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Compatibility 101

Easy Compatibility for Beginners

Easy Compatibility for Beginners

One thing I learned from long astrology practice is not to complicate things and get back to basics! Comets, planetoids, asteroids, draconic and what else not will make your head spin and loose the essence of your chart in the many details!

This is particularly valid in relationship compatibility! Here is an easy but extremely effective way to quickly check how compatible you are with someone on the core level. I use this simple technique daily in my practice and it proves to be way more insightful than other more sophisticated methods.

First go to my Birth chart calculator, enter the details of the person and go to the planetary detail table where you will see the sign of each planet. Mark it down. Do the same for the other person.

Then compare pair by pair the personal planets of the 2 people and see if they are in compatible elements! That's it!

Start with the Suns, then Moons, Ascendants, Venuses, Mercuries and Marses. That’s all!

The more of these pairs you have in compatible signs, the easier and more harmonious the relationship! You need to have at least one and preferably 2-3 in order to be a functional and happy couple. If you have too many, then you might be too similar and things might be a bit boring, but at least they will be usually easy.

The most compatible is to have the planet of one in the same element as the planet of the other.
Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The second most compatible are the Earth and Water signs. (water fertilizes earth)
And the Air and Fire signs. (Air helps fire burn)

Say A has Moon in Taurus and B has Moon in Pisces-the are friendly and can get along nice, thought it would not be as stellar as if B had a Moon in another Earth sign like Virgo, for example.

Then you have clashing elements Water with Fire, Fire with Earth, Earth with Air and Air with Water. If you planets happen to fall in these combinations, then you will be fundamentally different in how you approach the relevant area of your life signified by the planet. The need for much compromise and adaptation will be needed in order for the couple to make it, but it also fosters growth. If these are too many of these combinations, then the friction will be too high and the people will feel misunderstood or disconnected. But if these combinations are lacking or too few, then complacency sets in, there little progress or dynamism. Often having planets in clashing signs can create powerful sexual chemistry at the start, which can quickly turn into anger or frustration later on.

Let me walk you through the planets:


Comparing the Sun signs of the people will show you if they will have similar goals and plans in life. If they have compatible sun signs they will easy envision similar future, have compatible outlook in life, work together well, co-operate smoothly on some creative or long term projects without undermining each other’s authority and ideas. They have very similar approaches and vision of the way they run the overall direction of their lives. Good for business partnerships, friendships and all relationships which require taking some actions together and seeing eye to eye.

When the signs of the Suns are clashing—say I have Sun in Aries, The other person has the Sun in Cancer-we can initially be very strongly attracted to each other’s different way of approaching and running life. The Aries can fascinate the timid Cancer with their initiative and boldness, the Cancer can melt the Aries heart with their sweet and nurturing nature, but in the long run they will have to always adapt to their very different ways-Aries sees life like a game to be won, Cancer finds meaning in bonding, belonging and creating safety. They can learn a lot from each other, but need to always compromise and be more conscious of each other.


Comparing the Moon signs of 2 people is probably of the most important factors in long term love relationships, because it shows the most natural and prominent character emotional nature of the person. If the Moon signs are compatible 2 people can live together easily, without having to consciously adjust and make efforts, they can be super relaxed emotionally together. The moon sign shows what one’s emotional and physical needs are in order to feel happy.

A fire sign Moon will need fun, excitement and openness in relationships in order to feel bonded and happy. They would love to have active time together or do things.

A water sign Moon will need deed emotional connection, unspoken understanding, paying attention to each other’s smallest moods and feelings.

An Air sign Moon will only feel happy if they have a good communication, stimulate each other mentally have a lighter more social side to the relationship, hobbies together, etc

Earth sign Moon will only feel happy if they have stability, security. They show attachment and feel appreciated when they do practical things for the partner or the partner does such things for them-help them fix sth, get them a tangible token of love, etc.

If the Moon signs clash, it will mean that the couple will need to consciously adapt to each other’s needs and moods. For example one might feel like eating pasta and watching TV in order to relax, the other one might want to get glammed up and go socializing. An Earth Moon might express their emotional attachment and care by liking to touch and cuddle you, or by doing something useful for you, while a fire Moon would more likely express it by showering you with attention, making you laugh, entertaining you.

As you can see it is essential to have compatible moon signs, if the couple is going to live together or spend very long time together, or else they can drain each other emotionally.

2 Clashing Moon signs can learn a lot from the fundamentally different natures of the partner, but need to be way more conscious of how they treat the partner and what their needs might be, so they don’t feel emotionally misunderstood.


Having the Ascendant signs in compatible signs shows similar approach to new beginnings. The body constitution can be similar too. For example- an Air sign ascendant has an analytical and rational approach to life and encountering something new, they would observe it/him with curiosity, turn it around in their head, compare it to other situations, think and communicate about it a lot. An Earth sign Ascendant would approach a new situation very practically, want to taste it, try it, pick it, prod it.


Comparing the 2 Venus signs is another extremely important point especially in love relationships! Venus shows how a person expression affection and how one feels loved, what one likes in relationships and what one finds attractive and pleasing.

Fire Venus signs will show affection with warmth, openly, will want fund and glamorous, exciting behaviours from partners. They will directly express their feelings without reserve, as long as they feel enthusiastic and enthralled! They fall more in love when they have adventures with their partners!

Water Venus signs will show affection in subtle and personal ways-a loving look, a gentle brush, a heartfelt hand written letter, a song that reminds them of you, etc. They are more subjective and sensitive in relationships and prefer subtle but emotionally deep partners and relationships.

Air Venus signs will show affection by wanting to share their ideas and interests. They feel loved when the partner communicates it directly through words, so do they. They would not be coy about vocalising their feelings. They have fun and fall in love more by exploring different ideas, places, social activities.

Earth signs Venus people feel loved appreciated when the partner does tangible gestures for them—presents, securing their material safety, offering to run errands for them, enjoying sensual pleasures together-food, massages, etc. Earthy love is very sensual and practical at the same time. They need re-assurance through physical expressions of affection.

When the Venus of the 2 people are harmonious they usually fall in love faster, because they find the other aesthetically pleasing, love to have fun in similar ways and appreciate pleasures of a similar character, sensually-they are compatible. They feel loved more easily and naturally than people with clashing Venuses who will always feel like something is missing to feel fully loved and happy in the relationship. But even clashing Venus signs can get along well, as long as learn what the other person finds appealing and pleasing and compromise to do it.


Having 2 compatible Marses will go a long way for a harmonious sex life. The sex drives of the couple would be similar. Clashing Marses can create fireworks in the bedroom initially (especially when it is the square aspects(Cancer-Aries-Capricorn-Libra, or Virgo-Gemini-Sag-Pisces, or Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) but the raw Mars energy is always too much, and in more settled relationships turns into power struggles and direct clashes between partners. Incompatible Mars signs can have different libidos and way of expressing anger, which they will have to adapt to constEasy Compatibility


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