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The beauty of Capricorn!

The beauty of Capricorn!

The beauty of Capricorn!


I have zero Capricorn energy in my horoscopes and I always found Capricorns maybe a bit dull, too fixed on should and not should now... but in the last few months my progressed Moon (how one feels) moved into Capricorn and I am finally starting to see the beauty and stupendous power of this so demonized and downgraded sign!

But let me go step by step! 

I am having this temporary Capricorn influence since a few months and I have been more critical and judgmental towards myself and others, there is a serious tone to my daily moods and actions, my mind is all on work, specifically on the structure of it, on how to organize it so I am more efficient and eventually work less and be more productive, what to remove and leave just the bare essentials, what are the priorities and how to downsize my activities and focus to the most essential such. This is a rare glimpse into the reality of natal Capricorns(moon, sun etc). There is such an elegant beauty to this sign, the minimalism aimed at simplifying and organizing life as long as it does not go into obsessive need to control and oversee everything.

There is a tightening feeling to Capricorn, a desire to straighten myself up, pull my self together, tie all the ends. 

Indeed it can put you into a dark mood sometimes as you demand so much more of yourself, you don’t allow your self any more the Bohemian, “all is great”, “the universe has your back” and “anything goes” perceptions of the progress moon in Sag which preceded the previous 2.3 years.

Yes indeed I have been thinking about death and punishment a lot! About consequences of actions. I have been feeling and dreaming about the karma of my past and present ignorant and unrestrained ways coming towards me like a stone wall... 
But nothing else can push us to straighten our selves, take responsibility for our actions and grow up than such states. 

It feels like every step i do is being scrutinized my me and some external force. 

Contraction and self re-restructuring can be a beautiful process too, not the easiest but the most important work when you have reached your emotional and physical limits....

Capricorn has 3 stages and ancient images: the crocodile (makara) which symbolizes the most primitive, egoistical, fear driven behaviors, survival mode. The goat: the process of climbing up out of that swamp through discipline and patience where you learn to mold and control your environment overcome the instinctual fears. And the Unicorn (the higher image of Capricorn) the most spiritual and pure being with one horn, as a symbol of having unified polarities within and having developed single vision and unity. But humanity is yet to develop this during the age of Capricorn starting in about 2100 years from now.

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