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Dear Lada, do you see us getting back togther?

Will I get back with my ex?

Will I get back with my ex?

Dear A,

I erected a horary chart for the moment I read your question. The planetary positions there are quite categorical. I do not see you getting together for now and the near future. Your planet is at 10 degrees Libra where is the star Vindemiatrix, known also as the "Widow Maker"--meaning separations. I do not see any contact between your and his planets. But I do see that very soon you will be getting better and stronger into your self, as for now the planet signifying you is moving backwards, so it is taking a lot of your strength, but very soon(within days/weeks) it is turning direct, meaning you will be healing and getting back on your feet, geting clarity. I also asked the tarot cards and they showed me : Strength and the Emperor. Both cards are about reclaiming back your power. It is time to stand strong on your feet and become your full authority. Very soon you will be feeling this empowerment. But I also got the 8 of cups which is about leaving by-gones-be-by-gones, leaving an old stangnant situation as there is no more growth or developments there.

Kind regards Astrolada

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