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Do you isolate yourself a lot or maybe circumstances put you in this situation?

The Loners. Astrology Indications

The Loners. Astrology Indications

Do you feel at moments like you cannot connect to others on a joyful level all the time. Sometimes you just observe others at a party chatting, being interested, excited, while you are standing in the corner, wondering why you can't feel this proximity or worse -even remote interest in what they say. Yes, maybe a few drinks will get you there, but just for a few hours and you know it is not real anyway. Why can't you feel part of it all? In some cases you might just not want to be part of it all, anyway, you find it meaningless and superficial. We will explore here what indicates such proclivities in one's character or fate. Loners or those who isolate a lot are not all the same breed! Each one does it for a different reason-sometimes willingly(due to need), sometimes unwillingly (due to conditions/fate).

There are a lot of different astrological indications which show this, but I will try and outline the main ones:(give yourself one point for each if you have)

1. Planets in 12 house(1 point for each planet-only the 7 visible ones count-Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) The 12th house planets indicate a very sensitive and almost psychic person, who soaks others feelings and moods, hence they need longer time alone to clean themselves from the build up of others' and astral impressions. Ppl with such positions might also find themselves in isolated areas like, libraries, scientific researcher, medical institutions, charity organisations, ashrams, spiritual communities or prisons. Such positions are very fated, karma from past lives has a big play here, in good or harder way.

1. Planets in Pisces (1 point for each-only the 7 visible ones, as above) Pisces has the most psychics and sensitive sign, and just like the 12th house, it indicates very psychically permissive ppl who need time alone to sort their feelings from others' and become peaceful. Pisces people leak their pranic (vitality) energy to others just by interaction. The only way they can protect their life (prana) energy is by helping others consciously, or else it will be drained from them in more vampiric ways. People with planets in Pisces(Especially Sun, Moon or Ascendant) should find something they care about and contribute to in any way(emotional or material). Then their sense of isolation/hopelessness will diminish.

2. Planets below the horizon (1 points for each-only the 7 visible ones as above) When you have 4 or more planets below the horizon, it indicates depth and introversion. Often the first part of life is more lonely, fate puts in you situations or circumstances which require spending more time alone while the second part becomes busier. (the first 6 houses represent the 3rd and 4th part of life-after 40 onwards). These people are more private and need time alone, or else they get drained. But even if do not like being alone so much, life will place them in such situation.

3. 4 or More planets(from Sun to Saturn) in 4th, 8th or 12th houses. These are the emotional private houses. They are hidden, secretive, personal, profound. Sensitivity of such people is so high, that they look for protection in privacy. 4th house rules home-planets there indicate the person spends much more time at the privacy of their home. 8th house is secret places, investigation, deep research, self-analysis-this requires time a lot too, 12thhouse is far away places(when you live away from your country, you can feel lonelier) isolated places(hospitals, prisons, ashrams, institutions, libraries, laboratories) planets in the 12th are likely to place you in such situations, hence more loneliness.

4. Saturn conjunct, Sun, Moon or Ascendant Saturn is the planet of deep thinking. These people spend long time alone, as they self analyze a lot, think over and over things. Saturn helps us develop detachment, and when someone is born with a strong Saturn, it is their purpose to learn detachment, and this happens often through some sort of isolation, spending time alone, etc.

5. Neptune conjunct Sun, Moon or Ascendant Neptune has similar effect to Pisces and the 12th house, it shows very sensitive people who pick up energies and moods from others, hence they need longer periods of isolation to re-charge and cleanse.

6. Ketu(South node) conjunct Ascendant, Sun or Moon. Ketu is a spiritual influence, it introverts and sensitizes a person. Makes one focused on analyzing the self and digging deep. Often the person is in some isolated environment which allows them to do this. Or even if they are surrounded by people, they might feel somehow detached from them and lonely. So how many points did you get?

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