Leo Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

An increasingly important topic for you becomes your relationships - personal or business. The reason for this might be sudden changes, but it may also opportunities. You may feel like you're more free now because there are people on the horizon who support you, give you interesting suggestions, give you useful support.

Still, if there are people who are unreliable - you might find that out in a quick and surprising way...

Some important personalities to attract your attention might invade the lives of many, change the rhythm of your daily life, give you new and exciting opportunities.

Your popularity grows and you would not miss friends, especially if you are looking for them. Most of you are in a creative upsurge, you get interesting, pleasant news, especially if you set longer-term goals and they are related to your own business, eventual trips, something that really excites you and you put in your energy to do it - now it could become a reality...

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January 14th to 20th 

In the first days of the new week, you might make important decisions about your professional career - the direction depends very much on the information you would get, in particular, whether you are getting enough support for your career, what your chances of career growth are, and so on. In fact, you can do a lot in this direction by negotiating your interests, by relying on experience and authority. It is appropriate to set longer-term goals in this field, to be more proactive and this might become a stable base for development throughout the whole year, and perhaps even more, at least in the coming half-year.

If events do not develop like this, then you might suddenly decide to change your work, sometimes with an element of surprise - at the end of this and early next week. During this time, it is appropriate to be careful with conflicts with older or powerful figures, to be more careful about your health. It is good if you manage to get rid of harmful habits, especially on Saturday and Sunday... This might turn out to be a definitive and quite healing decision.

You would feel happy because of loved ones, grown up children if you have any. Nonetheless, some of you might face illusions, if any, including some kind of dishonesty, this would be especially obvious so you can take action.

You might spend more on hobbies, entertainment, so be careful not to destabilize yourself financially. In an optimal way - these are unavoidable investments in business or beloved ones.

You are in a wonderful time to meet love, especially if you are traveling...

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January 7th to 13th 

The period is loaded with a lot of engagements and it's a good period to rearrange your priorities so that you are as efficient as possible and without allowing certain people, circumstances to harm your realization in your career development.

If you are a company employee then some new requirements for you might escalate which change working conditions. It's not out of the question that you would have some explanatory conversations with the help of which you could stand up for your interests. The moment is appropriate to affirm your authority, to stabilize your positions. If this is still not possible, then the need to change your professional career with another and more promising for you may escalate.

If you have a private business or your work is creative, it involves something you like doing, it gives you some freedom, then you can achieve success above average.

The period is appropriate to consolidate your romantic relationships, to be happy with your loved ones and children. If you are not in a relationship, you might meet love, especially if you are traveling and/or communicating with people outside your immediate environment.

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December 31st to January 6th 

A leading topic for you is your professional realization. During this and next week an important event may escalate that would transform your current positions, engagements, and prospects for development. With most of you, this would involve increasing engagements, taking on greater responsibilities, but perhaps this might be the result of taking on a more prestigious position, climbing up the hierarchical ladder, and so on.

In another scenario, if the status quo does not suit you, you might focus on something new that is related to a creative process, independence, for example - it may be a private practice so that you get out of the shadow of an influential person.

You would spend more and more energy on achieving higher results, on expanding the limits of what's possible for you by meeting new people, upgrading or renewal of long-term contracts, possible travels or relocations.

At this stage, this might only be an idea, a projection for a future development, but after January 6th and the New Moon, as well as the Solar Eclipse - the messages to you to rearrange your priorities so that you become more independent and successful would grow and prompt you to act, so you can really transform your career development...

However, it is advisable now, especially by January 6th, to separate yourself with the things that do not satisfy you but are rather more burdensome to you so that your physical health does not suffer.

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December 24th to 30th

You are highly focused on your professional realization, the time is right for you to strengthen your authority in the workplace, thanks to your own initiative to cope with challenges that would transform your career development.

If mobilization is not enough to overcome some restraints that pressure you to stop your initiative, then you would probably have to focus on something else, more promising, you would have such an opportunity, if not immediately, then in the coming 2019.

At this point, it is useful to mark the "weak links" - in the face of certain influential individuals, increased demands, responsibilities, and mobilization, which might even negatively affect your health if they are something that you would not like to deal with.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself, it is advisable to slow the pace, to look around and choose the best for yourself, in general, something that is irresistible for you, captures your heart, obsesses your mind - has the greatest chances to come true, and in January you would not lack energy and courage to achieve it.

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December 17th to 23rd

If your work is creative, it gives you some freedom of action or you have your own business, then you might have a breakthrough in your chosen direction as long as you are more proactive in negotiating your interests.
Most of you will receive news that will greatly excite them and make them very happy. These may be announcements, conversations, and negotiations with loved ones, from children to partners, which are a reason for pride or a sense of happiness.
Routine engagements burden you too much, the trend will grow, and maybe you might want to think about that. If it's too depressing for you, then you should change something so that you don't harm your physical health. The moment is right to deal with competition, things that annoy you, you can turn them to your advantage, and get support from energetic, proactive individuals.
There may also be some positive transformations in your home, you can refresh the atmosphere in different ways and occasions that arise... You enjoy the support and the goodwill of loved ones and relatives.

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December 10th to 16th

This week you can delegate your responsibilities to the family, feel support from your closest people, or find a way to harmonize the environment at home, throw a party or buy things, clear any misunderstandings... The options are many and the reflection would be long-lasting and positive.
Most of you are experiencing some tension because they have no patience to make your greatest dreams come true, want to break the status quo and show your full potential.
The moment is very good indeed to demonstrate what you are capable of, to self-advertise, to expand your business, or to take the first steps in that direction, if you are interested, to address activities that are more creative, you like them and will help you grow not only now, but also in the coming months. It is probably best to allow what you feel closest to your heart to enter your life.
However, there may be some constraints that you have to overcome. They may be purely financial and may require some investment or even sacrifice, which means that you may win one thing but you would have to give up another, and so on. Whether it's worth the price or it's more of a loss /investment in a person or circumstance/, you would notice in brighter colors and on different occasions on Friday and Saturday...

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