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I want to know if there are any chances of things working out between with the guy I have been dating.It has been on and off for a while now and I think its about time I make a firm decision about us.

What Will Happen Between Us?

What Will Happen Between Us?

This question is best answered through a horary chart which shows the positions of the planets for the moment the astrologer hears the question. This is the most reliable method for specific questions. Here is the chart:

I will walk you step by step thorugh my reasoning so those reading this post who like astrology can learn something valuable. Always the person who asks the question is represented by the planet that rules the first house, which in this case is Mercury. Also the Moon always shows the next action that the person will take, hence it also shows the asking person. So you are the Moon and Mercury. But only in love questions a woman can also be showed by the planet Venus which rules women sexually. So you are Moon, Mercury and Venus. The love person will be always represented by the planet that rules the opposite house from you-the 7th house. So he is Jupiter but as a male, only in love questions he is also the Sun which rules all male figures.

Now we look for affinity between these planets. We want to see if any of his or your planets are in signs that love or hate each other. We see that his planet Jupiter is in Taurus and both Venus and the Moon(you) are very strong in this sign--the Moon is exalted there and Venus rules it-so Jupiter loves your planets. He really wants and loves you as a woman. Also the Sun(him) is in Libra which is the other sign Venus(you) rules, so again it shows he loves you. Mercury your other planet is also very strong in Libra which is rules by triplicity and term, hence all the planets point to him wanting to be with you. But I do not see very strong signs from your planets really wanting him. None of them are in signs which exalt him or are crazy about him. But what is most important is to see if any of your planets joins with his which will give us the final outcome. But unfortunately all we see is that your planet Mercury is moving away from his planet-the Sun. They have bee togther till now but are separating. None other of the planets are getting together, so my prediction is that you are going to separate, most probably you will take the decision for this and realize it is not really in your heart to be in this relationship.

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