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Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is associated with one color. Ancient seers could see that each fragment of 30 degrees of the sky was emanating different length vibrations which psychic eyes registered like colors.In a series of 12 articles we will examine all the 12 colors and signs and how you can use this knowledge to affect instant and gradual changes in your character, moods, health and states. You will be given some occult tools now which can help you tweak your reality and life accordingly. We are entering the sphere of the magical!

Aries Color. Red Color Therapy

Aries Color. Red Color Therapy
If you feel you or your child lack some qualities of character corresponding to one of the 12 zodiac signs, you can actually surround or dress your self with the corresponding color and have this quality increase over time. You can wear jewellery with this color, place objects/furniture around with the same, paint your walls with such hue, or even do your computer screen saver or background in the relevant color. Aries: Red No surprises here! First let us break down the sign astrologically for those of you who are trying to learn astrology more in depth: Each sign energizes, excites its mulatricona ruling planet(bad and good things). Sooths and calms down its ruling planet. Brings the best qualities out of its exaltation planet. Combats and suppresses its debiltated planet Mulatricona ruler of Aries: Mars Aries will energize the planet Mars, its mulatricoan ruler. It means that all Martial qualities will be increased through the color red: initiative, courage, excitability, passion, assertiveness, energy, activity but also anger and irritability. So if you are anemic and less energetic red is the color to go! Mars rules the red blood cells, hence eating fresh red foods, wearing and watching bright red colors will increase the blood flow in your body, help you combat colds and lethargy and give you more physical energy. Is your child is lazy and prefer to stay at home and watch tv than go out and play—then paint one wall in its room in bright red and see how it will start getting restless just sitting and become more active. Or if you or your loved one are pleasers and never can assert their needs and opinions with others, the red of Aries will energize their inner warrior (Mars).

Red interior

Some people find it hard to make up their mind or take the jump when it is time to: this is again an expression of weak Mars energy in the horoscope, so you can stimulate initiative, courageousness and decisiveness with the color red. But you have to watch out with red if the person is already too energetic, overly excitable, anxious, too competitive, easy to anger and react, selfish and tantrum prone. Red will only exacerbate these negative qualities of Mars through the energy of Aries. We do not want to be waving the red sheet to these angry bulls! Exaltation ruler of Aries: Sun Red will help bring out the best qualities of the Sun-which is exalted in Aries. The Sun rules ones confidence, healthy self esteem and vitality. So if you have any disbalances or weaknesses connected to these, Red is your color! I mean just wearing bright red, requires one to muster their confidence and inner Diva, because it will make you noticeable no matter where you are. Sun also rules our goals, career achievements and ambitions, so wearing/watching red will help you give better manifestation to these in your life. Lacking drive and Ambition? Or no confidence that you can make it big? Then carry red stones(ruby, blood stone, jasper) paint a red wall at home, or stare at this color for a few minutes each day.

Red Jasper Stones

The sun is also the planet of inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm and leadership. So if you want to be a more charismatic leader, learn to excite others with your enthusiasm, nurture your inspiration and creativity and new ideas, again Red is the color to go. Feeling uninspired and dull? Eat red foods: radishes, beetroots, red peppers, red berries, tomatoes, cherries. Debilitation planet: Saturn Red color will undermine and weaken the negative qualities of the planet Saturn, which rules depression, sadness, being disheartened and apathetic. Saturn is the planet of frigidity so red can help you overcome such problems too, that is the reason red is the universal color of passion! Saturn is stagnation, hence go for red and soon you can start getting new ideas or impulses how to get out of a dead end situation! Red will be particularly helpful for people going through Saturn transit for the moment, as it will help you combat the Saturn blues a bit.

Red Foods

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