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Hi, what happens when you have Neptune or Uranus or both in the 10th house of career? How about if the Moon send a trine aspect to Neptune or Uranus?

Neptune, Uranus in 10th House/Moon trine to Neptune or Uarnus

Neptune, Uranus in 10th House/Moon trine to Neptune or Uarnus

First of all Neptune and Uranus in the 10th will make your career life intersting to say the least: maybe unusual, often changing directions in life, trying to avoid authority, and best working with much freedom or independently so u have space to maneuver. Also with Uranus there you need to have a career which is super authentic to you-or else you will keep feeling dissatisfied and sabotaging your jobs: you can not do for too long jobs which are not your real passion or calling. There can often be strong longings(Neptune) in connection to your career choices or activities in the world: and if you are not following a more spiritual and refined way of worldly actions and careers you can be feeling quite dissatisfied. Moon sending a trine to these occult and higher vibration plantets is said to indicate some of the best occult students and people who have in many past lives tried to cultivate occult, divine knowledge and inituition (Uranus) and to keep the laws of love and giving(the Christ principles--Neptune) But these combinations will not do much for the worldly achievements of the person-because they give spiritual longings, worldly achievements are seen from the 7 visible planets-Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn.

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