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Here is look at the dynamics between this well known couple. What made them separate? You can learn how to check up your own compatibility with partners with the technique presented here. Do you also have this factor that dissolved their love?

Why It Did Not Work Between Demi and Ashton?

Why It Did Not Work Between Demi and Ashton?

Weren't we all surprised when one of Hollywood's golden couples split up?! I was, because they always looked so happy and supportive of each other! We never saw any ugly scene hinting at a shaky relationship. And it was not shaky! When I checked their compatibility with my Relationship Report it was perfect! They have a proper flow of energy- from the male to the female: so he was the one initiating and leading therefore he felt respected and she felt loved and cherished due to the fact that he was always thinking first of her needs and the relationship. They have no "obstacles" or "misfortunes"(all these compatibility factors are covered by my relationship report and are based on ancient astrological Sanskrit techniques for matching) which allowed them be together and not suffer major disruptions or difficulties which would exhaust them both otherwise. They have a very high score for their "wavelength" factor, which helped them feel very easy and relaxed with each other feel strong connection. All these great results gave them an almost cloudless 6 year sail together. But then, why did their relationship end?

Ashton and Demi

Because they had a karma of completion. What is this? It means that they met in this life to finish something that they really wanted in a past one but never had the chance to, or were interrupted before the relationship had run its course! Now that they were reunited and spent time together, the karma and desire has run its course and they are free to carry on separately. How do we see astrologically if one has a completion karma with another? Well, it is really easy--even for someone who does not know astrology much. When you overlay the charts of one person over the chart of the other, and if you find some important planets of one person(like Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, or Ascendant) in the same sign as the South Node(Ketu) of the other, then you know this couple have a completion karma and sooner or later they will have to let go of this relationship. The South node(ketu) shows things that we learnt to do in a past life and are very familiar with, but in this life we will have to let go of, even though they give us comfort and sense of safety. We need we need to progress further, which means leaving behind qualities, people and situations we have expeinced and learnt from. So what happens when you meet someone with whom you have South node in the same sign like his/her important planets? (Ascendant, Moon, Sun,Venus and Mercury.) Well, look at their charts: Demi has her South node in the same sign (Aquarius) as the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury of Ashton, which are all in Aquarius too.

The moment they met, they must have felt like they have known each other for years. And they have indeed, only in past lives. They had this overwhelming sense of ease and familiarity about each other. They probbaly immediately felt so good and natuaral together that they started hanging out immediately for long periods. It was as if resuming an old happy marriage! South node compatibilities always create a great sese of friendship and a feeling of fatedness from the very beginnning, but with time couples start letting go of the qulities of the planets that are connected with the South Node. They start getting less of these--it is just how South node works. If it is Venus-just like in Ashton's case-then Venusian activities are really strong at the begining but with time the couple gets less and less of them: Venus is affection, sensuality, phycial pleasures. Imagine when these start decrease in a relationship! He also has his Mercury with her South node: Mecury is the planet of having fun togther, communicating, sharing similar hobbies. Not good to start loosing these either! His Sun is also with her South node-- little by little he stopped feeling inspired as the Sun shows our inspirations and inner spirit. It was extinguished for him gradually during the marriage.

The Moon is sharing, inner connection with another and nurturing the emotions. Ashton's Moon is also in the same sign as Demi's South node, therefore the connection started to slowly dwindle and the caring, comforting side of the relationship also drained away. The funny thing with those South node combinations between charts, is that initially the planet activated by it, actually gets really powerfully triggered: Venus: immediate affection and strong sensual attraction appears, Mercury: extremely easy communication and friendship, Sun: inspiration and excitement, Moon: caring and emotional connection, Ascendant: self identification with the other partner. All these are very strong at the onset of a South node relationship. But we have no control over the South node: it is karmic: everything it touches will be decreased and eventually given up, hence these relationships usually dissolve(unless the North node makes strong connections to the planets between the couple). This dissolution is ofton friendly and with mutual agreement. Eventually there is a sense of tiredness with the relationship and that it has run its course-so one or both decide to move on--they have exhausted the karma that they met for. So they start with much excitement and a sense of fatedness and having known each other, but end up either bored or feeling empty from the relationship! But they will not get ugly on each other-it is a quiet dissolution.

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