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Lack of balance emotionally leads to all kinds of addictive behaviours (from substances to people)  and are a reason for serious physical illnesses.Every person has a different area of life which they are highly sensitive towards and a different set of methods which will settle them emotionally, which we will explore below. 

How To Balance Your Feelings and Overcome Addictions. Astrology Indications

How To Balance Your Feelings and Overcome Addictions. Astrology Indications

This is clearly indicated by the position of the Moon in your horoscope and the house cusp which falls in Cancer(the sign the Moon rules). Both Cancer and the Moon show the most vulnerable and sensitive part of our make up, the one, which is like a naked nerve, most susceptible to the blows of the environment. The area of life which makes our stomach go in a tight knot, if something be not as we want, and which if repeatedly triggered in a negative way, will lead to psychosomatic health problems or self soothing in the form of addictions.

These 2 positions show not only the problem, but also the solution and answer to our happiness. (as they say: the antidote, is in the poison!). Learning to use the positive and higher manifestation of these 2 positions will transform you into an emotionally balanced and content person and heal addictions of any sort.

Now let’s see how to find out the position of your Moon in your horoscope.

You need to know your time and place of birth. Then enter these in my birth chart calculator. Once you have the chart(in Indian and western style) check what number is the same square or triangle with the Moon(MO). This is the house cusp the Moon is affecting. If there is no number there, check the preceding one(clockwise).

Then go to the House cusp table and check what house number falls in Cancer.

Mark this down. Read both the house of the Moon interpretation and that of the house cusp falling in Cancer.

1st House:

Your whole physical body is highly sensitive. Being in discordant or stressful environments for too long will affect directly your health and path in life. You need to learn to remove yourself from such places, rather than trying to sort them out or knuckle it through. In this life, one of your big missions is to learn self-care and nurturing, if you dismiss this, then health problems and obstacles come your way! Even if this means taking a more passive role or approach to life, whereby you first tend to your own feelings and emotional well-being, more nurturing environments, rather than competitive and too fast paced ones. Before you have inner emotional content and poise, you cannot achieve on the outside, with these positions.

One way to balance yourself and get out of addictions is temperate but regular physical exercise. You are better off working on your own on your feelings, maybe through some self-help books, contemplation and personal creative activities. Swimming or walks around water bodies will be especially soothing and balancing for you. Body work of any sort(massages, feeling release exercises, dancing, etc is ideal).

2nd House:

Financial security and stability, when lacking, will become a major source of emotional stress, which can lead to heath problems of addictive behaviors. The constant worry about resources can take you most of out balance. One of your biggest missions in this life is to learn to have inner peace despite vacillating material conditions, which can be especially volatile if your home/family life is out of balance. If you improve your family relationships and stabilize your feelings, your income and material well-being, will also become stable or increase.

2nd house also rules the food/drinks your ingest. A healthy, fresh diet is essential to keep your feelings in balance and your mental health, which in turn will generate more material prosperity and inner peace for you. Spending time in Nature or just walking barefoot on the grass, can have a very emotionally stabilizing effect on you, because 2nd house Moon/Cancer people are a special affinity to Earth.

3rd House:

You need healthy human interaction-talking with others, meeting for coffee, sharing ideas and feelings. If you are deprived of such or if they are toxic in some way(for example insensitive or competitive colleagues or team-mates) your mental health can start to suffer and addictive behaviors can take over. You have to learn to choose the right people you surround yourself with, in your everyday activities, as you are highly sensitive to your interactions with them and can soak up negative vibes. What can help you with addictive behaviours or unsettled feelings is joining a small group of people who are dealing with similar problems and discuss those issues and mutually support each other, or at least be more out and about around people (positive ones) whom you can communicate with on a daily basis. Journaling and writing about your experiences and feelings will also have a very soothing effect on your mental health and help you understand your emotional motivations better.

4th house:

You need a peaceful home and family environment. If things at home of with family members are not good for prolonged periods of time, this directly will affect your mental and physical health leading to lack of contentment. So put your family life in order first! Living in a place which is too noisy, hectic or devoid of comfort and peace will also have a disbalancing effect on your well being. Living close to water can be really healing for you!

For you, home is the place you should feel most protected and safe in, because you need to spend more time alone in the privacy of your place, in order to recharge and shake off impressions from others, which you pick up too easily anyway.

If you have any addictive or mental health inclinations, it will be very beneficial for you to explore your earlier relationship with your family with a psychologist, and especially the relationship with the mother.

5th house:

You are especially ego sensitive. Having your dignity hurt in anyway(especially through unhealthy romantic relationships) can have way more deeper repercussions for your health and mental well being, than for others. Being in environments/with people that crush your self-esteem for prolonged periods of time and do not give you the needed respect(not only for your achievements, but just because you exist and deserve it) will corrode your peace of mind and can lead to addictive behaviors.

Not being able to express joy and having little time for fun will also unbalance your emotions! You need to allow your child-like, affectionate and spontaneous nature to come out and play! Denying yourself fun times and entertainment is the fastest way for emotional deterioration! Healthy amusements like fun sports, performances, concerts, dancing, creative hobbies, etc are the best therapy for anyone with Moon or Cancer in the 5th house.

Developing fun creative hobbies is the fastest way for you to also heal addictive behaviors (towards substances, people, etc)

6th house:

Your working environment and duties will have a direct mental and physical health impact on you! You are highly sensitive to the services and responsibilities you have and if you do not have some healthy way to switch off from these, once the day is over, you can find yourself thinking about them over and over until they make you sick.

The best way to release emotional tension after work, is to have some healthy routine-like gentle exercises and clean, light and fresh food. You have a very sensitive digestive system and every time there is some emotional stress happening, it hits you there directly.

Most of the illness you will have in your life will be due to your feelings…

You can have more emotional disorders or addictions than most other people.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance for you to have a healthy routine, no matter how hard this can be.

Waking up at the same time, having little or no food when stressed, eating light and clean, exercising or walking.

Every time you feelings are out of balance(sad, restless, etc), instead of reaching for the bottle(or another unhealthy self-soothing activity) start cleaning or putting things in order around you, go for a walk or go help someone else(giving service) or even better-do a detox! Practical tasks, order and routines are your ticket to inner peace.

Another way to balance your feelings can be through a pet(6th house). No one benefits so much emotionally and forms a deeper bond with a pet, than Moon/Cancer in the 6th house people. I have witnessed someone with this position get healed from a progressive alcoholism after finding a dog to take care of.

7th house:

Your emotional health is most strongly affected by your relationships. A partner(business or personal) or interactions with other can take you out of balance faster than anything else. You are so sensitive to others’ reactions and opinions, than you can make yourself sick, mentally and psychically, if you allow toxic people in your life for too long.

But you would not feel happy alone either. Your reaction to partners can make you sick(addictions, sadness, etc) but the right people will heal you!

Finding a reliable, comforting, family oriented and safe partner is a must for you, rather than going for exciting, bad boy/girl types who play havoc with your mental peace. As long as you are in such relationships, you will display addictive and unkind actions towards yourself. Overall well-being is suffer!

An equal give-and-take relationship is your ticket towards healthy mental state. You are very sensitive to inequality and would not fare well emotionally in such a bond(business or personal). Also learning not to be emotionally needy or expect the other to make you happy in relationships, will stabilize your feelings and help with addictions.

Relationship addictions are common here or addictions which are because of a problems in relationships. But the best way to heal yourself is also through the help of another-because Moon in 7th house, needs to do things in pair-a therapist, a confidant, an emotionally responsive and safe partner, etc.

8th house:

This position is especially sensitive to hidden undercurrents and darker feelings. They are like psychic lasers who cut through false pretense, insincerity and secrets and feel something is wrong. But if as children, what they felt was not validated or they were made to think they were mistaken or wrong to speak about these deeper, darker issues, they started burying their feelings and became secretive, even paranoid from others.

Later on they are extremely sensitive to someone lying to them or abusing their trust which can make then sick with emotional torment.

8th house rules abuse of any kind, so these people often had to experience more than a fare share of psychological or even physical abuse of some sort, even if not in this life. They carry the burden of past life and early life trauma, which their soul has decided to heal in this life.

If the person suppresses the painful memories(which most ppl do) of trauma without working consciously on releasing them in healthy ways, then addictions and mental or physical issues appear. As you can guess, Moon/Cancer in the 8th house people tend to have way more problems of this sort than average.

The right way to go about finding peace and respite from drama and constant reversals on the mental and material level, is through an in depth analysis and digging to the bottom of their emotional pain. This is the position which benefits the most from psychological work, hypnotherapy, energy healing, body work, astrology, etc for transforming their trauma into self-empowerment and deep intuition.

These people are also very sensitive to the topic shared resources, so it is very important that they find financially responsible partner, who would bring them a sense of peace, at least on this level.

9th house:

Moon/Cancer 9th house people are extremely sensitive to their belief system. If they are surrounded by people with negative or too materialistic believes, their whole physical and mental well being deteriorates. They can have an existential crisis or mental break down if they put too much emphasis on materialistic issues. What helps balance their emotions is developing spirituality, reading inspirational books, having a mother like mentor figure or other advisor/role model whose ideals uplift them and give them a sense of optimism.

Finding a higher purpose(not just selfish, material goals) and establishing a relationship with a Higher Power is the best way for healing addictions or bringing emotional happiness.

When they feel down or out of balance, travelling for awhile, contact with foreigners, different cultures, teacher figures who give them a different higher perspective of reality or reading such literature is the best thing for them!

Inspirational figures and role models (even such whom they have never met) can have a very uplifting and healing influence on their emotions.

10th house:

Moon/Cancer 10th house people need to be in the spotlight in order to feel emotionally fulfilled. If they lack achievements and recognition, they can start feeling imbalanced and unhappy.

Without concrete manifestations of status, they feel vulnerable. But at the same time, no matter how accomplished these people are, they will always feel very sensitive in regards to their social status, they take it so personally. If they constantly worry about it, this can also become a source of health and addictive problems. The trick here is to balance their inner world with the outer status and to infuse some personal, gentle touch in the career they do. Often professions in caring, nurturing, less competitive fields are better suited for the Cancer/Moon 10th house person, or such which touch the hearts of others(creative fields, etc).

If you have prolonged exposure to insensitive or hostile authority figure, it can also lead to psycho-somatic imbalances and even health problems, so you need to learn to react more healthy to such people or to leave altogether such bosses.

They can benefit by exploring psychologically with a therapist their relationship with authority figures and especially the father.

Having some practical, grounding physical routines will also benefit them a lot.

11th house:

Moon or Cancer in the 11th house people are highly sensitive and impressionable to friends and peers. Their social circle, if toxic or emotionally unsupportive, can become the cause of powerful psychological imbalance and even addictions.

Finding the right network of friends, has a really healing and mentally stabilizing effect on them. After a stressful day, a few minute heart to heart chat with a trusted friend, can make miracles for these people.

But the opposite is also in power. If they are isolated or lonely, with no social life or the wrong crowd, this can lead to serious mental and psychological problems.

If they find themselves battling an addiction of some sort, the best remedy for them, would be to join a group dealing with such issues rather than try and do it alone, because they are very receptive to the common spirit of the group and it can keep them clean! If there are no such groups around them, they can join or start an internet such.

Every time something takes them out of balance, it is best that they have a club or a fun group activity they can join, to de-stress, heal.

12th house:

This is extremely psychic and sensitive position. The person is often like a psychic sponge to the emotions of others, picking up impressions unconsciously. Imagine, having not only your feelings to deal with, but also those of others! It is not a surprise that this position makes for some of the most addiction/emotional imbalance prone people(together with the 6th and 8th house ppl).

They need to spend longer periods isolated or in private, so they are can shake off the many psychic impressions and make sense of their deep often unconscious feelings.

It can happen to such an extent that if someone is sick around them, they can develop the same symptoms empathically. So they need to pay particularly strong attention whom they spend time with and what environments in, because psychic vampires tend to gravitate unconsciously to the Moon/Cancer person, draining their psychological and physical resources.

Many are uncannily private and protective of their inner world and feelings, and others might not realize how sensitive and vulnerable they really are.

The best way to settle their feelings is through private and more spiritual activities like meditation, contemplation, prayer, nature, reading, sleeping, taking a week off and going somewhere far from everyone.

If a more serious addiction or mental imbalance exists, they are best suited for the Higher power approach or to rehabilitation centers, ashrams, institutions or going somewhere far away from their normal environment—they need to get totally separated from what is normal, a far away exotic country, for example!

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