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Is their love for real? What are their motivations and what do the start reveal about their future?

Heff and Crystal-Astrology Analysis

Heff and Crystal-Astrology Analysis

I will confess I was hooked on Girls of the Playboy mansion! One needs to indulge in some unspiritual treats! ;) So when I just learned that Hugh was engaged to Crystal I immediately decided to check their astrological influences for the current moment. I expected it to be some pretty powerful, once in a life time transit, because Hugh has been known to have so many cuddly blonde and golden girlfriends who wanted to marry him, even in his 80-ties, but he kept being adamant, until Crystal came! Fist one of many, she eventually managed to grab his heart despite their 60 year age gap, and this is the second time they are engaged within the last 1.5 years. So let us open the astrological charts and check if it is for real or some media gimmick. And voila! For the past 1.5 years and another one ahead Hugh is having Neptune conjunct to his natal Venus—which happens once in 250 years in one’s horoscope! Some people never even go through a single Neptune Venus transit! What does this transit indicate? Venus is the planet of Love, while Neptune is the planet of idealization, so it is immediately clear that Hugh is doing through a rare period during which he is putting the woman in his life on a pedestal and feeling almost unconditional love for her—he has become indeed infatuated!

Often, when Neptune is transiting right on top of one’s Venus, the person feels like they he/she has met their soul mate and it is meant to be, it feels like a spiritual experience and one really idealizes their love as the most pure and perfect one….. But no matter how spiritual Neptune is, it is also the planet of illusions, because the material world cannot deal with the Divine love vibrations of Neptune without sullying them with its course energy. The person is prone to grand projections and illusions-in one word: being deluded! In a sense one gets really soft, looses his objective and rational mind in emotional and fanciful feelings. But isn’t that what falling in love is all about?! Judging by his horoscope, I am indeed convinced that this time he is really smitten, but how about Crystal? I am sure everyone will be quick to judge her a gold digger, but her horoscope shows something more interesting. Guess what transit she is having? The same! Neptune is influencing her Venus—planet of love, but not through a conjuction, like in Heff’s case, but through the harder square aspect.

This means that she is also taken in—but because the transit is the stressful one, it allows much more for the negative side of Neptune to play out through her—the confusion, misjudgment, illusion and mental fog, which, in the head of the person feel like ideal love or soulmateship, while for everyone else watching from aside, it is totally wrong or even fake! For Crystal it is more a case of illusions and self-delusions, but I do believe that she also is experiencing strong feelings and emotional attachment to Hugh at the present moment. By checking their compatibility with my Astrological Compatibility report, I see that Crystal is magnetically attracted to Hugh! This is a rare and very bonding connection which makes it hard for the couple to part, especially for her let go of him because he has some magical pull on her-even if others are grossed out! But I cannot imagine how else she would be willing to be in this relationship unless she had magnetic attraction towards him—she must find him deeply charming! But will this relationship last? Well, once Neptune leaves their Venuses, their romantic and sentimental heads will sober up and the magic will lift off. But will they stay together? If Crystal is born before 8 pm she and Heff have something called Kamic Rope between their horoscopes: or as it is named in my Compatibility report “Misfortunes” it makes a couple have CONSTANT ups and downs, stops and starts, and emotional upheaval - which is VERY unfortunate! It's truly one of the most painful things two people can have between them, so it's often a "relationship deal breaker."

One minute everything is fine and they're happy, and the next it's as though they've stepped on a "love landmine" and the relationship itself blows apart. When a conflict of any kind arises, instead of being able to address the issue at hand, the couple begins to feel so insecure with one another that the entire relationship itself is called into question. But I have also seen that relationships with a Karmic rope are also some of the most passionate, excitable and often most memorable, they can literally make you loose your head, but sadly cannot last too long due to the extreme reactions of both people involved. No matter how lovely and sweet each of the people is, once in a relationship with a Karmic rope, they find their more instinctual and uncontrollable nature come into play and they react over the top or just start feeling suddenly very upset, usually for something very inconsequent or even without a reason. So it will hardly be a lasting affair for Heff and Crystal, but for now let them enjoy the rose colored and mystical gloss of Neptune! You can check if you have this Karmic rope between you in my Astrological Compatibility chart(you need the approximate time of birth for both parties)

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