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Question: Lada, My time of birth is 7:31 pm 26th Dec, 1973, do you see any partnership/relationship longterm coming in my life this year.

Relationship question

Relationship question

Answer: Dear friend, I do not have your location of birth so I cannot use the birth info to answer you, but I will use a tested and popular astrology tool to answer your question. It was practiced in the past by the most acclaimed astrologers so I really trust this method. It is based on erecting a chart for the moment I receive your question. The stars will have an answer for you at the moment as nothings happens by chance. As above so below. Here is the chart:

First of all I find the planet that signfies you--this is the ruler of the First house: Saturn. Then I find the plantent that signifies a potential partner: The Moon:ruler of the 7th house. Then we have to see if there is an applying aspect between the two of them. If so you will meet someone by the end of this year, if not you will have to wait a bit longer. Unfortunately, there is not such aspect forming for the near future. But If you are a female we can also take for a potetial partner the Sun, which symbolizes males in one's life. In this case we have an applying aspect with Saturn which will pefect in 8 degrees---meaning 8 units of time: approx 8 weeks or 8 months normally. The sign compatibility between your planet (Saturn) and the Sun(male) is not so great, which is telling me you might not be seeing eye to eye too much or be the perfect match, but there will be surely someone coming into your life, in case you are female. If you are male, I do not see a union happening this year, unfortunately.

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