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Could you provide me with some insight about my love life. I have been alone for far too long ever since my previous 7 year relationship ended four years ago. It would be nice to settle down with a woman and I don't seem to have any luck. Also I always thought thought that my opposite sign was Leo, your calculator says my Ascendant sign is Aquarius. What is that?



Sorry to hear you feel lonely! It might seems harsh but this is what your soul needed at that 4 year period. Nothing comes without a deep and very wise reason and is orchestrated by your Multi-dimensional Higher Self to eventually help you reach a place of inner joy and self empowerment even if it feels like the opposite at the moment.(the ultimate goal of life is gaining joy and freedom independent of any outer circumstances) I am not sure what you mean by opposite sign? You found out that your Ascendant was in Aquarius at 5 degrees( Mine is there too :)) This is the point of your soul's incarnation into this present body. It is the most important component in your birth chart and the starting point of your whole Horoscope. The north node(the karmic knot which is one of the main reasons we incarnate) is in your 7th house of partnerships and relationships in Leo which will make your love life quite passionate and tumultuous. ( I also have it there) It takes awhile or at least a few attempts, before someone with the north node in 7th house can settle down. It often gives more than one marriage and a few long term relationships. In this life you are here to learn and experience through relationships(love, business) so do not worry you will soon meet someone else again as relationships are your karma in this life, you will not be left without one for a long. I believe within the year you should have some positive developments as Jupiter(the giver of opportunities) is passing in the 7th house(relationships) from your Moon(emotional life, affections). There are no other negative influences to block your love life, so it should get more lively very soon.

Kind regards Astrolada

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