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Find out how esoteric history reveals the Post-Atlantan age since 12 000 years ago. According to occult science, every 2000 years approximately, a new constellation starts affecting the evolution on Earth. Lets examine what has transpired from the Age of Leo to the Age of Aquarius

The Astrological Ages

The Astrological Ages

The Golden Age of LEO: The Age of Leo was from 10 000 till 8 000 years BC. This was when individuality started appearing for the first time. Humans gradually started to think as separate beings with unique qualities. The desire to lead and organise the primitive social structures and have superior power over others, brought on the horizon the first kinds/priests/rulers/shamans of human origin(it is believes that humanity was led by more advanced mentors/creators). All these qualities of individuality, superiority and leadership are a common feature for people with Leo in their horoscope nowadays. This was said to be a Golden Age for humanity, because the consciousness of connection with God and the Higher invisible worlds and their inhabitants, was still a living reality for every human, and they were not afraid of death as they experienced the multidimensional levels of the Universe. The next age of Leo will come in 12 000 years by which time we will have mastered the Multidimensionality of reality again. But we will have added further qualities than those from 12 000 years ago--back then, we could not think clearly for ourselves as individuals-the reasoning and logical abilities of humans were rudimentary then.

Golden Age

The Age of CANCER: The age of Cancer was spanning from 8000 to 6000 years B.C which is about 8-10 thousand years ago. During this age, under the energies of the Constellation of Cancer, Humans started to settle down, build houses and settlements, do agriculture and farming. The Mother and her nurturing skills were exalted and worshipped-women had power and it was a matriarchal society! Can you believe this!! Figurines of voluptuous Mother Goddess are found all over the world from this period. As you know Cancer rules the mother, nurturing, family, settled life, farming, etc.


Humans were still highly intuitive and were connected to the "invisible worlds", they had instinctive knowing what to do, not unlike the radar of some animals. But what we call "instincts" nowadays was actually connection to the Divine dimensions and receiving picture images directly. The average human from the age of Cancer would receive such-there was not need from organised religion yet, because everyone would experience the Divine directly-why would need someone to do it for you then!? It is misconception to believe humans always thought and perceived reality in the same way... Some of you will argue that humans had settlements and huge cities way before the age of Cancer-the Atlanteans for example, which I agree with, but the cycles of evolution repeat in spirals--knowledge and ways of living come and go in repetitions but in ever higher forms.


The Age of GEMINI 6000-8000 years ago: The Age of Gemini ruled from 6000 till 4000 years BC. This was the time the first settlements started turning into cities and trade between different people of the world started appearing. As you know Gemini is a sign of trade, exchange, communications, connections. Infrastructures between different cultures based on exchange of trade and information appeared. (or shall we say-reappeared after downfall of Atlantis). Humans discovered the written word again and "reinvented" writing. At first it was rudimentary glyphs but then it became more and more complicated. The first written records date from then.

ancient tablets

Gemini also rules skills and arts: people started developing and using more and more skills,crafts, arts. The reasoning, practical and logical abilities of humans were become more pronounced, but with the need for use of the left rational brain, the right, intuitive one started to loose its power-telepathic and psychic abilities started to be substituted with practical ones. Humans needed just this, at that stage! It was the descending age-from Spirit into Matter, we had to loose contact with the Higher Worlds in order to develop our individual thinking processes and not just be like the instinctual animals, which follow the dictated of their Group Soul Spirit.


The Age of the Bull: 6000-4000 year ago In the age of Taurus humans further developed settled life and learned to improve farming through proper irrigation and more sophisticated agricultural method. Massive and sturdy building were being constructed around the globe, reflecting the sturdy and lasting nature of Taurus. Knowledge of the material realm and Nature increased. We became more and more merged and identified with the physical, the practical, the 5 senses and the last vestiges of direct perception of the Higher Worlds were disappearing. We were sinking into matter fast! But we needed this in order to get to know the Natural world. And you will notice strong materialistic streak or love of the 5 senses in people with strong Taurus in their horoscope. Many cultures who were at its height worshipped the Bull/the Cow: the Egyptians, the Indians, the Thracians. The beautiful and plentiful feminine forms ruled by Taurus-were worshipped and women had much more power in society than we believe.

Bull Bull Horns

The Age of ARIES: 2000 to 4000 years ago, The age of Aries span from 2000 to 0 BC approximately(maybe up to 500 AD). This the time of the Great military cultures: Egyptians and Persians, the Jewish, the Trojans, the Greeks, the Spartans, the Romans! Aries being a martial and masculine signs, put into power cultures which worshipped the perfect Male body and Male power and trampled on the Female-the rule of the stronger over the weaker! History from this age has left us the myths of mighty male heroes and warriors: Moses, Hercules, Spartacus, Alexander the Great, The law of "tooth for tooth, eye for an eye" became a mantra! Metallurgy developed, so did engineering, mathematics and logic--all under the rule of Aries. Many of these above mentioned cultures worshipped the Ram-the Jews, the Egyptians, the Romans.

avenue of egyptian sphinx Spartan

The age of Pisces: 0 to 1900 AD The age of Pisces was the age of Christianity. It is not by chance that the symbol of Christians is the Fish(Early Christian catacombs were covered in these). Jesus' disciples were fishermen and he was the Lamb that was sacrificed, indicating the symbolic end of the preceding age of Aries and the coming of the New Age of Pisces. Christianity(Buddhism in the East) and the age of Pisces introduced the feeling of compassion, turning the other cheek, kindness and sacrifice for an ideal or others. Before that charity, forgiveness and empathy were a rare quality-it took 2000 years for these impulses to become more natural to humans. Mind you, we still have so much to strive towards the Ideal love of Christ, but at least the seed was planted. The age of Pisces was full of bloody and barbaric moments(throw back to the vicious Aries age(the old age usually continues parallel for most of the new one) but amongst these the higher manifestations of Pisces also were born: amazing and refined pieces of musical and artistic genius, soaked with mystical inspiration.

Jesus Pieces

Humans had to learn to believe in a Higher being, without the ability to feel or experience God directly(in contrast to the previous ages when humanity still had an inner knowing of the Higher worlds)--so faith and hope were also developed. This was an age of Maya, illusions, lies, suffering, victimisation of innocent and martyrdom, another Pisces manifestation, but this softened the hardened materialistic souls of humans and created a new impulse towards something perfect, the Divine, merging with the Higher. Out of this the most exquisite pieces of art were born and the soul became compassionate, gentler. All this a painful but needed process for our incarnating souls, in order to prepare us for the age of Aquarius-the age of brotherhood, which is gradually starting and will come in full power within the next 2000 years.

Joan Of Arc

The Age of Aquarius: Present day to 4000 AD Of course the age of Aquarius is the age of Reason and Science. Since the Constellation of Aquarius started approaching the Vernal Equinox for the past 200 years, we became industrialized, mechanized and now highly technological civilization! No wonder, since Aquarius rules science. The higher octave of Aquarius is Science which is liberating for Humanity-which gives us freedom to develop our true individuality and talents rather than having to just toil for survival. The Lower octave of Aquarius is science used destructively(atomic bomb, pollution, etc) and even worse-totally mechanical thinking-humans are just machines, everything is a natural coincidence, mind disconnected from heart, etc. Also totalitarian dictatorships-(fascism, communism, corporationalism, etc) But thankfully the further we progress into the Age of Aquarius the more its higher manifestation will come into being--discovering inexaustible sources of free energy(even the sign of Aquarius depicts an electrical current), wokring with Nature and not against it, technology proving the spiritual nature of Reality and the higher dimension and technology helping raise the vibration of human consciousness so we can connect directly to these, telepathy(Aquarius rules telepathy and clairvoyance), and of course brotherhood, freedom, justice and equality.


Aquarius is the most global signs of all-it rules interconnected networks and friendships based on mutual vision--blood connections will no longer be as important--what will matter is that we are all connected, we are all brothers and sisters in spirit and we are heading in the same direction. Each country will reach out a helping hand to the smaller ones rather than prey on them. Social justice and equal, free access to resources will be available for everyone. "Divide and rule" will no longer be applied--it just will not work, as people will be seeing through it more and more. The internet is one of the most powerful connecting tools at the start of the Age of Aquarius-and it is helping us see spread truth and awareness about the state of humans- we are being misled by some Elite trying to divide and rule us, but we will realize we are all the same-with the same fears, hopes, trepidations in the heart. Soon, wars will become extinct, mind you might take another hundred years first.... Aquarius rules the Cosmic Mind and connectedness to It. By the end of the age of Aquarius, most humans will have developed a direct connection and interaction with the "Central Intelligence" of the Universe and we will have finally understood the mystery of the Cosmos. We will be Citizens of the United Cosmos! Sound futuristic and awesome!!



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