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The soul of every one of us descends from a different celestial sphere. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping Prophet of America talked about how each soul passes through a different planetary school between different incarnations and brings the strong influence and talents of the that planet’s sphere. Find out what yours is and possible vocations connected to it!

Find Your Soul Planet. Talents and Vocations

Find Your Soul Planet. Talents and Vocations

Today I will show to how to find what planet your soul is associated with, the way the ancient Sanskrit astrologer did it. This technique is taken from the ancient text of Jaimini and it is of the easiest and most effective character measure system. For this you will need to calculate your birth chart on my birth chart calculator. Time of birth is not essential but preferable. Now check out which planet has the highest degree, from the table below. Only look at the degrees of the 7 visible planets: Su, Mo, Me, Ve, Ma, Ju, Sa. Ignore the Ascendant or Rahu and Ketu which are not real planet, just astronomical points in the horoscope. The planet with the highest degree is your soul planet! It is as easy as that! You will have a very powerful identification with the qualities of this planet and will even be attracted to career associated to this planet because its energy is part of who you are.


If your Soul Planet is the Sun

Such people are born to be leaders and inspirers of others. They can become politician, business owners, stage people, singers (the sun rules singing), orators, or such who lead others and inspire fire in their hearts. Such people will be usually generous and radiant like the Sun, even if their Sun is in the more reserved Capricorn, they will have a special powerful aura around them. Solar souls are magnetic, intelligent and active. They are great in positions of authority.

New Moon


Lunar souls are more Yin polarized. They have gentle, protective and nurturing qualities in them, which they can easily apply in careers like hosting, hotel industry, food industry, mothering, caring and early education professions. Funnily enough I have seen horoscopes of body guards with this position, which puts them in a parental, protective role. Moon souls, are very imaginative and impressionable people too, because the Moon naturally makes one sensitive to outer influences, hence many Moon souls have great ability to write and be authors as they feel others and soak up impressions. Lunar souls have great ear for music, because the Moon rules all flows and ebbs of movements, hence rhythms and all music, so even if they are not musicians they will love soothing themselves with it. The Moon in certain combinations with Mercury(when Mercury is in the same sign, or in the same element as the Moon) can make one a natural healer and doctor too.



Mercury souls come with talents of the let brain: calculating, discriminating, connecting, quantifying and managing skills. They are natural at business, administrative and office professions, law, management, communications, information and media industries. Mercury souls are very fitted with life on earth in most cases because the skills they bring with them as some of most needed nowadays. Mercury also gives dexterity and many of these people are great at different kind of crafts and arts making. In combination with the Moon(in the same sign or element sign as Mercury) Mercury souls can be some of the best healers and doctors! It is not by chance than God Hermes(the Greek name for Mercury) carries the caduceus symbol of modern and ancient medicine. Mercury people are really versatile, skillful and usually fast minded people with an eye for detail. They tend to also keep youthful till later in age.



Venus are souls are here to teach others about love, peace, equality, kindness. Even if the person is an feisty Aries, if his soul planet is Venus, he will exude much more charm and diplomacy. Venus people tend to magnetically attract others with physical or inner beauty and sweetness. Venus is the planet which directs our ability to evaluate and assess a situation: it is worth it investing your time? Will this investment pay off? Does she/he make for a good spouse/manager/model? Venus souls when more mature can help others in making such decisions and choosing the right thing therefore they are suited for careers like sales, trading, negotiating, designers, art dealers or assessors, advisers, consultants(business or life), diplomacy. In Mythology Venus was the teacher of the Demons, so Venus people are great teachers and professors especially when it comes to giving advice to others about worldly matters: relationships, money, investments, career etc. I have seen many astrologers, tarot readers and life coach practitioners have Venus as a soul planet, because Venus helps with giving advice and reading Omens. Venus also rules all women and fashions, so Venus souls are natural in all careers do with beautifying others and working with issues like love, fashion, relationships on one hand or women in need or with issues on the other hand.



Mars people feisty, assertive, initiative and courageous souls, who come here to teach others the same. Even if you are a gentle Pisces or Libra sun sign, if your soul planet is Mars, you have an iron fist hiding behind this gentle glove! Your soul is a warrior soul and you come here to fight for rights, to protect the innocent and weak, to go great feats of will, to be knight in shining armor. It is another matter if you use these natural talents of will power, strength, initiative and courage for the right causes. Free will! Mars people can often be drawn to more active, assertive, aggressive or physical careers: gym instructing, coaching, sports, military, police, big businesses, corporate strategy. Mars rules also properties so Mars soul estates agents are some of the best ones around! Mars rules our logic, so some of the best engineering and mechanically minded people have Mars as a soul planet. Often Mars people love taking things apart and putting them back together, to see how they work. They can be natural with technical gadgets, sharp objects and fixing things!



Jupiter is the Big Teacher in mythology--The Guru, so usually Jupiter souls are wiser but often more quiet than others. They somehow understand life and the moral and spiritual rules which govern over it. They will often find that others go to them for advice on big important questions about their life. Somehow their inner understanding shines out and instilled confidence to others. They can be great life coach instructors, Gurus, professors, business advisors (because they have an fuller outlook on the bigger picture and can foresee events), councilors, (ushering others in the right direction). Jupiter also rules children, so working with children or with children’s issues is another option, but even if this is not a vocation they will follow, Jupiter souls have a natural affinity with little kids. Jupiter souls are usually very charitable(even if it does not shows on the outside much) and they will do great getting involved in any charity careers or volunteer organizations . Their souls have volunteered to come here and teach others tolerance, higher principles and knowledge, respect for the laws of the Universe. They become the philosophers, astrologers, teachers, inspirational figures, society builders, law makers! Jupiter in the same sign with the Moon or in Cancer or in the same element sign as the Moon, makes the best authors of literature and books!



Saturn souls are here to experience and teach to other perseverance, patience, humility and hard work. Their life tends to get better with age and to bring them more joy and success after 30-35 onwards. They usually climb the latter slowly but surely and are a good example of how one can progress with own efforts and despite obstacles on the way. Saturn souls are deemed to have esteemed deeds and careers no matter what they do. The Saturn energy which their soul is nurtured with makes them work really hard once they discover their vocation and thus become esteemed. Saturn is not associated with any specific careers but it gives the skills of the planet(s)in the same sign as Saturn or by the planet which rules the sign in which Saturn is placed—For Aries/Scorpio: Mars; Taurus, Libra: Venus; Pisces/Sagittarius: Jupiter; Gemini/Virgo: Mercury; Leo: Sun; Cancer: Moon So if your soul is coming from the School of Saturn, just check the other planets with it in the same sign or the ruler of the sign Saturn is in. Most Saturn souls are more serious, deep thinkers, cautious in a wise way. The ancient books only gave us these 7 planets are possible soul indicators but as we know there are 3 more discovered planets in the last 200 years, which according to esoteric lore can only now be experienced and integrated by the developing consciousness of humans. Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. If you know the degree of these 3 outer planets and any of them happens to be the one with the highest degree in your horoscope, then maybe consider these too, together with the indications of the highest degree planet of the 7 traditional planets we mentioned above. Not all humans respond to these high vibrations: usually only about 5-10 % of humanity are able to manifest those higher octave planets.



These souls are here to bring in innovation and progress in society, spirituality, science, politics! They are the modern day Prometheus, rebels, reformers, geniuses, inventors, madmen, hippies, new Agers, Indigo Children full of inspirations all people who want to bring something unique and progressive to society. Sometimes they can be ungrounded and living in their own heads only due to the high mental vibrations of Uranus. They are here on earth to reveal the truth and can tolerate nothing but totatl honest, so in the future more and more of these highly evolved people will tackling the present day rotten systems. Many of the Uranus souls feel drawn to astrology and others such intuitive systems because of their minds seems to work in sudden flashes of inspiration and just knowing than on logic. They are natural with all cutting age technologies and innovations. They can be great in professions connected with any new energies.


Neptune souls are the most closely connected to Divine love. They are here to teach others about sacrifice, unconditional love, the invisible worlds usually doing through art, music, poetry, charity. The most sensitive and ethereal people, almost angel like. They can often find it hard to adapt to life on earth and feel lonely or misunderstood. there can even be an aura of wistfulness about them and nostalgia about the real home(the higher Dimensions). There is usually serene spirituality and mystery about them If your highest degree planet is Neptune but you cannot associate to these qualities, then you are still responding to the other 7 visible planets only.


Pluto souls are here to teach you how work with the psychic energies of humans. They can be amazing healers, psychologists, energy workers, truth searchers and detectives, CEO who rule masses of people because they sense where the undercurrents are going. Pluto also rules archeology, digging the past, all underground facilities and resources-minerals, oils, etc. So careers in these can also be something which attract Pluto souls. On the negative side they can use these amazing powers for negative purposes like mass manipulation, master puppeteer, dark occult arts, self and other discretions, crime, etc.

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