pisces should embody the words from the Bible: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?
31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”

Apply this and doors will magically start opening for you, my dear Pisces!!
You have the gift of mystical faith and miracle making more than anyone else on this planet!
You are here to show other humans that this is possible...

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