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My life had gone pretty well and I have been very fortunate up until about 2003...then everything changed and has been very challenging. ..I have lost my confidence and nothing has gone right for me. I was always independent, had money, houses, cars, boyfriends...but now since 2003 its all gone...even my happy disposition is going away...I feel beaten down.

Life Gone Wrong Since 2003

Life Gone Wrong Since 2003

You have been and still are in the life period of a poorly placed planet in your horoscope. Each planet rules one part of a person's life usually from 7 till 20 years. This poorly placed planet will still rule your life for another year and from 2014 onwards for many years you are having a new planet period which is much better placed and dignified in your horoscope. The present planet is placed in the 6th house of debts(karmic, financial, etc) and survival, so very likely the period so far has been much about bare the minimum and paying off some past Karmic debts, growth through obstacles and limitations, humbling of the ego, etc---all hard lessons but very valuable in the long run for your soul's progress and being able to move on in your evolution with less burden and debt, increased toughness and survival instincts. This planet is not only in a poor sign and difficult house, but is also one of the hardest planets in astrology--Rahu--the demon-no comment needed. After one to two years, at most, you are entering the period of Jupiter--the best planet in astrology, which in your horoscope is placed in the best house and in a very strong sign! So your confidence should start coming back, your direction and purpose in life, disconnection from Source will start to be replaced by connection to your Light! Feeling more inspirational, stronger, purposeful, optimistic, etc! 10th house is the house of career and the great things we acheive in life, so you might also be starting some veyr meaningful an purposeful new career path or getting involved in worldly actions(organizations, being part of society in an active way) which bring you confidence and success. Do not expect to get rich, but you will be able to make a much more powerful impact on the world and society and this will make your life more meaningful and fulfilling for many years ahead! Luxuries and money will not be the main outcome of this period, but having an impact on the world and people around you with great and positive actions will more than contribute for your well-being and joy.

Kind regards Astrolada

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