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Have you always known that your Sun sign was for example Leo and went to an astrology website which was saying that you were actually Cancer? Or the same with your Moon sign. There are actually two zodiacs in use nowadays.

Two Zodiacs? Which Sign Are You Really?

Two Zodiacs? Which Sign Are You Really?
Many of my clients come to me baffled with requests to tell them their Moon or Sun signs because they say:" I went to this astrology website and it gave me completely different signs than the ones I have known all my life(or the ones is showing me)". This is so because here are two zodiacs: one is the seasonal-or tropical zodiac which we use here in the west, and the other is the Siderial or star based zodiac which is used mostly in the east or by Vedic astrologers. The tropical zodiac is actually based on the Earth in relation to our Sun, so it follows the seasons the changes which the Earth encounters around its journey on the ecliptic around the Sun. It is a localized zodiac--one relevant to Earth. While the Vedic astrologers use the actual constellations of star clusters at the backdrop of the cosmos. You will all exclaim, "But the are the real stars, we should be using them!!!" But hear me out a bit longer! It gets more abstract!


Somehow during the dark ages(Kali Yuga) the knowledge of the real zodiac was lost and confused, especially since the two zodiac: the seasonal(Tropical) and Siderial(constellational) we coinciding for about 200-300 years--during the darkest time of kali Yuga--around the year 200 AD. What clairvoyants say is that the constellations are imprinted on the Earth's aura as the tropical zodiac, and these affect us directly. (Just like the eye takes in the real image and turns it upside down to imprint it in the brain, but keeps the structure of the image intact, so the earth has its own zodiac which mirrors the constellations but is adjusted to Earth's own body. Get it? We are not responding directly to the constellations, instead they are imprinted to fit out Earth as a personal aura. It gets even more abstract now: esoteric teachers say that the energies of the other stars(constellations) can only get to us filtered through the influence of our own Star-the Sun. Aries will always begin when the day and night are equal-on the spring equinox-when the Earth ecliptic crosses the Sun's one. If we lived on Mars, we would also have our own local zodiac starting with Aries on the day Mars' ecliptic crosses the Sun's.


This correlation is mentioned in most myths and religions. We can receive the Big Cosmos' energies(The Father/God) only through the Sun(the Son-Christ). There are indeed the constellations which are around us, but because we are incarnated and living in Earth we are under the influence of our own local zodiac which is based on Earth's relationship to the Sun. Once we leave our bodies we(our souls) become under the more direct influence of the constellations again. So I would recommend you to stick with our western zodiac, unless you are so spiritually evolved that you do not need an Eartly body anymore! Even the ancient Vedic books, like Suryia Sidhanta which tell us the astronomy of Astrology, tells us that the moment the sun starts moving Northwards is the sign of Caprcicorn, while the moment the Sun starts moving southwards is the sign of Cancer. This is so only if we use the tropical zodiac. In Siderial terms now the Sun starts moving northwards in Sagittarius constellation. But the creators of astrology explicitly told us to use the changes of the Sun's motians as the markers of the zodiac--so they using tropical zodiac. They use siderial zodiac in regards to Nakshatras--or th eluran mansions, because one can best measure the path of the Moon in regards to the starry backdrop, but these constellations are 27 and are not connected to the 12 seasonsal zodiac signs. The siderial zodiac has its used though, it indicated the big changes in our evolution: you have heard of the age of Aquarius, what it means is that on the first day of Spring, when is also the first day of tropical Aries, the Sun is also aligned with the constellation of Aquarius. This event is still to come, but we are slowly starting to feel the Aquarius enegries of brotherhood, equality, enlightenment but still quite distorted and faint! We need another 200-300 hundred years to be fully emereged in the Aqua cosmic age.

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