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You have all heard of the age of Aquarius, but do you know what it is based on astrologically? There are certain astrological ages which move in spirals and define the whole evolution. Learn this most sacred and timeless chronology and how it affects humanity

Astrological Ages or an Occult Look at Human Evolution

Astrological Ages or an Occult Look at Human Evolution
In all the ancient cultures, the story is the same: their mythology says that, long ago humans had great civilizations, they were mighty, wise, spiritual and communicated with the Gods. They were multidimensional beings and knew the secrets of matter, energy, time and the higher dimensions. This morally evolved, spiritually aware and materially advanced humanity lasted for many thousands of years but it all started going downhill at about 12-11 000 BC after a series of immense cataclysms, starting with a huge flood and the sinking of big land masses(Atlantis?). Slowly humans started loosing their Higher consciousness and hence their moral strength, intelligence and spiritual connection to Source and progressively regressed into the material, selfish, blood-thirsty and fearful creatures we became during the Dark Ages of history. But from then on, the only way was up, on which are have already set tentatively sail.


The ancient Vedas call this whole cycle the Great cosmic year. It lasts for about 26 000 years --as long as the Earth's axis takes to make a full circle around the 12 constellations of the zodiac. For about 2,100 years the Spring Equinox Sun rises at the back drop of one constellation-this constellation determines the current age. The following 2100 years it rises at the backdrop of the next sign and so one. 11 000-12 000 thousand years ago, Humanity was at the peak of its development-the so called Golden age of Enlightenment-coinciding with the the Spring equinox Sun rising at the backdrop of Leo and Virgo. Many scientists believe that the Sphinx and pyramids were build around that time to commemorate that Golden age and to remind us when the big cataclysm happened(exactly on the verge between the two ages: from Virgo to Leo. Hence the sphinx is part woman(Virgo) and part Lion(Leo) to remind us of this Golden age and when we started the descent downwards. Geologists agree that at about 11 500 BC there was a big raise of the surface of the oceans due to the end of the Ice age, and many areas of the continents were underwater: this coincides with the time Plato gives for the sinking of Atlantis.


Gradually with the changing cosmic ages, humanity's consciousness sank more and more into decline. After Satya yoga(the enlightened, spiritual age) came the Treta Yuga-the Silver age--or Mental Age--humanity was using the power of the mind to control much of the environment, but it had lost some of the exalted powers it had in the Golden ages for which we can only guess-but it was spiritual energy they were using and not mechanical. Treta Yuga lasted from about 7000 BC till about 3 000 BC and included the ages of Cancer and Gemini mostly(it is never so clear cut). After the Silver age finished, came the Bronze Age or as the Vedas call it, Dwapara yuga: or the age of energy. It lasted for about 2400 years till 500 BC. During the Age of Energy: humans no longer had the ability to control matter via the mind, so they sank in further ignorance and powerlessness, but they still kept the secrets of the fine energies: electricity, prana, magnetism, atomic, etc. And indeed, in the pyramids, there are no vestiges from soot or fire: how were these people moving in the dark? They obviously had some other source of energy similar to our electricity. Many battery-like devises were found all over the world dating back to 2000-3000 thousands years and further. Many such strange devices were depicted on the walls of temples. The constellation of Taurus and for a bit Aries were rising on the Eastern horizon at Spring for those 2400 years. And then came the Kali yuga: the densest,most materialistic and selfish period of human's development. Then the Earth was furthest from the life and consciousness raising vibrations coming from the centre of the Galaxy, so the ignorance was highest and pain the biggest. This age lasted from 500 BC till about 1700-1900 AD Humans were most disconnected from Source then and felt the harshness of life-the Law of the Jungle came to power then: the strongest survives, the cruel and evil rule, the noble and spiritual are at the bottom of society and laughed at. In the Golden age only the most evolved and moral would become rulers, they would be High Initiates-it would be equal to making dalai Lama the ruler of the world now. Most people in the world still have the consciousness of the Kali yuga.

The great year

The wise people of the world were getting ready for thousands of years for the Kali yuga: sacred texts were being coded, libraries with evolved knowledge hidden and buried, mystery schools created for the secret passing on of the skills and knowledge. They knew that Truth would be persecuted during the dark ages, so they had to preserve it for future generations when Humanity would come into the Ascending ages of Dwapara and Treta Yoga. Everything sacred was defiled and ravaged during the past 2500 years of the Kali yuga. Part of the age of Aries and Pisces includes astrologically the Kali yuga. Actually Jesus came on the verge between the two Signs changing, when it was darkest so the powerful Solar Energy of the Christ Being could infuse the Earth and uplift the consciousness of humans. From the moment of the Christ incarnation, the ascending age of human development started, which will go on for another 12 000 years till we reach the exalted Golden age again but in a higher and more perfetc manifestation than the last one. We are now in the Ascending Dwapara yuga--the Age of Energy. It started with the re-discovery of electricity, steam and especially the atomic energy. We are still at the very beginning of this age and have till 4200 AD to fully unfold it! Imagine the types of fine energy we will (re)discover till then and the "miracles" we can perform with it! It will be similar to the last Dwapara yuga, but expressed on a higher more sophisticated level: evolution moves in a coil, not in a circle. Going back to the ages:Many of them overlap because the old ages flow into the new and run parallel for a few hundred years-sometimes the ideas and impulses of the old age overlap with the those of the new for up to 1000 years into the new one. Before the official start of a new age, its energy start becoming palpable in the more aware people for up to 500 years before. The Golden Age: Sattya Yuga include Virgo, Leo and part of Cancer


Age of Virgo (13 000 to 10 500 BC): Golden age: purity and innocence of consciousness. Humans were still living in paradise(have not be chased away from "the Garden of Eden")Virgin souls. Age of Leo(10 500 till 8000 BC): Golden age: Humanity were still connected to the cosmic consciousness and the Sun Beings(angels, archangels, devas, Seraphims, etc). Blissful state! The big cataclysm happen then: the levels of the oceans became much higher because of the thawing of the Ice. Solar activity became high(Sun rules Leo), hence it warmed up the earth. Age of Cancer(8600-6500 BC): The age of Matriarchy: women are highly respected, the divine Feminine is exalted. Many female deity cults originate from that age but of course have degraded during the ages from their original power, meaning and purity. Many Motherly type figurines are excavated from that time--they are the epitome of the meaning of Cancer-motherhood, fertility, female power, nourishment! The need for sustained source of nourishment comes, so agriculture is developed. Before that Humans could use the mind or subtle energy to grow the fruits of the Earth in seconds whenever they needed, according to ancient sources or for the more sceptical:Nature used to provide for them abundantly without effort prior to this.(the proverbial casting away from Paradise happened at the end of this age) it also coincides with the end of the Golden Age.

Earth Mother

The Silver Age(Treta Yoga) includes: Age of Gemini(6500 till 4300 BC): consciousness in further Descent, so knowledge has to be preserved in any possible way: writing trade and money appears. Before that information and communications were employed in much more refined ways though energetic vibrations or telepathy. (how wild does this sound!) Many figurines of a man and a woman together are found from that time-this is the old Gemini symbol--not twins but a male and a female in embrace. The Energy age: Dwapara Yuga includes: Taurus and Part of Aries Age of Taurus(4300 till 2200 BC): people further descend into denser consciousness. Sensuality and physical pleasures start to take deeper root. The cow is the sacred animal for some cultures-an echo of the gone age of Taurus. Initiates are preparing Humanity for the coming time of Darkness or Kali Yuga by giving new laws and orders-before that, humanity had an internal right and wrong clock due to having had clairvoyance and direct connection to the Higher Self. Actually, the Bible describes the end of this age with the Story of Moses who went to mount Sinai and God gave him the 10 Commandments. When he went back to his tribe, he saw that they have built a golden Calf and were worshipping it,regressing to the habits and dieties of the passing age of the Bull. He got furious and broke the slabs of the commandments because he was supposed to initiate them into the new Aries age.


The Dark Age: Kali Yoga Includes: part of Aires and Pisces


Age of Aries(2200 BC till 1 AD): militant and bloody part of human's history. The "sons of Mars"- the Roman Empire rose to power then, before that the Greeks--all militant and world conquering cultures. The law of the strongest! Dark Kali Yuga has descended and would be with us till present--the age of total eclipse of the spiritual light had come-we were at the deepest descent into matter. The Ram symbol was ubiquitous in many cultures. At the end of this period came the "Lamb of God" -Christ, so humanity can start its ascent upwards by this Divine Sacrifice and through the raising of the dense vibrations. Age of Psices(1 till 2100 AD): Christianity, whose sign has been the fish since its start, was transforming humanity: the ideas of compassion, service, love for thy neighbour and devoted faith started to come into the common people, we were starting finally on the ascending path of consciousness. But we were still in the Kali-Dark Yuga, so there was a lot of deception, confusion and treachery--all qualities of the dark side of Pisces. As I said most of humanity is still under Pisces mentality: confusion, blind faith, irrationality, deception, etc but it is also because they have to learn to apply the positive traits of Pisces: acceptance, kindness, love, devotion.

Church Year

Dwapara age: Age of Aquarius:(2100-4200) Aquarius rules brotherhood, freedom, equality, humanism, social and scientific advance. Have we not already started that in the last 100-200 years-the overlapping of the ages I talked about. We are still making baby steps in that direction but we sure are on the ascending path of consciousness and into the Dwapara yoga or Energy age as they call it.

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