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January 27th to February 2nd

Your popularity grows, you can be focused in exactly that direction, which will guarantee you more success at different levels of life.

In another case, the main topic is relationships - personal or business. Now it is appropriate to encode some more positive trends that will be permanently sealed, this will become a leitmotif in the coming period, it may become an occasion for explanatory conversations, high social activity, your actions in this direction will have their meaning and reflection.

However, now and especially in the first half of the week, people close to your heart can become a cause for anxiety. For example, there are escalating changes around your partners that affect you too or, if something is unclear, erosive or incorrect, it will escalate and you will be required to resolve it.

Again, as an option, you may need to invest more in loved ones, including grown children, if you have any. You should be careful not to put pure financial issues between you and others, try to constructively resolve differences if that is possible...

If you have your own business - you will still have to act flexibly to protect yourself from losses... Beware of fraud and manipulation, be careful when signing financial documents, they must be perfect and well-checked... It is not appropriate to get any loans, to borrow money, etc.

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January 20th to 26th

There might be some surprises this week that affect your social status, reputation, and popularity. All of these can change suddenly, quickly, or be updated with a new vector of development, and the direction will very much depend on the peer support or the kind of personalities that affect your social status.

You will obviously need to concentrate on your relationships because they will affect other areas of your life. After the New Moon on January 24th, you will actually restart priority relationships, sow the seeds that you want to sprout for a long time and in the coming months, this will affect your important personal and/or business relationships.

You might feel more enthusiasm, you might be drawn by a creative dream, passion, hobby or a specific personality. In order to make your dream come true, you will negotiate actively, and you may also need to invest - in your loved ones, creative endeavors or business... However, in this process you need to beware of fraud or some kind of dishonesty, the time is not suitable for getting any loans or borrow money. ..

If there are misunderstandings, secrets, or erosive processes between you and your loved ones, they can manifest themselves, escalate, in order for you to take more decisive action and to free yourself from negative influences. Your daily routine is still stressful, but you are in a good period of negotiating your interests and making good money or at least moral satisfaction.

If things don't work out that way, then you probably need to change direction because the current one does not allow you to reach your potential and prosper accordingly.

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January 13th to 19th

Your professional career continues to be an important topic because transformations are taking place in this sector that are affecting you, as your ambitions have increased or some sort of struggle for power in your workplace has escalated. Most of the trends you are already familiar with, you know what you can count on, but if there are negatives - it would be a good idea to take more radical measures to eliminate them and not allow them to evolve in the coming months.

Most of you need a change in your workplace, in the optimal case - now you can get power, there may be some sudden, sometimes surprising chances that result from moral or material support from individuals who influence your social status generally. Most of you may feel a lot of passion that will make you more flexible, competitive, so you can succeed.

It is also nice to be more attentive to your health, perhaps to change something in your habits in order to have a positive effect on your physical condition and as a prevention against the stress that persists even in everyday life.

In your immediate surroundings, a person appears who can lead an active debate; in the best-case scenario, you will outline more positive development prospects, and as a minimum, they will be clarified so that you know who and what you can count on, sometimes in a surprising way - whether positive or negative - knowledge is always power.

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December 30th to January 5th

You are in an excellent time to make a breakthrough in your career development. You can get interesting suggestions, come up with similar ideas that will help you grow.

If your current job does not suit you, then the time is right to negotiate your interests, seek and find something else and more perspective that is right for you.

For most of you, the workplace status quo cannot be preserved, it requires some kind of change that may be accompanied by increased responsibilities, but also a chance to take up a more prestigious, authoritative position.

Your creativity and, accordingly, your enthusiasm and determination will grow in parallel with the corresponding additional and broader development prospects.

If this interests you - you can return to old work and missed opportunities.

You can count on more goodwill, understanding, and support from others.

Most of you will harmonize your relationships, and if you are not in one, a person may get your attention.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th focuses on your professional realization. You can set a great new start in this sector by relying on the already gained authority, experience, efforts so far.

The stars will give you a chance to regain something lost in this area of your life, you can also return to old pursuits if it interests you, but also in the coming weeks, months - to build on your successes.

However, if the current direction of development does not develop as you expect, it does not give you the chance of expansion required at this time and in the future, you may also need to look for another field of expression. Don't regret that if you have to part with commitments, new ones will open up that are more promising or you manage to get rid of those that are not satisfying to you or can even harm your health.

The stars will require, to varying degrees, to look for and discover some additional, hidden chances for prosperity, perhaps similar support, including outside of your traditional environment. You will have to rely more and more on your undiscovered creativity and intuition so you should think and act.

The more open you are to something new and different, you demonstrate it with your own behavior, way of thinking and expression, goals that you set, the more options will be revealed to you, sometimes in a sudden, surprising way.

You get more and more support from others, the opportunity to strengthen your relationships or to meet love if you still don't have a partner.

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December 16th to 22nd

The people born in the first decanate, but also everyone else's to varying degrees, will have some sudden new chances for career development. Alternatively, there will be some transformations that can be completely successful, positive for you, especially if you are more open to something new, different, to present you in a more creative light, if you are more socially active, negotiate your interests, etc.

Throughout the week you receive active support from your family or successes, job transformations also affect close relationships, or perhaps you take too extreme actions and you might be forcing some transformations, sometimes even under the pressure of external, surprising events. The important thing is that you can influence the events as described above.

Another leading topic for you is relationships or people close to your heart. During this period, you can clear misunderstandings. You can identify and eliminate secret, erosive processes that affect you if there are any.

It is possible to spend more money on your loved ones, hobbies or if you have your own business - you may need to invest in it. However, it is useful to avoid spending too much, you should be careful when filling out financial documents. If possible, you should not lend money or be in debt, etc.

In the last few days of the period, a person will appear who will support you, will positively influence your mood, you will enjoy more and more support from others in general.

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December 9th to 15th

There will be important events during this week that may be related to your professional career, a rhythm in your daily routine, or else it will affect your habits, with corresponding consequences. You have every chance of directing these transformations in a more positive direction for you by focusing on bigger projects capable of empowering you. Or you can flip through a new page, change your vector of development, take important measures that will make you more valuable, affect your physical tone and even your health.

In the process, you can rely on your family or manage to delegate time and responsibilities, the events in the workplace are reflected in your home, etc.

You may decide to invest in your home and this will have a beneficial effect on the home atmosphere.

Another leading topic for you is relationships with people close to your heart - from partners to children. At this point, they will require careful attention to clear up any misunderstandings, and perhaps you need to spend more time on them. In a more unpleasant form, if there is something hidden and erosive in your relationship, it will now show up, you'd be able to identify it and take action…

Having conversations, changes in your approach will have a positive effect.

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