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Gerald Butler-Why is he still single? What is his relationships and personality pattern?

Gerald Butler. Quick Astro Snapshot

Gerald Butler. Quick Astro Snapshot
This is definitely someone more private, deep, intense and even introverted when it comes to his personal life as most of his planets are below the horizon and 3 planets are in the secretive and private sign of Scorpio. He does have desire for a settled life and family however unbelievable this might sound, because of 3 planets in the 2nd house of settling. But because they are in the sign of reversals(scorpio), the path to there can be filled with many sudden changes and vicissitudes. So ultimate security he desires in family, might be hard to keep. In regards to love he will settled later in life because his Venus (love, women) has an aspect from Saturn (delays, difficulties) He will first experience quite a few love disappointments before he finds some fulfilment in love. He might even not be able to be in a long term marriage for long because he has one position--lord of the 7th house in the 5th, which makes one marry for love only and nothing else, but as long as another love comes on the horizon he will be going all in again, till then next love rush! This is one of the combinations for never getting committed for long or committing later in life!

Gerard Butler

He is the ultimate and most exquisite seducer with Venus in Scorpio and will prefer his relationships and pleasures to be more private. He has only positive influences to his personality(Jupiter, Venus) so he is the ultimate charmer but when it comes to following through his actions might not be as consistent! He is extremely intelligent and even has a bit if a Guru, "Know it all" approach to things due to Jupiter in 1st house. Extrovert on the outside, but really deep, romantic and introverted in reality

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