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Ancient Seers saw that Scorpio was associated with the colors brown and burgundy and that when one incorporated these into their daily life they increased the positive Scorpio qualities in them. Scorpio is the sign of emotional security and removal of vulnerability.

Scorpio Color. Burgundy/Brown Color Therapy

Scorpio Color. Burgundy/Brown Color Therapy
Scorpio is the most difficult and most power sign at the same time! It rules all emotional traumas, abuse and psychologicalal pain but also it gives the strength to let go and heal from these. Scorpio rules the big phobias, fears, addictions, obsessions and compulsions which hold us paralyzed. But Scorpio is also the inner strength which comes after one has encountered their inner demons and biggest fears and overcome these. So if you are in the middle of a big inner battle like stopping an addiction, battling fears and deep psychological states which are disturbing then incorporating Scorpio colors like browns and dark reds will help you heal faster.


Eating natural burgundy foods like cherries and wearing dark red/brown stones(Garnet, Fire Agate, Ruby, Dark Carnelian, Tiger's eye) will increase your will power which helps you overcome your inner demons and face the world emotionally stronger! They also are very protective because the battle you are embarking on is with powerful psychic energies! These stones and colors are strongly recommended for all kinds of counsellors, astrologers, psychic readers and therapists to strengthen their emotional resistance to foreign pain and negative energy influences. I personally wear a bit carnelian on my neck when doing readings and I no longer feel emotionally drained and vulnerable after a reading(which was the case). So if you work in an environment of traumatized or abused people/animals then you also need such protection or if you yourself have suffered such extreme pain, you need Scorpio's transformational energy to help you release it and heal. Surround yourself will wooded object or have a living room with burgundy curtains or dark wood floors or furniture-this will soak up the darker energy and help you feel more emotionally secure.


All people who embark on the path of spiritual and occult training come under the influence of Scorpio, which rules the awakening of the psychic/kundalini energy and tears the curtain between the visible and invisible worlds(Halloween which is the time of the year when the walls between the dimensions are thinnest, falls in the sign of Scorpio). If you have interest in these topics(life after death, astrology, psychology, self-mastery through control of the life energy(Kundalini), psychic sight, etc you need to use the protective, fearless and emotion-stabilizing energy of Scorpio through its stones, foods and colors!

Brown Room

If you are going through big transformations in life, like death, divorce, career change, re-location, addiction stopping, then you need to empower your self with the colors of Scorpio(it is not by chance that many teenagers love the darker Scorpio gamut-it helps them deal with the big emotional and physical changes happening within them), and you will feel more stable emotionally in the face of life's vicissitudes. Usually these happen during Pluto's transits in your life so every time you are entering one such period, Scorpio's colors will aid you! Burgundy and brown remove superficiality and increase personal control and willpower! In helps with transitions tranformations and releasing of past trauma.

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