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 Vedic Astrology use 27 lunar constellations which describe amazingly the best talents we have and are called to do. Find out yours!

Find Your Career According to the 27 Vedic Constellations

Find Your Career According to the 27 Vedic Constellations

Check your Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign and see which one resonates or if there are repeating patterns. (to calculate your nakshatras (costellations) click on this link and see the name opposite your Sun/Moon/Ascendant:

You will find your Constellation in the table as shown here:


Career ASHWINI Nakshatra: Professions : Equestrian professions, Horse Trainers & Keepers and all those involved in Equine Jobs or Sports, Horse Racing Enthusiasts Gamblers, All types of Healing Professions, Physicians, Therapists, Chemists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Druggists & Surgeons, Those involved in Promotion & Motivational jobs & campaigns, Physical Arts like Dancing, Those involved in the Transportation Industry, Athletes and all Sport related Jobs, Herbologists, All those involved in Racing Professions like Motor Sports, Adventure Sports, Explorers, Stunt Men, Researchers & Pioneers, Concreters & all those involved in laying foundations in the building industry, People in Law Enforcement Agencies, Soldiers, Generals, Mechanical Engineers & those involved in Engineering Professions in general, police.

Career Bharani Nakshatra: Professions: Babysitters, Nannies, Nursery School Teachers, All professions involving children, Professions connected with Amusement, Theme Parks, Children's Toys Industry, Gynaecologists, Midwives, All professions connected with birth & death, Professions related to Fertility Clinics, Officials handling Birth and Death Records, Dancers from all schools and styles, Tobacco, Coffee and Tea Industry, Cooks, Caterers, Hoteliers, Professions connected to Slaughterhouses, Veterinarians, Film & Entertainment Industry, Models, Occultists, Judges, Volcano & Earthquake Experts, Geophysicists, Biologists & Microbiologists, Seed & Fertilizer Industry, gynecology, film and music industry, distribution, production, and processing of food.

Career Krittika Nakshatra: Range 26° 40’ Aries to 10° 00’ Degree Taurus. Professions: Critics, Managers, Generals & People in authority positions, Technical professions in general, Teachers, Educators, University related professions, Swordsmen, Fencers, People who make swords, knives and other sharp instruments, Blacksmiths, Creative Arts involving the use of fire based processes, Jewellers and Glassmakers, Spiritual Teachers who promote strong purificatory measures or worship involving the Sun or Fire, Professions involving fire like Fire dancers or Fire Sacrifices, Barbers, Hairdressers, Tailors, Work involving use of needles like Embroiderers, Cooks of all varieties, Those who make clay objects like bricks for building houses or ceramic object, Furnace makers, Those who make Cooking Utensils or Trade tools, All professions involving use of fire and sharp objects. protector, food cook, fire departments, use of fire to make things like a blacksmith.

Career Rohini Nakshatra: Professions: Farming, Agriculturists of all types, All professions relating with growing, processing and handling food, Botanists, Herbalists, Artists, Musicians, Entertainment and Leisure Industries, Fashion and Cosmetic Industry, Beauticians, Sex Therapists, Jewellery, Gemstone Dealers, Interior Decorators, Bankers and Financiers, Transportation Business, Tourism Industry, Textile Industry, Shipping Industry, Food Production, Packaging & Distribution industry, All professions connected with Aquatic products and Liquids of all types. fine wines, foods, luxuries, fashion designers, dancing, restaurant, hotel business arts, flowers, decorating, music, painter, make up, fashion, perfume, singing, songwriter, poet, beef industry, speech therapist, orator, financial advisor, banker, botanist, landscaper.

Career Mrigasira Nakshatra: Professions: Artists of all types, Singers & Musicians, Painters, Poets, Linguists, Romantic Novelists, Writers, Thinkers and Seekers, Dealers in Earth related products, Those involved in the Textile & Garment Industry, Fashion Designers & Trendsetters, Veterinarians, AII professions dealing with animals as pets, Salespersons of all kinds, Advertising agencies, Administrators, Landscapers, Farmers & Gardeners, Forestry workers, Real Estate developers, Map makers & Navigators, Travellers and Explorers, Psychics and Astrologers, Teachers especially those dealing with beginners, craftsperson, Clerks, Commentators, forest ranger, collectors, researchers.

Career Ardra Nakshatra: Range: Professions: Electrical Engineers, Electricians, Electronic and Computer Industry, Computer Software Developers, Sound Engineers and Technicians, Electronic Music, Photographers, Special Effects people in the Film Industry, Computer Game Designers, 3D and Virtual Reality Experts, Mathematicians and Researchers, Writers, especially of the science fiction, Physicians who administer poisons in small amounts as remedies like Homeopaths, Those involved in mental sports like Chess, Scrabble, Bridge, Those working in Nuclear Power Plants, Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists, X-ray Specialists & Radar Personnel, Sales people adept at lying and double talk, Biotechnologists, Snipers and Hitmen, renovation, T.V. ,telephones, computers, good with hands and in building and creating, comedians, good with numbers, astrologers.

Career Punarvasu Nakshatra: Professions: Trades and Salespeople of all types, Artisans, Fairy Tale Writers, Writers dealing with Astrology and other Esoteric Subjects, Visionaries, All professions involving Travel and Tourism, Recycling Experts, Hotel and Restaurant Industry, Transport Industry, House Construction Companies, Architects, All Science related professions, Civil Engineers, Teachers in Schools, Colleges and Universities, Psychologists, Philosophers, Priests, Monks and Gurus, Preachers involved with self-enhancement techniques, Importers and Exporters, Historians, Antique Dealers, All professions requiring an innovative approach, Courier Companies, Postal Service, Newspaper Industry, Mail Order and Home Delivery Businesses, Landlords and Keepers of Temples, Churches and other Religious Buildings, Home Maintenance Services, Archery and Target Shooting, Patriots, Aviators, Astronauts and All Space/ Satellite Professions, writers, publishers, mystics, spiritual teachers, philosopher, poets.

Career Pushya Nakshatra: Professions: All those connected with the Dairy Industry, Food and Drink Merchants of all types, Politicians, Rulers & Aristocrats, Caterers and Hoteliers, All those in the Restaurant Business, Clergy, Nuns, Priests, Gurus, Spiritual Teachers, Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Those associated with Charitable Organizations, Professional Hosts & Hostesses, River and Lake related professions, Teachers and Education Experts, Child Care Professionals, All Care Professions, Artisans, Those involved in all kinds of Business and Creative Activities requiring Finesse, Real Estate Agents, Traditionalism and Religious Bigotry.

Career Ashlesha Nakshatra: Professions: All professions dealing with Poisons, medicines that heal, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Engineers, Cigarette Industry, Legal and Illegal Drug Dealers, Drug Pushers, All Self Serving professions like present day Politicians, Behind the Scenes Manipulators, Psychologists, Con Artists, Snake Charmers, Professions involving dealing with Reptiles, Allopathic Doctors and Surgeons, Pet Snake and Pet Cat Owners, Poachers, Secret Service Agents, Spies, Lawyers, Pawnbrokers, Physical Yoga Teachers, Tantrics, Hypnotists; Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Charlatan Channelists and Psychics etc.

Career Magha Nakshatra: Professions: Administrators, Managers, Royalty and those in direct touch with Royalty, Those who bestow or receive honours like "knighthood" etc., Those in high places in Government, People at the top of their chosen professions, Legends, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Officials, Chairmen those in a position of authority, Judges, Referees, Magistrates and the like Politicians, Historians, Upholders of Traditions, Professions relating to Museums of all types, Occultists Black Magicians, Exorcists, Astrologers, Dealers in Antiques of all types, Archaeologists, Genetic Engineering Experts, Professions related to using and researching Ancient Knowledge, Monuments etc. Those who are Researching and Documenting Lineages, heritage, antiques, archeologist, historians, genealogy, forefathers, kings, Presidents.

Career Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: Professions: Government Officials, Executives, Diplomats, Dealers in products related to women, Gemstone Industry, Entertainers, Beauticians, Makeup Artists, Models, Photographers, Event Managers, Art Gallery Managers, Singers, mostly romantic types, Musicians, Creative Artists, Teaching profession in general, Dye Makers, Interior Decorators and Designers, All professions connected with Marriages, Marriage Ceremonies, Those involved in Dating Agencies, Leisure and Tourism Industry, People connected with Production and Distribution of Incenses, Toiletries and related Venusian Products, Goldsmiths and Jewelers, Wool, Cotton and Silk industry, Actors, Theater, Creative marriage rituals, Wedding planners, Media personalities, Sports Superstars.

Career Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Professions: Creative Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, Superstars and Male Sex Symbols, Managers, Leaders of all types and Public Figures like Sport Superstars, Those in high positions and held in esteem by others, Media and Entertainment industry, Priests, Heads of organizations, Teachers and Preachers, Philanthropists, Marriage Counselors, Professions connected to United Nations, International Diplomats, Founding fathers and other Patriotic Figures, Professional Advisers in all fields, Restaurants, Beverage service, Butlers, working with animals, veterans doctors. all service professions, nutritionist, dieticians, food service, waiters, chefs, doctors, healers, nurses, flight attendants, restaurants, health facilities, caretakers, employees, medical professions, councilors, claims adjustors, butlers, working with animals, veterans doctors.

Career Hasta Nakshatra: Professions: Artisans, Manual Labor, All professions requiring dexterity of hand, Mechanics, Jewellery makers, Origami Experts, Acrobats, Gymnasts and Circus performers, Fairy Tale Writers, Those involved in the invention and production of daily Utility items, Publishing & Printing Industry, Stage Magicians, Pickpockets, Stock Brokers, Packaging Industry, Paper Industry, Manicurists, Toy Makers, Carpenters, Business men in all fields, Clerks, Bankers, Accountants, Typists, Cleaners, Housekeepers, Hand Doctor, Sewing, Physiotherapists, Chemical and Toiletry Industry, Textile industry, Tarot Card Readers, Palmists, Astrologers, Pottery and Ceramic industry,Sculptors, Those connected with Amusement Parks, Sales Persons in all fields, Professional Comedians, Radio & Television Commentators, Speech Therapists, All street smart professions in general, Magicians, Hand crafts.

Career Chitra Nakshatra: Professions: All types of Craftsmen and Artisans, Sculptors, Architects, Designers, Fashion Designers, Models, Fashion Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Plastic surgeons, Surgeons in General, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Composers, Orators, Comperes and Broadcasters, All professions requiring special abilities and versatility, Business Experts, Interior Designers, Jewellery makers, Vastu and Feng Shui Experts, All professions involving invention and production of all kinds of machinery, Builders of all kinds, Landscapers, Painters, Screenplay writers, Novelists, Production and Set designers, Art Directors, Those associated with Theatre or Theatre groups, Stage Managers, Performers of all kinds, Jazz Musicians, Musicians with an original and out of ordinary approach, Herbologists, Advertising Industry, Gemologist, Jewelry, Artist, painter.

Career Swati Nakshatra: Professions: Businessmen and Tradespeople of all types, Wrestlers, All sports, especially those relying on breath control, Singers, Musicians playing Wind Instruments like Horns & Organ, Researchers, Technology experts, Independent Enterprises, Government related Service Professions, Aeronautical Industry, Pilots, Professions connected with the Aviation industry, Transportation Industry, Socialites, Professions involving use of speech like News Readers etc. Computer and Software Industry, Professions requiring flexibility and quick ingenuity, Serving Professions like Housekeepers and Right-hand-man types, Kite Makers, Adventure Sports people like Skydivers, Balloonists, Educators, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, Trade-Union and Working Class Leaders, Diplomats, Hosts, Hostesses, Merchants, Good salesmen, and talkers, Negotiator, Mediator, Lobbyist, Marriage counselors.

Career Vishaka Nakshatra: Professions: Bartenders, Alcohol and Liquor Industry, Manual Labor, Fashion Models & Actresses, All professions involving use of speech like TV & Radio Broadcasters, Politicians, Marching Bands, Sports Persons especially sports requiring Herculean efforts, Cults and other types of Ideological Fanatics, Religious Fundamentalists, Professional Agitators, Soldiers, Dancers, Critics, Custom and Immigration Officials, Policing Jobs, Guards, Militant Revolutionaries, politicians, Sex therapist, tax collectors, CPAs, insurance adjusters, insurance business, bill collectors, business management, criminal lawyers, organizers of large groups, Leaders.

Career Anuradha Nakshatra: Professions: Hypnotists and Psychic Mediums, Occultists, Institution and Organization Heads, Astrologers, Spies, All occupations involving Night Duty, Photographers, Musicians, Artists, Managers, Industrialists, Promoters, Counselors, Psychologists, Scientists, Numerologists, Statisticians, Explorers, Miners, Factory Workers, Diplomats, All professions connected with dealing with Foreign Countries, Travel and Foreigners, All professions requiring group activity. Criminal lawyers, Deep Discoveries, Psychics, Astrologers, Metaphysics, Morticians.

Career Jyeshtha Nakshatra: Professions: All Policing Professions; Government Officials, Administrative Posts of all types, Reporters, Radio and Television Commentators, Talk Show Hosts, Actors, Trade Unionists; Occultists (mainly Black Magicians), Detectives, Mafia, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Naval Professions, Military Professions in general, Salvation Army and other such 'Caring for the Aged' professions, Athletes, especially Sprinters, Surgeons, morticians, funeral homes, grave sites, drug counselors, psychoanalysis, recovery, researchers, Detectives Scientist, Private investigation, Fraud Experts, Murder lawyers, Police detectives, Mystics, Psychics, Military Leaders, Shamans, Those involved in the supernatural powers.

Career Mula/ Moola Nakshatra: Professions: Shamans, Medicine men, Healers, Doctors and other such people who administer poisons, shots and vaccines, Dentists, Ministers, Preachers, Police Officers, Detectives and Investigators, Judges, Hitmen & Soldiers, Researchers, especially in the fields of Microbiology & Genetics, Astronomers, Morticians and those who perform Autopsies, Those involved in Selling Herbs, Roots and Root vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc., Bodyguards, Wrestlers, Homicide squads, Politicians, Those practising Tantra (Aghori), Black Magician,Nuclear Physicists, Mathematicians, Professional Agitators, Gold diggers and Treasure Hunters, Horse Trainers and all those involved in Equine Sports, Psychotherapists, Astrologers, All professions involving investigation of any kind, Professions involving destructive activities, Lawyers, Public speakers, Writers, Spiritual Teachers, Working with Herbs and Roots, Investigators, Researchers, Medicine doctors, Gurus, Lecturer, lawyers, philosophers, Political Rights Activist.

Career Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Professions: Hypnotists and Psychic Mediums, Sailors, Aviation, Pilots, Navy Personnel, Marine Life Experts, Shipping Industry, Fishing Professions, Professional Hosts and Hostesses, Entertainment Industry, Rock Stars, Professional Motivators and Inspirers, Teachers and Preachers of Motivational Philosophies, Managers of all types, Poets, Writers, Artists, Painters, All industries processing raw materials especially liquids, War Strategists and Weapons Experts, Costume Designers, Fashion Experts, Parajumpers, Hot Air Balloonists, Flying profession especially in regards to civilian transport, Beauticians, Herbalists, All professions associated with water and liquids in all its forms, Writers, debaters, Travel Industry, Foreign Trades, Professions Associated with Water utilities.

Career Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: Professions: Preachers, Priests, Counsellors, Astrologers, Lawyers, Judges, Government officials, Military Professions, Equine professions, Pioneers, Explorers, Wrestlers, Sword fighters and other combat Sports, Athletes, Elephant trainers, Business Executives, Organizers, Defense Industry, Authority figures of all types, Teachers, Guards, High class Servants, Bird watchers and enthusiasts, Body Guards, Security Personnel, Rangers, Hunters, Construction Industry, Cricketers, Holistic Physicians, Government Jobs, Social Work, Military Work, Presidents, Leaders, Economist, Librarians.

Career Shravana Nakshatra: Professions: Teachers, Preachers and Educators in all fields, Scholars, Linguists, Language Translators and Interpreters, Story Tellers and Narrators, Those involved in the Music Business and Recording Industry mainly Producers and Sound technicians, Telephone Operators and all those earning their livelihood by some kind of phone job, Those involved in organizational capacities in big and small corporations, News Broadcasters, Talk Show Hosts and others involved in the radio and television business, Modern day Counsellors, Psychiatric, Psychoanalysts and Psychologists, Those connected with Charitable organizations, clubs and societies, Speech Therapist, Counselors.

Career Dhanishta Nakshatra: Professions: Musicians, Dancers and Performers, All those involved in the Management side of the entertainment industry, Drummers and those involved in the rhythm sections of bands and orchestras,Those involved in military bands and other types of marching bands, Gemstones and Precious Metal Dealers, Athletes and other Sports Persons, Group Coordinators in all fields, Those in the Real Estate Business, Those who deal in Financial Transactions, Scientists and Physicists, Warriors and Military people, Makers of musical instruments, On a higher level those involved in Holistic Healing through Kundalini Yoga, Managers in general.

Career Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Professions: Electricians and all those who work with electricity, Technology Experts, Radar and X-ray Experts, Chemotherapists, Astronauts, Astronomers and Astrologers, Space Research, Pilots, Radio Operators, Martial Arts Instructors and Martial Artists, Aeronautical, Rocket or Space Engineers, Aeronautical Industry, Those who work in the Film and Television Industry, Trendsetters, Photographers, Science Fiction Writers and Enthusiasts, Nuclear Physicists and Physicists in general, Those working in the Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry, Physicians & Surgeons; Professions connected with the Production & Distribution of Alcohol, Drug Dealers, Waste Disposal and Recycling Industry, Those who work in the Production of Plastics, Petroleum and associated Industries, Bikers and Motor Sports, Automobile Industry, Seafaring Professions, Detectives, Puzzle Experts, Explorers, Hunters and Inventors, Yoga and Meditation gurus, Zen Experts.

Career Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Professions: Morticians and all professions relating to death or the death process like Coffin Makers, Cemetery Keepers etc. Surgeons and contemporary Medical Practitioners (basically those who administer poisons as remedies), Fundamentalists, Radicals, Fanatics, Horror, Mystery and Sci-Fi Writers, The dark side of the entertainment industry, Weapon Makers, Occultists dealing with the dark side, Black Magicians, Perpetrators of dark technologies, Leather Industry, Extreme Ascetics involved in self mortification (like the famous Agoras), Police Departments particularly Homicide Squads, Soldiers, Metal Industry, All professions involving the use of fire and high temperatures, Those who deal with toxic substances and highly polluting waste products, Enemies of the environment like Lumberjacks, Environmental Activists, Pharmaceutical Industry.

Career Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Professions: Yoga and Meditation Experts, Counselors and Therapists of all types, Shaman, Healers, Practitioners of Tantra and other Occult Sciences, Divinators, Renunciates, Monks, Hermits, Those working in Charity Organizations, Researchers, Philosophers, Poets, Writers, Musicians and Artists,Shop Clerks, Night Watchmen, Doormen, Historians, Librarians, Nonprofit Organizations, Philosophers, Teachers.

Career Revati Nakshatra: Professions: Hypnotists and Psychic, Creative Artists of all kinds including Painters, Musicians etc., Actors, Entertainers and Comedians, Illusionists, Magicians, Watchmakers, Road Planners and those working in Rail & Road Construction Business, Time Keepers, Calendar and Ephemeris Makers, Astrologers, Professional Hosts and Hostesses (especially air hostesses, ship Stewards etc.), Gemstone Dealers, Those involved in the Pearl Industry, All kinds of Shipping and Marine Industry, Those involved with Foster Homes and Orphanages, Driving or Transport Professions, Those involved with Religious Institutions, Air Traffic Controllers, Traffic Cops, Lighthouse Workers, Saints,Those involved with Road Safety, Driving Instructors, Travel planners, Travel agents, Foster parents, Making Calendars

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