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18th January to 23rd


For some time now, the stars have been pointing you to a kind of transformation in your workplace. In the optimal case - you catch up with possible omissions, regain past opportunities, attract some kind of support from colleagues or influential people. You can gain a kind of power in the workplace yourself. On January 18th we are under the influence of the Full Moon, so you will receive a lot of knowledge - in which direction you are moving and in a purely professional aspect. The days may be filled with some tension, but also a chance to climb the ladder, to prove yourself in the workplace, or if you notice - challenges, weaknesses - to remove them so as not to allow them to influence you in the future. During the second part of the period, your social activity will grow permanently.


You will increasingly have to prove yourself to others, but at the same time your popularity will grow, and your success will directly depend on the support and approval of others, so you will consciously strive to create and strengthen relationships. Relationships are also entering a defining phase, so what is happening now and in the next few weeks will determine your closeness to your partner. She may have been more inconsistent for some time, and there may be reasons for that, so there will be explanatory talks in the second half of this week and early next week. In most cases, this will clear up misunderstandings or be considered an opportunity...


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11th January to 17th


During this week you can make important analyzes that concern your professional realization. If you are on the right path and working conditions allow it, then you will have the opportunity to increase your income, to establish your authority in the workplace, to make a kind of transformation that is considered positive. However, the stars will constantly take you back to the past, so if there are any gaps on your way forward, clear and remove them. However, what is happening may become an occasion to get a second chance for something that you aspired to before and now it stands in your way again. At the end of this and the beginning of next week, an important event may escalate, which has a wide impact on your positions in the workplace ... You have time so you can act strategically ...


Another important topic for you can be personal and/or business partnerships. For some time now, the stars have been permanently showing you the strengths and weaknesses in this sector of your life. Mercury turns retrograde on January 14th, so there may be some reversal in the other side's mind. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although you may have the feeling afterward that your partner or people important to you are starting to behave more inconsistently than usual. Take advantage of Mercury's retrograde motion to clear up possible misunderstandings from the past, contentious issues, etc. What you outline now will then pick up speed quickly, gain momentum and have a wide impact in February.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


Professional realization for most of you and for some time - requires greater adaptability to external circumstances. These may be increased requirements for you, the need to be more independent and creative, the options are many and varied. Against this background, you now have the chance to establish your authority in the workplace by enjoying greater goodwill and understanding from your colleagues. Take advantage of the positive aspect of the stars to achieve successes or results that will have a wide impact and in the future can give you a chance to increase your income, if working conditions allow it. It is possible that you have to catch up with the deeds of the past, to direct them in a more appropriate and supportive, I would say enriching direction for you.


You will have such an opportunity, even if the result is still fully in perspective. However, you will get good enough opportunities, tips, results ... Partnerships require more attention, it is possible to update old and unresolved issues from the past. In this case, you may react differently to get a different and better result than before... If all is well in your relationships, then you can greet each other and expect the same in the future.


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


Although we are in a period of festive mood, you may be interested in more practical issues, such as those related to your professional realization. The reasons for this can be different, for example - escalations of transformations in your workplace and you need to be more active to take your rightful place, to take advantage, or at least not allow yourself to be replaced. If you are in the right place, then you will find a way to turn any challenges in your favor, sudden chances will stand in your way, especially after the New Moon on January 2nd, but not only. The daily lives of many will be burdened with tasks above the average level, but this can be a great time to prove yourself, to stand out, to cope with possible increased competition or requirements, to get some kind of support from colleagues or influential people...


If not everything develops exactly the way you want, then you can look for a new and more suitable realization after the New Moon on January 2nd. Then there are sudden chances, especially if you are more proactive... Your popularity will grow or a person will appear in your environment who will strongly influence you ... However, you will find time for entertainment, most of you will spend the holidays quite noisy, memorable, with loved ones. Partnerships develop well, most of you enjoy the support of a reliable partner. If there have been differences in the past, you will now be able to clear them up, including indulging in pleasant adventures, pleasures, etc.


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20th to 26th December 


Throughout the week there will be people who will support you and in some way will inspire you, will contribute to the belief in your own strengths and capabilities. Thanks to this support, you will more easily fulfill desires that spring from your heart ... This is a great time to heal personal and business partnerships. Healthy relationships will become even stronger. Many will find time for entertainment, among other things... If you are alone - you can meet a partner who is reliable, energetic, you can count on him. In some cases, this may be a person from the past who is coming back into your life. In your professional realization, you will do well if your hobby is also a job, you have your own business or you have more freedom of action to express yourself.


Work-related issues will become more and more important and relevant, because in this sector of your life you are undergoing transformations, and you need to be more flexible, adaptable to turn some challenges in your favor, not to allow yourself to be displaced... You can still influence, guide, make up for possible omissions, deal with tasks from the past that have not yet found a way out and solve, act differently to get a better result than before. Some of you may have a chance to regain an old job or position if they are interested. On the 22nd and 23rd are not excluded significant, indicative events that show in which direction you will turn the wheel of fortune in front of you ... You can peek into the distant future...


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13th to 19th December


You are in an excellent period to fulfill your heart's desires by receiving support from loved ones - your partners, grown children, etc. If your relationships are promising, then this week they can move to another and higher level, you can experience unforgettable moments, especially at the end of the week, you can make important and long-term decisions that will affect you in a similar and progressive way. You also find time for entertainment, to be happy. What can spoil your mood can be increased costs. If misunderstandings have accumulated in your relationship, then they will escalate in the same way with the corresponding consequences ... If your work is creative or you are given more freedom, then you will progress. If your work is routine, if you do not enjoy it, then you may find a way to escape from it.


In any case, your career development is strongly influenced by the support and approval of people important to you. In this sense, you should keep in mind that not everyone is so kind to you. From this point of view - you need to be careful who you trust, maybe - you can build a strategy to deal with this challenge, which will stand in your way until February 22nd. Until then, there will be important processes in your workplace that can transform your positions. For now, you receive the first signals, you have the opportunity to influence and direct the events, at least in most cases, so you should take advantage because it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning.


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7th to 12th December


Many of you may feel some anxiety if you do not feel enough support from loved ones or important to you people who affect your future development. You can influence trends by concentrating on opportunities that you notice, feel ... Most of you know which of their desires and/or creative projects can be supported by certain individuals. You should be focused on going with the flow, joining forces with those who can contribute to your well-being. The period is very important for your personal or business partnership. During this and until the middle of next week - you can make important decisions, set trends that will have a wide impact on you. If there have been misunderstandings between you and people important to you, sometimes unspoken or even a hidden, erosive process, now this will manifest and let it become an occasion, to resolve any issues so that they stay behind your back and not affect you going forward.


Increased costs are not excluded, they can be for loved ones or - you give yourself some pleasure, if you do not cross certain limits and beware of misleading people - everything will be fine, but it's good to be more careful. Transformations are also underway in your workplace, they can be basic or for a very long period of time, now you can influence them in a more positive direction – so you should take advantage of it in an optimal way. Your home and family are also undergoing final changes that can improve your comfort of living through repairs, investments... A chance to clear up any disputes with your family. Act this way, avoid conflicts, because what is happening has a wide impact... The aspect of the stars is such that in most cases it gives a choice and the end result depends on it.


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29th November to 5th December


During the first days of the new week, you can have quite constructive conversations, to establish your authority in a team, you can attract an influential person to your side or strengthen important for you relationships, personal or business partnerships. This is an excellent period to achieve a goal of yours by showing increased initiative in your chosen direction, although much of what is happening is already moving in inertia. At work, most of you enjoy goodwill and support. if you are not in a relationship - a friendship with a colleague can grow into something more. On December 4th, a New Moon is coming, which is with a Solar Eclipse - it will renew or set a big new beginning, which primarily affects your relationship.


In any case, you are in a period during which they change until the end of the year - you can and should heal them, upgrade them so that everything that happens has a wide and lasting impact for the coming months, years, and so on. In the days of the New Moon and in the next week - small actions have a wide impact, what is happening is very revealing, and let it be an occasion to strengthen the positives, also - to stop any misunderstandings, if you wish, of course. Explanatory conversations, important news that concern loved ones - are more than likely, these might involve grown children if you have any. If you have your own business, it will also be renewed.


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23rd November to 28th


You are entering a period that will have a positive effect on your mood, self-confidence, faith in your own strengths and abilities, respectively a chance to demonstrate your potential and it to be noticed, appreciated with dignity. Ideas, announcements, events arise, which strengthen these attitudes. Feelings and desires from the past can be revived, probably not without reason, but because you are reminded of people and circumstances. Accordingly, you can regain something lost or revive it if you think it is worth it, but in some cases, you may decide to finally part with what has no place in your future development. In any case - gradually the support for you will grow, this trend will intensify in the second part of the week, it can be said that you will be more and more accompanied by a dose of luck or you will more easily realize your intentions.


There will always be someone or something to make you happy. During the second part of this week and the beginning of next week, you can stabilize your relationships with personal or business partners by clearing up any misunderstandings or having constructive conversations. At this stage and in your workplace, the tension gradually decreases, you will probably find time to rest or you will rely on support, which will be just as unloading.


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16th to 22nd November


You will be required to better and harmonize your immediate living environment, in the home and family, but not only. People around you will become an occasion for stabilization at various levels, making certain decisions, including those that may affect your professional realization. For example, you can consider changes that will affect the family, even the place of residence, or before taking certain steps you will discuss them with your loved ones and this will be of great importance. What happens in the optimal case will be an occasion to settle in the layers under your feet, to clear any differences, you can also get moral or other help from people important to you. If this is not a subject of interest to you, then you may have thought about changes that affect all levels, in personal and business terms.


You may feel that some changes need to be made in order to be calmer, more successful, and in practice to be so. You should focus yourself in the direction and according to the support you receive. Accepting something other than the status quo can actually become a way out or an opportunity. Whether and how you deal with these priorities, you understand in the days of the Full Moon, which is on November 19th, then you can look into the more distant future because there are still more distant prospects. Avoid conflicts that will be difficult to resolve or with unpredictable consequences.


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8th to 14th November


You are in a good period to heal and improve your immediate living environment in the home and family, but not only. You receive support that acts positively, energizes you, stimulates you. You can invest in your home or solve household, property cases, if you are interested, you get the "green light". Some of you may be more engaged in your home because you have to pay more attention to this area of ​​your life, or you may decide to take a break and some of you will be doing your homework. .. If you decide to make any changes in your professional realization, they will probably be more tangible and you will coordinate them with people important to you before you make a decision.


In most cases, you will be able to rely on constructive conversations. Partnerships can go through a kind of trial or catharsis, when misunderstandings from the past are cleared, a compromise is found if it is possible. Wednesday and Thursday are very indicative, at the same time then you have the strongest impact. On Saturday and Sunday, it is appropriate to protect your interests, you can make a choice that has such an impact.


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1st to 8th November


You are increasingly focused on issues that affect your home and family, priorities related to real estate, place of residence, the comfort of existence. You may have to make some important decisions, discuss them with your loved ones or especially with your partner, it is possible that some disagreements may arise in this process. In this case, try to clear these differences so that you do not drag them out for a long time and in the future with the corresponding consequences. If everything is fine between you and your loved ones, your partner, then you will be able to count on this in the future as well... A new moon is coming on November 4th, so you should take advantage of it to set a big new and positive start by clearing up disagreement, by acting differently in order to get a different and better result than in the past.


Surprises escalate throughout the week, they can now affect key issues for you, which concern your living environment or your social status and career development. Usually, surprises arise where change is needed, a kind of progress for life itself. Use what is happening so that you take advantage of new opportunities, sometimes in crisis situations by considering what to leave behind, and it leaves room for this new and different, more positive beginning, which may be the basis for you so that it affects all other levels of life ... Some of you can use the period to take more care of yourself and to choose a direction as if you are at a crossroads in life.


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25th October to 31st


You may need to pay more attention to your family, your loved ones, your partner, because now you have the strongest influence on these priorities, or it is necessary, for example, there may be some changes around them that affect you, and you have to react. For a long time, your environment will be renewed, transformed, for now, you feel the first signals in this direction, and it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, so you should take advantage. Old and unresolved issues with important people, personal or business partners, may be updated, and you might be reminded of the past, this trend will intensify towards the end of the week and next, but you may react differently in order to get a different and better result than before.


If this is not a subject of importance to you, then think about basic transformations in your life that can affect all other levels ... You may also need more rest, you should stay at home and choose the direction of development. You are still in a period when communication and sharing of feelings becomes a factor that can unlock many opportunities in front of you, as long as you want that...


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18th October to 24th


During this week, some tension in your workplace may escalate due to increased commitments, a change in your environment, new requirements for you, a new boss, or increased competition. If there is someone who works against your interests, you have to remove them from your path or you have to defend your opinion in front of them, so as not to allow yourself to be replaced, then this will be more visible than usual, will mobilize you, make you more ambitious so that you can be winners, not the other way around. If this is not possible, then this week you can break relationships or contracts that are past their time and burden you more than they are useful to you ... You have intense conversations in which you can learn secrets, there might be a struggle for power, you can use your words as a weapon, or if you think this is a pointless battle, you will get out of this "battlefield" figuratively speaking and look for another environment that is more favorable for you.


You are still in a strong period during which you can attract a benefactor, a protector, partner to your side if that interests you. Whether and how you deal with these priorities is largely understood in the days of the Full Moon, which is on October 20th. In terms of partnerships, most of you enjoy the support and understanding of a loved one, you may find more time for entertainment, especially during the second part of the week, but it can be expensive - literally and in a broader sense. During the second part of the week, another tendency will gradually escalate, which you may not yet fully feel, but which may become more and more manifested - these may be secret desires, in a more unpleasant form - a dose of insincerity in your relationships, you should stop such erosive processes in time if you feel such ...


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