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Hi, I have Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune retrograde in my horoscope. What does it mean?

Retrograde planets

Retrograde planets
Let me tell you that having those planets retrogarde is not really a big deal, about 50 % of ppl have them retro in their charts. The planets that make more difference in one's life are the personal ones: Mercury, Venus, Mars: if they all were retrograde then it means you will get chances to blossom later in life. It is like opportunities are pushed back for later in life. You having a Mercury retro, is actually quite good for editing, revising, rewriting, rechecking the work of others. These are very intelligent ppl for often they start shining later in life with their intellectual abilities. In the first years they might be more retiring in their communications, more introverted in expressing their opinions but later in life this changes. The other planets being retro do not influence the life of a person much as they signify very trans-personal issues.

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