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Today we are looking the color/purple pink which is the color of Cancer. It is helpful for mental and emotional problems, pregnancies, depression, intolerance, heart break, self-love. You will be given some occult tools now which can help you tweak your reality, moods and life accordingly.

Cancer Color. Pink/ Purple Color Therapy

Cancer Color. Pink/ Purple Color Therapy
Cancer calms and sooths the planet which rules it: Moon Cancer helps manifest the best qualities of the planet which is exalted there: Jupiter Cancer diminishes and depletes the power of the planet which is debilitated in Cancer: Mars Let us see how you can use this! The Moon rules Cancer, hence the color pink/purple of Cancer will have a calming effect on the Moon—meaning on our feelings and emotional states. Hence people who fall easily in emotionally discordant states like, anger, stress, sadness, depression or anxiety will benefit a lot from having a few pink/purple flowers in the office or living room or even paint a room or wall with these soothing hues. Actually it would be a good idea if psychological and psychiatric institutions had gentle pink or puple walls because most people in need of these usually have an afflicted Moon in the horoscope which pink/purple improves.


Cancer is a “love sick sign”- the ancient books say, so if you have some planets in Cancer or a strong Moon in the horoscope you will tend to be more sensitive in relationships and suffer more easily therefore having an easy access to pink/purple environment or even a screen saver on your laptop is recommendable. Pink/purple can help anyone who is suffering from a painful break to heal and in particular Rose Quartz can make miracles with an aching, love hungry heart. It is a Cancer stone which heals and nurtures self love. Pair this with a purple outfit and you are ready to move on to new emotional heights!

Rose Baby Pink

Cancer is also the sign of adaptation, evolution and natural changes(just like the Moon visibly changes its shape daily) . Hence pink will help you acquire these qualities in your character. If you are someone who is very stuck in same patterns and never moves with the flowing times, then pink/purple will oil your stiff ends , lubricate your creaking hinges and make you open up to change. One of the reason that little girls like pink is because its vibrations subconsciously helps them adapt to the constant natural changes of growing up and softens the impact of the onslaught of new impressions which a child is faced with. Pink/puple soothes and helps develop their emotional and imaginative inner world.


If you are going through some big changes or emotional upheavals in your life, then wearing or meditating on pink will help you adapt faster and envelop your bruised soul in loving care. Anyone who is going through a difficult Moon transit astrologically like Saturn, Uranus or Pluto hard transits to Moon will benefit a lot by surrounding themselves with purple healing nuances or eat pinks fruits-rhubarb, water melon, strawberries, leeches, pink apples etc. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Exaltation sign makes the planet exhibit its best qualities. For Jupiter this is tolerance, open mindedness, kindness, charitability and acceptance. If you know someone who is lacking these, like your xenophobic aunt , bigoted husband, judgmental-preachy mother, racist grandma or your own difficulty with accepting the fact that your ex is allowed to date other women, well then you know a simple solution: paint a wall in purple/pink, or give these people a comfy purple sofa blanket or potted flower which they will be able to see daily. Little by little the vibrations of these colors in their vicinity will help them( or you) express the tolerance and open-mindedness of Jupiter. Purple in particlar will help you increase spirituality and understanding of Higher principles(Jupiter)!

Angry Old Woman

Jupiter also rule fertility and children so if you are having problems with getting pregnant or just want to enhance the quality of the conception materials(eggs, uterus environment, etc) then start increasing the presence of pink colors in your daily life before. Continue after the conception to aid your body with adapting properly to the growth processes and to sooth your extreme moods. And lastly Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Cancer’s pink vibrations will weaken the qualities of Mars: anger, aggression, crankiness, restlessness, hyperactivity, ADD, overly strong opinions, bossiness, impatience, irritability and bullying. If any of these are uncontrollable in your child or loved ones then soften them with pink/purple! (this applies also to you)


But if you are lacking assertiveness, courage, initiative strength and will power (the good Mars qualites) then pink/purple will only make it worse! Pink is also the color of Break cancer charity, guess why—Cancer rules breasts according to astrology!! Pink also invigorates charitability(Jupiter) in people!

Pink Ribbon

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