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Lets look what defined Kurt's unique style and art. What made him tick, and what was he really like. 

Kurt Cobain Snapshot Astrology Horoscope

Kurt Cobain Snapshot Astrology Horoscope
Kurt is one of these rare people who have all their important planets in water signs. Water is the element of feelings, imagination and the inner/invisible worlds. He had deep vivid feelings, imagination and was powerfully perceptive and impressionable. Hence his amazing skill for impactful soul touching music. Inspiration was just flowing for him. He has a Grand Trine and Kite in water and earth, which is the most creative possible combination. He also had the powerful combination of Moon with Jupiter which some of the best writers, lyricists have. But all of his water planets are in the kama houses, which are desire houses--which means he was not only dedicated to following his inspiration but very much focused on fulfilling his desires and was pulled apart by these.

Kurt Cobain

Still, Definitely someone with amazing talent and gifts which came so naturally to him with the smallest amount of effort. But so many planets in water, can make one overly emotional and vulnerable as well! It must have been like a constant onslaught of impressions and emotions. The easiest cop out situation to dull these powerful emotions is of course drugs. One thing which was not fully satisfying and happy in his life were his relationships, and particularly his wife, due to a Venus Saturn conjunction which shows starvation of affection. He did not receive the needed emotional support and understanding from his wife especially since he was still before the age of Saturn's maturation at 30, so anyone with Saturn Venus conjunction who marries before 29/30 is likely to experience emotional disappointment. With Venus and Mercury together in is 7th house, he must have had many relationships besides his major ones, because this is a combination which indicates someone who who might be a "love Rake" What matters through is his powerful creative and deep emotional insights. He was not living life, he was feeling life. I do not see indications for a suicide, I see indications for occasional depression and addiction but not a I am not sure I agree with the story of his ending...

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