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Following my Saturn Return, I went through a period of tremendous confusion; Anthony's reading may very well have put me back on track to a successful end. I am truly grateful, as he went over and beyond in his one question reading. Concise, but jam-packed with useful information, his response was clear with explanations of the aspects in my natal, leaving me with little doubt in my heart that the path that I've always felt is the right one. Thank you so, so much Anthony. I look forward to working with you more in the future, during my mapping seasons.

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Ohh my God. Thank you alot. This was enlightening!

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Thank you so much for all your help and guidance! You are an amazing person! I was meant to cross your path! Divine intervention at its best! Xoxo

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Thank you so much Anthony. This made me positive and more confident in myself and my future. I needed to confirm my own ideas and vision. Thank you and have a lovely rest of the week

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That was awesome and informative! Thank you for the clarification!

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First of all: You are amazing. Incredibly spot-on - on everything! Thank you so much!  I plan to purchase more astrological services from you again.  You are very gifted.  Your product (the report) is definitely demonstrative of that. It was definitely no copy-and-paste report.  I am very gratefu

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Anthony Astrologer

Master of Western astrology
I was born in Moncagua, San Miguel, El Salvador. Astrology was a calling that came through dreams. I used to have these dreams where the signs and symbols of astrology would flash out of nowhere in my dreams. This started to happen more, and more often until I decided to go and see what these symbols were about. 
After reading about my personality traits, I was consumed by astrology. I then proceeded to acquire an entire collection of astrology books in English and Spanish. Including the complete works of Bruno and Louis Huber, along with the works of many astrologers from Spain. 
Book knowledge is not the only thing I possess, for I test every technique that I use and put it into practice, if it doesn't work I discard it. I have created techniques of my own as well. 
I only focus on the PRACTICAL side of astrology although, I'm not limited by it, because I can easily go into the esoteric side if necessary.
I have my mercury in a one degree conjunction to my north node in Pisces twelfth house plus my ascendant , sun and Venus in Pisces as well.
that gives me an extremely vivid imagination and intuion. I am able to see the charts in a three-dimensional way in my mind.
I compare the chart to an orchestra, because there are many things happening at once, and I take everything into account in order to give detailed and accurate readings.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Answer to One Question - $60

In depth analysis of one life theme or specific question based on your astrology chart. 
Email Anthony from his contact form

Solar Return $90

12 month prediction based on the yearly transits on your birthday (solar return chart). 
Contact Anthony on this page to give him your details and schedule

Answers to 4 Questions $120

Anthony will answer in a written form 4 of your specific or more general questions
Contact Anthony to give your details from the contact form

Composite of midpoints (relationship) $120

What helps and what blocks the relationships, tips for improving it, plus predictions on the development of the relationship or if it is possible for it to happen. 
Leave you details with Anthony on the contact form

Extensive natal chart reading + 1 year of transits $220

Anthony looks at your overall horoscope-strengths and weaknesses, points of success and possible points of failure plus predictions for the future. We will also answer any specific questions you might have. Contact Anthony from the contact form

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