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The Ascendant sign shows how we beginning anything new-from new jobs, relationships or big phases in life! Find out how your do it!

How the 12 Ascendants Start NEW BEGINNINGS In LIFE

How the 12 Ascendants Start NEW BEGINNINGS In LIFE

1. ARIES Rising: Speedly. They do not waste time thinking through all steps, but as soon as they get the impulse, they go for it. They should not wait, because if they loose the freshness of excitement, they will not do it

2. TAURUS Rising: Slowly. They resist a new phase until the pressure from outside becomes noticeable. Once they really they can no longer put it off, they proceed with power and persistence.

3. GEMINI Rising: Informedly. they first play with the idea, then start researching and trying to learn all the facts, plan out strategies, then proceed to experiment

4. CANCER Rising: Tentatively, with hesitation. They first get a feeling that they have to start something new. They can try for a bit, then retreat back to safety, until they feel uncomfortable there and try again.

5.LEO Rising: with dignity! Leo can wait till an auspicious time when they appear on the scene with style and presence. Unless the new phase/action/beginning guarantees a degree of success and recognition, they would not risk.

6. VIRGO Rising: Orderly. Virgo does it step by step, with a schedule and a detailed plan graphic. The process should be neat, rational and clear or else they can get sick with worry in the face of unpredictable new circumstances.

7. LIBRA Rising: Elegantly. Libra would rather die than do something new which would embarrass their public image. Libra needs to gather opinions and advice or even convince something to do it with them. Outer circumstances or others can often be the reason for new beginnings in their life.

8. SCORPIO Rising: Profoundly. Life shaking circumstances and dramatic reversals force Scorpio to have intense total transformations or die!

9. SAGITTARIUS Rising: Optimistically! Sagittarius approached new beginnings as a big adventure. They love new horizons. If the beginning is difficult they find a spiritual reason behind that makes it meaningful

10. CAPRICORN Rising: Cautiously. Capricorn rising prefers the old and tested ways, so they might resist a new change, until they realise they are obliged to. If it is something they desire to start, they are prepared to put maximum effort and experience!

11. AQUARIUS Rising: Intellectually. Aquarius will change or start something new if they are ideologically convinced. They will study and researching it scientifically until ready.

12. PISCES Rising: Ambivalently, unwittingly, unnoticeably! They might not be aware they are starting a new phase because they have been tricked or seduced into it by outer powers. Once in the new beginning they adapt fastest.

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