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21st September to 27th


Your social activity will constantly increase, you will be more and more inclined to enter into debates so as to protect your opinion and interests. This trend may require you to establish your authority in the workplace, to deal with increased demands, responsibilities, and sometimes individuals who stand in your way to success. In this process, disputes can escalate, sometimes conflicts, in which you will emerge victorious if you demonstrate high qualifications, attract influential support to your side. If this is not possible, then you will end relationships and contracts that are already past their time. However, we must remember that you are under the care of Venus, which means that even if there are some challenges in your path, you will overcome them more easily as a result of your charm because it is easier to win sympathy and approval.


It is useful to focus on longer-term goals, which will be realized in stages and will fully give excellent results at the end of the year. For now, you need to heal some useful relationships or end others, but in any case - to set a more favorable environment for your realization or even your health. It is good to avoid tension or to be more careful on the road on Friday and Saturday.


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th, Jupiter turns direct, and by the end of the year as a result of your efforts, high ambitions, and demonstrated potential - you will be able to make a breakthrough in your professional realization, to gain success, which you can count on in the coming years or find a new and more favorable job for you, which will correspond to your dreams. In another case - this is a time during which you will pay more attention to the rhythm in your daily life, in habits, etc., in order to be more efficient, even healthy ...


At this stage, you can influence all of the above by negotiating your interests. If not everything happens exactly as you want or you expect, then you will be entitled to a second opportunity, which will arise with the New Moon on September 17th. It will also give you a chance for a promotion, which will reflect on your income. This process will be accompanied by explanatory talks, probably a kind of struggle for power... According to what you heard, respectively a kind of resistance from certain individuals, but also support from others - you will set a new vector of development, mainly in your career ... You will consolidate some relationships and may end others, including contracts, but only if they are past their time.


This is an appropriate time to be more aware of whom and to what extent you can count on. Otherwise, it is a chance to win something important, to materialize it by looking at details that will be very useful or eliminate weaknesses that you have noticed. You still enjoy the care of Venus, it minimizes difficulties or helps you overcome them more easily. This week, however, you will face a kind of challenge that will test your adaptability to change. The way you do it will be permanently encoded in your image and social status.


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7th September to 13th

Venus is already transiting through your zodiac sign and you will feel its beneficial effects by attracting more attention, receiving support, and approval. It is possible to receive pleasant offers, news, which you can take advantage of. Also, your own high social activity, your communication with more people will be an occasion for personal satisfaction or benefit, not infrequently and purely financial. If working conditions allow it, now you will have a chance to increase your income, to take more prestigious positions in your workplace. At least current commitments, which have been putting a lot of pressure on you lately, will happen more easily, they will be channeled in a much more constructive direction for you.

Against this background, you need to be more careful when interacting with people who are far away from you, literally and figuratively. Optimally, they will be an occasion to stimulate you to develop, even with their increased requirements, this may be a kind of competition. However, do not allow them to bring tension into your daily life, mess up, or change your future plans. Demonstrating high qualifications, experience and authority will help you cope with this challenge and to be victorious. Be careful when filling out documents, resolving legal cases, try to complete such cases by Tuesday, and the rest of the time - be neat so that everything is fine ...

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24th August to 30th


Most of you focus on purely material priorities such as how to increase your income, stabilize your finances, and so on. All your ideas that are feasible will now pay off and you will actually get your chances to have a positive impact on your finances, to win something, especially if you are more adaptable, open to something different, creative, adequate to new requirements that are placed before you and your career development. The more you keep up with the kind of transformations you feel, the more sudden and additional opportunities for profit will open up before you.


It is possible that routine commitments may be burdened with large responsibilities, sometimes above average. In brighter colors and in a more distant perspective you understand what you have to overcome in your professional realization. Sometimes - it will be necessary to consider more influential or powerful people, in other cases - it is possible to break the status quo by demonstrating high qualification, enrich your knowledge, communicate with people outside your environment, or travel. ..


There are many options, and you will choose the best path for you. However, it is advisable not to overload yourself, and to monitor your physical health. During the second part of the week, additional expenses may escalate or you can identify who you need to eliminate in order to stop “leaks” of your resources. It is also good to beware of manipulation when it comes to opposition between your and other people's interests. Secret, additional or unregulated sources of income, and sometimes support, are quite likely, especially if you are looking for them.


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17th August to 23rd


There is a New Moon on August 18th, it will affect mostly those born in the last decanate of the zodiac, but also everyone else to a different degree. This New Moon will give you a second chance to go beyond what is possible, to break the status quo, which is not satisfactory for you. This can happen significantly when you travel, actually, change your environment or at least expand your circle of influence by communicating with people outside your traditional environment, influential people, etc. Demonstration of high qualification, a type of self-advertising, or an increase of knowledge will also have a positive impact and will not be without consequences. However, the daily life of many is quite busy or stressful, now is a good time to get rid of what is past its time, burdens you more than brings you satisfaction. In another case - your responsibilities in the workplace are growing, this will give you a chance to establish your authority, but probably at some cost.


You will get enough tips now - whether this effort is worth it, what you have to overcome in this sector of your life. If you agree to take on this responsibility, show perseverance, then you can achieve success that will be permanently encoded and will win you managerial or more prestigious positions in the workplace. If this is not possible, then you can end contracts, sometimes long-term or radically focus on a new area of ​​implementation. Such chances as alternatives to development will arise spontaneously, sometimes surprisingly, especially if you are looking for them. You receive a secret or unexpected support, you can make a secret wish come true. In the last days of the week, purely material issues become an increasingly important, leading topic, you understand which of your ideas you can materialize, you build a strategy in this direction.


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10th August to 16th


This week your social activity will be significant, you will boldly express your ideas and pursue them in a similar way. This can be an occasion to achieve some of your most significant successes this year or to break the boundaries of what is possible. The stars give you a chance to expand your influence, your popularity, to get a promotion, if the working conditions allow it, and by demonstrating high qualification, by using an unconventional approach and high adaptability. If this is not possible, then you can take decisive action so as to change your path of development, to focus on something else, more promising or one that is not accompanied by so much tension, a struggle for power, opposition of interests, etc.


The important thing is that there are options in front of you, you will feel them more and more at the end of this and the beginning of next week, they can stand in your way in a sudden and almost surprising way, it is a matter of choice how you will react - whether you will accept them, etc. You are more and more inclined to revise everything valuable for you, to give it new value with the corresponding consequences. Travel, communication with people outside your immediate environment bring you success and satisfaction, as well as - increasing knowledge, you can enter into long-term contracts at the expense of old ones, which you end. You should be more careful about your health...


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