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I will be graduating in 2012. Do I have a positive career ahead of me and will I be able to work abroad? My sun sign is Aquarius, moon sign is Libra and ascendant is Gemini.

Will I live abroad and have a successful career?

Will I live abroad and have a successful career?

Just looking at your signs I see that your Sun is in the 9th house from your Ascendant. 9th house rules foreign places, so this immediately shows that you will have a strong affinity and will surely end up involved with foreign cultures. The Sun often rules the career and direction in life, so its position in the 9th house will very probably take you working abroad or at least doing a lot of international travels. You have a very action horoscope, --all points are in masculine signs and you were born during the day. These women, have an inner push to succeed, to make things happen, just like men, so you will only feel fulfilled by achieving(often in career) so you do have a very positive promise in your career life. But this combo can be harder on your love life, because you will tend to be competitive or leading figure in relationships, to do more for the other, to be runner of the relationship rather than the receiver and nurtuter. But it can still work with a man who is ok with having a wife who is less traditionally feminine(I am not talking about appearance, only about your mind set which is more masculine-doer, maker, achiever, rather than soft, motherly, receptive, receiving, stay at home and cook type)

Kind regards Astrolada

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