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What do you think of a Moon in Cancer(female) and Moon in Scorpio(male) relationship?

What do you think of Moon in Cancer Moon in Scorpio relationship?

What do you think of Moon in Cancer Moon in Scorpio relationship?

Answer: Dear Judy, Both of these Moons are in water signs. When we have two people with Moons in the same element, this is one of the best compatibility promises. The Moon shows our habits, auto-pilot behaviors: when most comfortable with our closest people at home, our reactive and most instinctual responses. This most private and vulnerable part of life--the female, emotional, yin, manifestation of our soul, will be of utmost importance in judging how well suited to cohabit intimately two individual will be. Both of you will have very similar ways of reacting to outside stimulation: you are both very instinctual and emotional individuals that will be self protective and initially try to hide your sensitivity to others who are not from the closest circle in your life but when relaxed, water Moons will be most loving, romantic, caring and have a healing influence. You will both need secure home base from where to operate and where you can retreat often and feel protected and nurtured as Water needs to freely feel and express emotions and vulnerability when in private, without being judged. You are two very sensitive souls even if you often pretend not to be in the outside world as both the Scorpion and the Crab have a protective shell that makes them look tough, but inside they are very delicate. Both signs might be hard to initially commit as they put a lot of emotion and soul into their relationships therefore they will be careful who they open their hearts to, but once the decision is takes, it is very hard to break the bond as it will run deeper than the oceans! Neither of you approaches relationships just for kicks and thrills as your inner, private worlds are so profound and rich that every meaningful connection leaves you with a mountain of impressions and emotions that take for ever to process or leave behind.

Once living together, there will be a mutual almost telepathic understanding between you as water is very psychic. You might not be discussing your emotions much but you will feel each other's moods even from distance. The best expression of water is a stable, loving very nurturing atmosphere at home that is ideal for bringing up children. The worst is too much emotional manipulation and unspoken frustration as water people will not be direct in showing their needs. This wonderful compatibility between Moon signs is not a guarantee that you will end up together but once you are already dedicated to each other, the energies in your home and emotional environment will flow with ease. You will feel so to say very much in sync with the other and have little of none domestic annoyances or discrepancies. As a whole an extremely positive influence both for romantic and friendships relationships! Of course other factors in the charts can really off set this bonding effect but you will need some quite rough aspects between malefic planets and points to really disturb the harmony between two ppl with Moons from the same element!

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