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The Impact of your birth environment on your later life

Planets on the Ascendant

Planets on the Ascendant

Written by astrologer Anthony:

The planets on the ascendant, say a lot about the immediate surroundings that the child first experienced, and had to adapt to at the time of birth.

The Sun: When the Sun is on the ascendant the father was very proud to receive the child, and recognised the child proudly as his own. This is one of the main reasons, why these people express strong personalities.There is no stopping these natural born leaders when they set their mind, and heart into doing something they love.

The Moon: With the Moon on the ascendant. The mother experienced intense emotions before, and after the birth. These emotions could go from strong fears to intense feelings of love after seeing her child for the first time. The receptive child picked up all her emotions and stored them within its psyche. This is why it is difficult for people with the Moon on the ascendant to contain their emotions when they grow up. However you will not find a partner as caring, and supportive towards their loved ones as the Moon on the ascendant people.

Mercury: With mercury on the ascendant there was a lot of chit chat, a lot of talking, and exchanging of ideas by the people surrounding the mother before birth. These people are born with exceptional mental abilities. If these abilities are harnessed properly, these people can succeed in sales, and can master several languages, and mental talents if desired.

Venus: Having Venus on the ascendant the child was received with great love and care. Everything was provided for the child in a way that the child would not lack anything, nor feel pain of any kind. When the child grows up the child expects to be always received with love. They have great magnetism, and attractiveness. They will win your heart with their charms.

Mars: When the warrior is on the ascendant the mother experienced more pain than what is usually felt during childbirth. The mother might have lost a lot more blood than usual. Seasections are very common with this placement as well. These people have tremendous potential to become great athletes, and they can succeed in sports if they are determined enough. All that Martian competitive energy, allows them to win in careers that require a lot of competition.

Jupiter: If Jupiter is the one on the ascendant. The child was received by the entire family with joy. A celebration was likely to have taken place to celebrate the birth of the child. The parents were filled with optimism and great hopes that this child was going to bring abundance to the family. These people are fortunate, and have benevolent personalities nothing seems to be impossible to them they just have to believe they can. Teachings of any kind will appeal to this people they want to explore the philosophies of life.

Saturn: Those with Saturn on the ascendant. The mother had to endure difficult circumstances this could be because she found herself alone, and had to do everything herself. Or she could've endured long hours of labor with with very little help from the family she might have had to fight for her life, and the child's. It is because of the difficult conditions at birth that these people seem to be self sufficient they don't need anybody and have very few friends. They almost always achieve their goals for they see the next step to be made instead of idealizing about the future.

Uranus: Those with Uranus on the ascendant have the most unusual birth stories. These are the ones born in flying planes, moving taxis, born in a train etc. The possibilities are endless with Uranus here. Premature births could have also been the case. These people have unique body features and personalities. They stand out like a sore thumb. They often have the ability to be inventors if they happen to find the right field to let their minds run free.

Neptune: When Neptune is on the ascendant.The child was surrounded by an unconditional love from the parents and those that were present with them. Or the child could have been born in an isolated place such as a remote house on a far away mountain. These people grow up to be selfless and sacrificial towards their loved ones. They will have to be careful because selfish people tend to take advantage of them. They tend to give more to others and receive very little in return. Great spiritual leaders have this placement. We should learn from this people to help others in need more often.

Pluto: With Pluto on the ascendant the mother experienced childbirth as the works of a supreme power. The mother could have been in danger of some kind. The fear, anxiety, and the feelings of helplessness surrounded the mother, and were absorbed by the child. These people defend themselves with all their might, if they feel threatened. Their survival skills are among the highest, because they're always on guard and ready to fight for what they believe in. When these people choose to pursue a goal they have laser sharp vision along with a tremendous willpower. Try to stay on their good side. Every chart is unique keep that in mind.

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