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What to be an Inspiring Leader? 

What to be an Inspiring Leader?

What to be an Inspiring Leader?

Astrology has the answer to this! According to the rules of ancient astrology, only the Sun is the planet of true leadership. 

What does the Sun do? It gives abundantly to everyone! It goes first, It shines its light without a care who will see it!

This is what a true leader is: someone who has a vision, inspiration, a great passion for something and just does it, shines his/ her light for everyone. Does not do it for recognition, approval, status, control or power over others. Does it because it would burn him/her from inside if he/ she doesn’t share and give away what lights them up!

Many people nowadays reach leadership positions for the wrong reasons. To get others to do what they want, to secure material safety, to dominate and control, to be looked up to, feared or respected. They become leaders through Saturn reasons and by Saturn means.

They plan, control, suppress and put down others, manipulate, climb the hierarchical ladder for the sake of the position of power. 
(Saturn rules the ego and ego’s fears, while the sun is actually the Spirit- that Divine inspired spark within) 

But the moment they loose this position, what happens? No one wants to be around them anymore. And they remain alone. (The bane of Saturn leaders: loneliness, feeling unworthy once others stop to follow them, so they try with any means: moral or not to keep that position of power. 

But if you follow your Spirit, internal inspiration and vision, (which is about a bigger goal than yourself) and just give and give, your LIGHT starts to shine so bright that others will be drawn to you like a Moth to a light! You become a natural leader. 

Acting through Saturn to reach a high position feels like hauling stones to a hill and being full of fears and resentments. It is an obligation. Acting through the Sun on your goals is an inspiration and an act of love.

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