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I just wanted to ask You if You could possibly suggest a perfect type of boyfriend for me based on my birth chart?

Which is the Ideal Man for Me?

Which is the Ideal Man for Me?

There is no ideal man, because at different periods in our lifes we attract exactly the relationships we need in order to grow. What is an ideal man for you during a Jupiter transit will not be so a few years later during a pluto transit, etc. But anyway you will have a much easier relationship with someone with some good planers in Sagittarius or Gemini. Your Marriage Sign is Sag, due to it being the Upapada--a special sign which is calculated for marriage in ancient astrology(you count the number of signs from the 10th house cusps to its traditional ruler in the natural direction of the zodiac, and then the same number of sign from this ruler till you end at the sign of Marriage as we call it-the UPA PADA). Also maybe some nice planets in Gemini as it is in your 7th house of partnerships.

I would also look at the sign of your Rahu(North node) and welcome people in life which have positive planets there-Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury or the Sun because Rahu is the area of your life you need to develop the most and which you are strongly drawn to and can hook your self to a person who has planets in the same sign as your Rahu-but the planet(s) should be benefic or in good dignity(Like Saturn in Libra, Mars in Aries, etc), because then you will be getting more and more of this energy in your life and it is best that it is harmonious and constructive. Also check if you have any good planets or your ascendant in the sign of his Rahu. Also make sure his moon is from Sagittarius till Gemini (Sag, Cap, Aqu,Pisc, Aries,Taurus) because then the energy flows correctly from him to you-which is the right way! The distance from the male moon to the female in the order of the zodiac, should be shorter than the distance from the female moon to the male. Your Moon is in Gemini so any male with a moon from Sagittarius to Gemini will have a correct flow with you. Otherwise you will keep feeling like you are the one doing everything for the relationship and being in the initiative male role, which is sth women are not very happy for long with-they like to feel that the man is a few steps ahead with his plans for the relationship rather than always waiting for him to make up his mind what the next level of commitment should be and making the woman feel less and less loved.

Kind Regards, Astrolada

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