Leo Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 17th to 23rd

The week starts with a Full Moon, which shows you in brighter shades who and to what extent you can count on, what positions you have taken in a team, and so on. This helpful analysis would guide you to people and circumstances that support your ideas, can unload you from the tense daily routine, give you options and a way out, especially if you need one in complex and tangled situations.

At this point, you can make a lot of effort to prove yourself in the workplace, and not only, the remarkable tenacity, perseverance you manifest would be a occasion to turn the challenges in your favor, get material encouragement, moral support, find ways to move forward in life through some transformation, help and approval from others, not displaying all your intentions, using different and implicit pathways to what you want. However, it is useful not to overload yourself so you do not feel overwhelmed, do not get exhausted, and you should not force the events, for now, you must move according to the circumstances.

At this stage, some of the trends are beyond your control, if there are hidden circumstances that destabilize you, change your original plans, they will be particularly prominent on Tuesday and Wednesday. At the same time, alternative, hidden opportunities can then be formed...

If there are secrets, then they will also be able to be discovered with the appropriate benefits for you. Then you also understand, who and what is better to leave behind.

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June 10th to 16th

Your social activity is significant and that is good, it can become an opportunity to strengthen your authority in a team, to create and strengthen useful relationships that will also affect your financial well-being.

Your daily life is very busy, you may be required to slow down, not to be under too much pressure, perhaps you can decide on which direction to take while being alone, especially when tension is greater. You have noticed that an energy program is already running out and you have to look for something new and more productive, but it is hardly the right time for that. At this point, you should identify the weak points, what you think is out of your control, build a strategy and have options, and start acting in that direction, but you should not be in a hurry...

Sometimes some chances will stand in your way in the form of additional, hidden options. In your environment, there are people who will refresh, improve your mood, and may turn out to be a reason for success - literally or in a more general sense.

You will have enough clear signals on who you can rely on, what to focus on, what or who to leave behind...

The trend represents a choice, enlightenment, transfer of new development rails, although this may be a process that starts now and will last until December 2019. You should take the situations into account and be focused in that direction...

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June 3rd to 9th

The week begins with a New Moon, which will update your relationships - personal and business, position in a team, etc. It is good to take advantage of the New Moon's impulse to win new and more prestigious positions in a team, to strengthen relationships that also matter for your future development.

On different occasions, you will feel this tendency and necessity, this may be an internal desire or it might happen due to external reasons... Whatever it is, these transformations can directly affect your material state, the direction is very much dependent on "how you will play your cards " and what kind of support you will get.

In this process, you may decide to distance yourself from certain personalities because you see that you are not getting adequate help from them when you need them and you see them in a different light, but in a more unpleasant form - they may even be a reason for some kind of destabilization, material or other. You should keep a close eye on your interests and not be too trusting, it would also be good for you do not be in debt, you should not lend money if it is possible, you should postpone interaction with financial institutions.

If there is some kind of wrongness in your relationships (personal or business), then they are more prominent than usual, so now is the time to take action.

In the second part of the period, you can win a sudden victory, a chance. This is not accidental, but it is due to your own active position. You should act, be proactive and you will succeed, or at least you would unlock alternatives for development if you need them in your career development, but not only...

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May 27th to June 3rd

Your influence and popularity are growing, many gain a tough victory, thanks to straightforwardness, increased responsibilities, and so on. This week will help you "harvest the fruits" of all your efforts and this might be a reason for wider support from older and authoritative figures, promotions or financial bonuses.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be so benevolent to you, you may find yourself in a situation of unfair competition, some kind of unfair behavior that may be detrimental to what you have in general. You must be careful, watch your back, choose your environment, and who you trust.

Still, the aspect of the stars is such that in most cases you will be able to turn any potential challenges in your favor, but this will be at the expense of a strong desire to create and strengthen relationships or to prove yourself more in a team on different occasions... In this process, you will be able to rely on your experience and authority.

You should not put too much pressure on you, the Moon is decreasing, most events move more in inertia, predisposing to outcomes and rethinking which you have to appreciate...

It's good to be more careful when it comes to health...

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May 20th to 26th

Most of you are highly focused on your career development, social status, and image. Many have a strong desire to change something; this is a priority for those born in the first decanate of the zodiac, but also for everyone else, to certain degrees. In this process, original ideas, suggestions, opportunities would emerge, some of them might make a secret dream come true, they can turn you to alternatives to development, to form an "emergency exit" if you need one or radically change your direction of development.

The important thing is that chances would exist, there may also be provocations for change, which you would react spontaneously to, you would present yourself in a different light to get different from the present result, sometimes - to feel more free, to liberate yourself from possible weights, etc.

In the second part of the week, your social activity would gradually grow. The reasons may be because of the above-described, respectively - to actively negotiate your interests, to create and strengthen relationships, and on the other hand - interesting people may appear who would get your attention.

In another case, your environment of existence is gradually changing due to your own growing ambitions, new positions that you occupy, the need to prove yourself more than usual in a team, but this would turn out to be some kind of guarantee of prosperity, popularity, you would  focus yourself in this direction and thus achieve your goals.

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May 13th to 19th

This week, some important events might take place that affects your professional career, career development, image - as a minimum. As a result of increased responsibilities, workload, and tension, sometimes above the average level, you can now deserve to get some kind of reward by getting a promotion if your working conditions allow it, some kind of stabilization, your authority, and so on.

The process may also be associated with some surprises in the second part of the period when sudden opportunities arise, people who support you, suggestions, and so on. If you don't like some of the surprises, it may be a sign that you may not have gone in the right direction; you probably need another field on which to unleash your potential.

During the first part of the week there are energetic personalities in your immediate environment that actively support you, extend the horizons ahead of you, your popularity grows, the circle of people you influence, you can cope with increased competition. With a peak of events, you know who and to what extent you can rely on. You may get a chance to develop in a more distant perspective if you are traveling, communicating with people outside your immediate environment or perhaps you just want to travel.

In the second part of the period you might be rethinking some stuff, they may be accompanied by small and bigger earthquakes, strong emotional experiences, assessments and outcomes, the direction depends very much on your personal wishes, the direction of development you have set.

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May 6th to 12th

You are in an important period when it comes to your career development, social status, image. This week, you might face some surprising challenges that you could and must overcome, but also opportunities to take advantage of. These might be spontaneous ideas, your own initiatives, or suggestions from people in your immediate environment. However, if some transformations are required in this field, they would be more prominent than usual, but at the same time you have a stronger influence and you guide the trends in order to take advantage in an optimal way.

The period is excellent to increase your income, to take on more prestigious positions of power, but not freely, rather than as a result of persistence, ability to cope with increased competition, increased requirements or conditions you have to overcome, even by making a compromise and complying with older and more powerful people, demonstrating high qualifications, and perhaps communicating with people outside of your immediate environment, traveling...

The influence of people close to your heart is not unambiguous. There would be some people who would make you feel excited, have strong emotions and lusts, but if there are any differences, they would also be more prominent, and in that case, you would have to remove them in a constructive way.

If you are not in a relationship, you might meet love on the road, outside your immediate surroundings, in the face of a charismatic or influential person...

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April 29th to May 5th

Most of you, especially those born in the first decanate of July, are under the influence of significant processes that can update their social status - career development or relationships. Now, most of the events move more in inertia or require a dose of adaptability. The more open to the new you are, the more chances will unfold before you.

This update may be a combination of increased engagements this week, including those who will want a different approach, perhaps revising relationships with older and authoritative people to prove themselves and get out of their shadow, including demonstrating high competence, and so on.

These may be forced journeys, settling documents that will still have a beneficial and unburdening effect on your development.

However, if you find that the current roads are closed then you may seek another realization, but only after the New Moon on Sunday and the next week.

At this stage, and especially during the second part of the period, you manage to cope with increased competition and your high social activity attracts support, approval, etc. on your part.

Positive ratings, self-belief, some kind of advertising or self-promotion prove to be very useful.

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