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I have a fantastic stable job that is very secure, however the area im living in is very dull. I have an opportunity coming up in early to mid 2012 to move back to a city i use to live in, i absolutly adore this place. i daydream about living there all the time!! but the job there is alot less secure, potentially more rewarding, but at the end of the day its still a huge risk.So i am wondering, should i go for it?

Where Will I be Better? Here or Moving?

Where Will I be Better? Here or Moving?

Hi I decided to erect a horary chart for this question. It looks at the planets for the moment I received your question.

The answer to your question is: yes you should move because you will feel happier there and the place is better for you. I also see that you will be going there in the near future-I am seeing ten units of time, because there are 10 degrees distance between your planet and the one that signifies the other place. This can be 10 weeks or months, or 1/3 of a year--because 10 degrees is one third of a the whole sign-which we can take as one year. Here is my reasoning. The present place(over here) is signified by the first house and its ruler: The Sun The other place(over there) is the opposite house-7th house and its ruler: Saturn. You are the Moon. The Moon is in the 7th house of the other place--so you really want to be there. The Sun--the present situation/place is in a fixed sign--so it is stable and reliable but the Moon(you) is in a sign which hates the Sun(current place)-The Sun is in detriment and weak in Aquarius. And the Moon(you) is separating from an aspect with the Sun and is going to connect to Saturn(the other place) through a positive 120 degrees aspect, called a trine, in about 10 degrees. So you are headed towards the other place and there is nothing that will stop you(like another planet intercepting the aspect). How will you like the other place(Saturn)? You will love it, because the Moon(you) is in a sign that is ruled by Saturn(the other place).

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