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I have compiled this article thanks to the hundreds of emails I got from you, telling me your favourite activities on a Sunday or when wanting to relax and giving me your Moon Sign!

How Each Sign Likes to Relax on Sunday

How Each Sign Likes to Relax on Sunday

The Sign of the Moon shows how we relax and what brings us comfort and a sense of content. The Moon sign shows how we are at home- at our most natural and easy going state and what nourishes our soul.

To find out your Moon sign click on the birth chart calculator and check the Moon sign in the Planetary Detail Table as shown here:

Let us look at all the 12 Moon signs.



Being a Mars ruled sign- most Aries Moon people say they prefer to relax actively. Some move furniture around, fix things at home, others, listen to more invigorating music, dance, work out, do sports with friends, go for rides in the car. Many Aries Moon people mention they love the sunlight and being on the beach, no surprise-- Aries is a fire sign. Aries Moon people also love to play like kids, being silly, joking, making others laugh- this seems to relax them a lot- after all Aries is the baby of the zodiac!



Taurus rules the 5 senses making Taurus Moon people very sensual! They relax and find comfort by indulging themselves- good food, relaxing music, beautiful scenery (chocolate was mentioned quite a few time). Venus the planet of beauty, fashion and sensual indulgence, rules Taurus, so many Taurus Moon mentioned that shopping for pretty things or pampering themselves with massages or beauty routines, was another favourite relaxing activity. Taurus is an Earth sign and I was not surprised when most Taurus Moon mentioned lazy walks in Nature or picnics. Taurus is a very loyal and fixed energy, hence most Taurus Moon people will tend to go to the same places and do the same chilling routines. Crazy new adventures, are not exactly comforting for them!


Gemini Moon people all mentioned that they love reading or browsing the internet. Gemini is an air sign- which rules communications, information, etc. Such activities like socialising, chatting, texting, gossiping, catching up with friends, magazines, favourite documentaries, all featured repeatedly as very relaxing and enjoyable. Gemini likes movement- hence they will be either engaging their mind (roaming around with the mind) or moving around- visiting friends, going to coffee shops, walks, etc. Gemini is the sign of skills, hobbies, games so our Gemini Moon friends tend to relax actively by pursuing these interests of theirs. A Sunday with a Gemini Moon person would never be dull!


It was not surprise when 90% of Cancer Moon people said they loved spending their Sundays with family! Cancer after all, rules home and family. They enjoy cooking big and hearty meals for loved ones, taking care of home and family, etc. Many Cancer Moon people mentioned water- taking a long bath, walking by the sea, bathing in the sea! Cancer is a water sign and indeed any activities with or around water, have a most soothing effect on them! Cancer Moon are very impressionable and sensitive, therefore they can relax only in more intimate environments- like home, alone or with less people. Big crowds, busy places, wild parties can be fun, but not the most soothing activities on a Sunday for our Cancer Moons!


How does a cat relax? Picture this and you will know what is most soothing for a Leo Moon! You got it! Lazy lounging, sleeping, cuddling, snuggling with a blanket, in a warm environment, by the fire place (if available) with a cup of something warm and a plate of something luxuriously sumptuous. When weather permits it, most Leo mentioned loving being in the sun, beach or picnicking! No wonder, Leo is ruled by the Sun! Leo is a very creative and fun-loving sign! Creative activities, hobbies, making others laugh was mentioned many times as means of relaxing! Leo rules children, and all Leo Moons who have kids, said they absolutely loved playing with them!


Being an Earth sign, many Virgo Moons felt most relaxed when in nature. Virgo recharge their batteries best when connected to the Earth/Nature. They usually have a routine on Sunday which they like to follow- doing chores, planning for the week ahead, arranging practical matters. Actually putting some order around them, is one of the most comforting thing for a Virgo Moon! It is as if when things are in order (Virgo) around them, they can finally get some peace of mind (Moon). Being health conscious, Virgo Moon also love to relax by taking care of their bodies- exercise, good nutrition, etc.



A beautiful, peaceful and harmonious environments featured at the top of the Libra Moon list, when it comes to being able to relax! Venus- the ruling planet of Libra, gives an appreciation of art, culture and form, which they find comforting and recharging, Venus is also the planet of beauty and fashion- shopping, taking care of their physical appearance, beauty routines is another most enjoyable leisure activity.

Libra rules relationships, so it was no surprise when almost all Libra moon people mentioned socializing or spending time with their other half as a favourite Sunday or leisure activity.



Being an emotionally deep and psychologically penetrating sign, Scorpio Moon tend to need time to ruminate over their intense impressions and experiences from the week and integrate them, hence they prefer some solitude or a more private, protected environment when relaxing, so they can put their shields down and take it easy. The company of only very close people is preferred where words are not needed, but a deeper emotional bonding can happen just by being together. Being a water sign, many Scorpios find being close to water soothing and comforting. Music- the language of feelings, is very nourishing for their soul.



Sagittarius Moon people like to relax actively! Sagittarius Moon recharge by travelling, exploring new places, having fun adventures (something other signs would find more energetically taxing than relaxing!). Quite a few Saggie Moon people mentioned as a favourite past time watching documentaries on ancient civilizations, cultures, spirituality, reading, expanding their mind, as most comforting! Saggie Moon people prefer the company of happy, fun and positive people, going to parties or more exciting places on the weekend.



Capricorn Moon mentioned needing the weekend to detach from their responsibilities but found it hard to stay too leisurely for a long time. Actually they find it comforting to plan the week ahead, prepare their schedule, get some practical tasks done. This gives them peace of mind! Simple pleasures feature a lot as a means of relaxing: walks in nature (Capricorn is an earth sign), traditional simple food, familiar places and activities, which will they often stick to religiously.



Being an Air sign, Aquarius Moon people mostly mentioned mentally stimulating activities (watching documentaries, reading) which bring them comfort and help them relax. Being a very social sign, socializing and catching up with friends also featured high on their Sunday list. Aquarius Moon people enjoy being in company of others or even in big groups of people, (most other signs would find this draining during their time off) but for Aquas this is what recharges their batteries. Culture and society and the fruits of these (concerts, lectures, clubs, organized activities) are a welcome leisure time!



Sleep! This is what most Pisces Moon people wrote to me! lol Not surprising since Pisces is the sign of sleeping. Many love daydreaming during their time off, escaping mundane reality by watching movies, listening to music or having a few drinks! For them weekends are a sacred time when they have the chance to reconnect with a higher more idealistic or romantic reality by meditating, solitude and quiet time. No other Moon sign needs their time away from the hustle and bustle of life, as much as Pisces Moons, who are psychic sponges and have to find their inner centre after picking up so many impressions from others. A favourite Sunday environment for many Pisces is the sea, ocean or proximity to water, which they find most comforting.


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