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What do Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus Have in Common Astrologically?

What do Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus Have in Common Astrologically?

All these 3 power ladies of the music industry have the same combination: Moon conjunct Pluto in their horoscopes.


Moon rules music. In the charts of women also how they express their femininity.

Pluto is the planet of power(being powerful or being overpowered, manipulated) our dark side and our sexuality.

The 3 artists express their femininity(Moon) in a highly sexualised way. Madonna was the pioneer, so to speak(Moon and Pluto in the 1st house of self-empowerment) while Miley has this combo in the 7th house (the public, others, giving power away)(we have no time of birth for Lady Gaga)

Madonna did it as a way of self empowerment, while Miley seems to be doing it for "the audiences" and to create public appeal. It can be even a manipulation of others (record companies, agents, the media) which push her into expressing such a "sexually empowered" image, but it is already within her, so only a little nudge is needed from outside. Miley craves the attention and reaction of the public and the stronger they react, the more she will play it out-the same is valid for Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Whatever the reason, the 3 of them have this highly sexualised, taboo breaking, dark side to their image/performance.
Pluto likes to outrage, challenge and transform public views (the Moon) and seduce the audience (Moon).

Wether they have done this in a healthy way, it is not something I should give opinion on...Pluto has its dark ways and means, but it surely seduces!

Pluto is the planet of death, monsters, power and submission and domination-I am sure you can all see these themes in their music. Lady Gaga with her fascinating about the dark side, dead animal outfits and Moster album. Madonna with her sex book session, taboo breaking topics, nakedness etc. The three signers like to explore the darker themes in their art. And for some reason the Public reacts violently to them--either loves them to obsession or hates them--there is no half way with Pluto--it is black or white!

You are either obsessed with a Pluto person or you can't stand them...very descriptive of the public reaction to all 3 of these singers.

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